The Times to Come

Vigil of the consecration to the Most Holy Trinity[1]

16 January 2021


Message of God the Father – The Times to Come

My dear Children, you have decided to renew your solemn consecration to the Most Holy Trinity this year. This is a fundamental event for the whole humanity of the Universe, and it is what I have expected of you as a sign of your faithfulness. Therefore, from your consecration onwards, Jesus will be among you, and a completely new phase of your path will begin. Be ready to welcome His living presence and to be obedient to Him and to the Holy Spirit through Mary Most Holy.


Dearest Children of Mine,

Almost a year has passed since the day in which I have communicated to you the separation of My Church of the Universe from the false Church[2], and this has taken place.[3] In the past year, the Earth has profoundly changed, and your humanity is caught in the grip of the pandemic[4] and the resulting economical and social crises, which affect entire continents and peoples.

Humanity is suffering, but it will not convert. Most people do not remember that they have a Father in Me who could save them and place them back on the right path. On the contrary, people blaspheme and turn to the false gods to obtain liberation from the adversities that torment them.

Nevertheless, I have to tell you that there is no salvation without conversion. I could solve all the problems in a moment if most of your humanity repented of its many sins and implored My help. Yet, all this is not taking place; on the contrary, most of you are drifting further and further away from Me. I let men live according to their choices because I have created them free, and I respect their freedom. However, the consequences are visible, and the time to come will be even harder for the inhabitants of the Earth.

Lucifer exploits your weakness; he rejoices about your rebellion against Me and inflicts ever more violent blows on you. The Earth is largely dominated by perverse and faithless men, friends of the devil. Many little dictators are preparing the way for the global dictatorship of the Antichrist, who will have to subdue the Earth in order to hand it over to Lucifer in exchange for great rewards. One single man in power, the Antichrist, to dominate the Earth, supported by the False Prophet and many other antichrists and false prophets who work tirelessly for Lucifer, always with the expectation of great profits. One global government; one religion that sums up all; one way of thinking; one god: Lucifer. Humanity will have to surrender, whether it likes it or not.

You are already living in a kind of dictatorship, which you cannot escape because you have neither the strength nor the means to do so. Many of you have understood that, but you cannot to see the reality as it is. In fact, a much more terrible dictatorship exists, which escapes your eyes, but is weighing heavily on you: the dictatorship of ESOTERICISM AND OCCULTISM.[5] The Earth is saturated with the presence of infernal forces, which are continuously and systematically evoked by some in order to obtain powers and privileges; others do it out of curiosity and still others seek entertainment and exciting experiences.

All this draws to your planet demons and all kinds of damned spirits, which desire nothing but to harm. Lucifer is very pleased about this and makes use of them since he has power over of the infernal spirits; their action contributes to the consolidation of his power on Earth. Thus, humanity is sinking into ever deeper suffering; your planet is the most infested with evil in the whole Universe.

Lucifer’s plans are evil and destructive, but I have other plans for the humanity of the whole Universe. I have the power and the means to do it and I will. I will start from the Earth, where I will send, once again, My Son Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to visit My people. Jesus will act powerfully in the Church of the whole Universe present of Earth to which you belong.

Those who wish to belong to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” on Earth, not in words but in deeds, and are ready to love and serve in Jesus’ name; those who decide to consecrate their lives to the service of the Most Holy Trinity, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to live with integrity and in communion with the faithful brothers and sister of the Universe, will feel in them, like never before, the living presence of Jesus and His powerful action.

Jesus will strengthen everyone and the Holy Spirit will instruct you for a mission that will become increasingly visible and penetrating. The presence of My Son will repel the action of evil from My people, and the Earth will begin to feel a beneficial action through this Church, whose fruits will pour upon the whole Universe.

My dear Children, you have decided to renew your solemn consecration to the Most Holy Trinity this year. This is a fundamental event for the whole humanity of the Universe, and it is what I have expected of you as a sign of your faithfulness. Therefore, from your consecration onwards, Jesus will be among you, and a completely new phase of your path will begin. Be ready to welcome His living presence and to be obedient to Him and to the Holy Spirit through Mary Most Holy.

The presence of My Son on Earth will have great repercussions on your humanity because good and evil will have to come out in the open. Know that I have long prepared men and women for these times and times to come; they are people with integrity and the desire to love. Jesus will awaken the consciences of these righteous and direct them towards the true Church. The Holy Spirit will help them discern between the truth of God and the deception of the devil. Help them with your prayers and the offering of your lives, as they need the spiritual communion with this Church in order to understand all this and to move forward in their mission.

These righteous people will be inserted into all working systems on Earth: in politics, economy, finance, science and medicine, in the various religions and in every area of life on Earth. With their presence and their thoughts, they will confuse the plans of the wicked because Jesus and the Holy Spirit will act in them. They will be particularly protected by Mary Most Holy. Lucifer will not be able to identify them as they will go unnoticed, but they will be a thorn in the side of the Evil One and His followers. With their presence, they will destabilise the systems and blow them up because they have the Trinitarian power in them. If you watch carefully, you will see the plans of the wicked expand excessively and then rapidly collapse. The presence of these children of God will have the effect of a needle on an inflated balloon, causing the infernal projects to implode.

Jesus has always been among His people. He is the Emmanuel, the God with you. But His INTERMEDIARY COMING of which I speak, will be something very particular because the faithful people will experience His closeness as if Jesus were present in flesh and blood, whereas the rebellious men will not notice anything. This will last until the glorious coming of My Son will be visible to the eyes of the entire humanity of the Universe, at the time set by Me. However, then it will be too late for those who have refused Him; there will be no more time to repent. I ask you, therefore, to pray intensively for the conversion of the sinners; for those who still have a little bit of good will, before the final judgment comes.

Time runs fast, children of Mine, but I will still give those who wish it a possibility to be saved. For the merits of My Son, of His Immaculate Mother and all saints, I will still have patience with your humanity, but I will not allow the wicked to take possession of the Earth. This planet is of crucial importance in the history of salvation; here the fate of the whole Universe is at stake. Be aware of this and be committed to your path of holiness and to your testimony.

I ask you to remain faithful to Me through My Son Jesus and to be open to the Holy Spirit. Remain closely united with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as She will be the guarantee of your protection. Maintain your communion with the Church of the whole Universe, because there will be your strength.

Times will be dark and you will not lack trials, but united with God, you will overcome everything and help many others to win the battle of life. Move forward, day by day, step by step, with confidence and filial abandonment on the path towards the new creation. I promised you new heavens and a new Earth, and My promises are true and sure. You will have the new creation if you are able to prepare it and wait for it with faith, hope and love. Do not be afraid of anything: you will be helped, protected and blessed at all times.

Do not be upset by the alarming events that will happen in the world, but keep your eyes on My omnipotence and My goodness as Father. It is not your task to change the world but that of the Most Holy Trinity. Your task is to change yourselves and help the others change in order to be in harmony with My laws and My thoughts. Thus, you will be a new humanity. The Earth will flourish again and with it the whole Universe. This will be the fruit of your alliance with Me, sealed in My Son’s Blood and confirmed by the Holy Spirit.

I bless you with My fatherly Love; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Every year in January, on the Sunday after the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord, the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” renews her solemn consecration to the Most Holy Trinity.

[2] See Message of God the Father of 19 January 2020, published on our website

[3] On 15 July 2020, the Catholic Church imposed the penalty of excommunication on Father Tomislav Vlašić. In the message of 31 October, St. Michael the Archangel stated in relation to this: “The excommunication that has struck Father Tomislav has inevitably struck all of you. The Lord Jesus, the only Head of the Church, has considered the judgment of the Catholic Church against you as superficial, hasty and merciless; essentially, an UNFAIR JUDGEMENT. As such, it has no value in the eyes of God. In fact, what God has considered as unfair cannot stay before Him, who is the absolute Righteous. Human injustice cannot stand up to Justice. The Catholic Church, through the hierarchies that represent her, has considered these revelations as contrary to the Christian doctrine and thus a cause for scandal for the faithful. In doing so, she separated from the path of this people and from the Church of the Universe. The consequences of this choice will be serious and inevitable.”

[4] He refers to the pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19 that is afflicting the Earth since the beginning of 2020.

[5] Esotericism is a set of doctrines and secret rites intended for a small number of initiated persons. Occultism is a complex of doctrines, rites and practices which aim to come into contact with occult and mysterious forces with the purpose of obtaining advantages. Occultism includes white and black magic, Spiritism etc.