“Jesus is present among us”

30 January 2021

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)


Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we thought it was appropriate to anticipate the vigil of the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple so that you may prepare for it because this is an important event for us.

In the pre-conciliar liturgy, the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple meant the end of the Christmas period. It used to be associated with little Jesus, but recently this Feast has been associated with the consecrated of the churches, particularly the religious people; we are a people who are consecrated to God, and all those who want to belong to the Church of the whole Universe must be consecrated; however, not like religious people, which is something very specific, but in the sense of holiness and complete dedication to God’s life in us and through us. Both elements are relevant for us now.

From last Christmas to 16 January, we have received all indications on how to behave this year; all necessary elements have been given to us.[1] With the celebration of the Presentation of the Lord at the Temple, we also consecrate ourselves in order to be with Him in the temple of the Lord; to be with Jesus who is present among us and to participate in His powerful action on Earth and in the Universe. What does it mean? It means that from now, all our feasts will be consecrations and deepening. Every prayer, every moment from this time on, must be a call for us to be with the Lord, to perceive the Lord and His action and to be ready to transmit the action of the Lord to others.

All the elements we have received now lead us to the fact that the Lord Jesus, King of the Universe, is among us in a particular way, that is, within us, in our inner temple, in the relationships between us and with the whole Universe. We are no longer waiting for Him, but His presence  is before us, and His presence leaves no time for decisions. His presence calls the people to feel His glory; to feel and perceive His life in our heart and to continually promote this life through all the celebrations of this year. Thus, life within us shall gush more and more with the power of the Holy Spirit that makes life express itself outwardly and communicate itself to others and to the whole Universe. This happens only through the awareness of His presence, when we can feel Him in us and among us so that we are able to understand the request for service and action that He turns to us.

I will quote the message of God the Father[2] in which He tells us that Lucifer wants to destroy the Earth and life. The Father said that He wants to realise His plan to save humanity. His plan goes through the Church of the whole Universe, which has become an ordinary instrument, and He said:

Those who wish to belong to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” on Earth, not in words but in deeds, and are ready to love and serve in Jesus’ name; those who decide to consecrate their lives to the service of the Most Holy Trinity, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to live with integrity and in communion with the faithful brothers and sister of the Universe, will feel in them, like never before, the living presence of Jesus and His powerful action.”

When we speak about His power, His life, we mean the life of the Risen Christ. In the High Universe and even the Middle Universe, they see Him with their own eyes and they participate in His action. This power is also coming to Earth, and the Lord wants to communicate it to us.

The letter to the Hebrews[3] speaks of Jesus who came to take away Satan’s power over death, to eliminate his power through His death. This means that removing the main cause enables us to live the resurrection, beginning from within. Therefore, the fundamental point of our reflection is that our people may participate in the living and active presence of Jesus, who comes to visit us in His intermediate coming in order to slowly prepare us for His Glorious manifestation. What does that mean for us?  With God’s words: “We must decide to consecrate our lives to the service of the Most Holy Trinity, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary”.

Mary, the Mother, is the Immaculate Temple; at the same time, She is the Mother and Queen in the temple of the Lamb in the new creation, with the Father, and we are children of the Mother. It is as the Holy Mother said: ”I participate with My life in the Most Holy Trinity. The Father loves Me as His beloved daughter. My Son is fully untied with Me and I with Him.”

Thus, when we truly consecrate ourselves to the Mother, we enter the vortex of Her Immaculate Heart, which prepares us to enter the dimension of Her glory; thus Her Heart will triumph, and the Heart of Her Son Jesus Christ will triumph. Without the Mother who regenerates us, who helps us to overcome all trials, we cannot move forward. Therefore, I repeat that our consecration to the Holy Trinity, through the Immaculate Mother, is not a formula or a rite but a reality. If we live it as a reality, we will experience Jesus Christ’s presence as a reality. She told us: “You will feel that you are loved by the Father, that the Father has sent His Son to save you. Then you will feel the power of the Holy Spirit.” This is the gushing force within us that vivifies us and makes us rise from the dead.

The letter to the Hebrews speaks of temptations, and Jesus was tested to the point of death. The Gospel speaks of Mary’s Heart being pierced so that the thoughts of hearts might be revealed.[4] “I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple …. But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap” (Mal 3,1-2).

Man must be tried, because he is called to look at God as he is. You may remember that the Old Testament says that it is impossible to see God and remain alive, but if we want to see the Creator we must first see ourselves as we are in Him. Unfortunately, we are not as He thought us; we are closed in on ourselves. Like earthquake victims who remained under the rubble for 2-3 days and cannot bear the light when they are saved, so it is difficult for man to see the light without the Holy Spirit and without the intercession of the Immaculate Mother Mary and the Church of the whole Universe that participates in the work of the Mother.

People refuse trials. God allows trials to lead us slowly out into the light, from the dimensions we ended up after original sin, after collective sin and after our personal sin that made us close in on ourselves; yet, we are destined to be transformed.

“He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the Lord will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness, and the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be acceptable to the Lord, as in days gone by, as in former years” (Mal 3,3-4).

We are destined to be transformed and purified. What is a trial allowed by God?  I will give you two images: the first is that of a net in which God puts everything that distracts us from Him, all alienations, and then He silences all of them. This is grace, but we must be ready to be face to face with Him. When we talk about immaculateness we mean this; we reach it when the trials silence mortal man. The other image is that of God who blocks all access to wrong choices, leaving only one open, which leads to full life; but even this is not enough if there is no participation on our part.

Thus, you see where our confessions lead us. Our confession before the Face of God will be to present our fears, our inner disorders, our escapes from his Face, the idols that have nestled in our souls. It is not enough to belong to a religion. We have chosen Jesus Christ, the Saviour, who reigns in us and puts everything in the right place. Thus, our consecration is to welcome the One who reigns, who frees us from the power of death, so that our whole being will reach the point of flying towards the new creation: the spirit, the soul and the body. It is not a magical thing that will come with the glorious coming of Jesus. It is a process that takes place within us and that we, as the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, will deeply continue through all our Sundays, all Eucharistic celebrations, all prayers, so that the word of the Bible, the word we have received in the revelations, speaks to us more and more powerfully. Then, in the end, we will feel that gushing life within us, which we cannot resist; we will feel that life within us will explode and life will be changed.

This should be our inner journey throughout the year. Now let us start with a just, aware and responsible attitude, all together, with the Church of the whole Universe. When we consecrate ourselves to Jesus Christ, through the Immaculate Mother, it means that we wish to participate in Jesus’ life, just as Mary participated in it; with Him we also overcome the cruelty She experienced, which was inflicted on Her Son: the cruelty of death. We must look beyond it and believe, hope and love. This is what the Spirit of Jesus Christ will develop within us. When God gives us a trial He allows it, and He leaves us only one way out: the one that leads to life. What should gush within us? Unlimited trust in God, hope and love; this generates the fruits of the Holy Spirit within us: joy, peace, understanding, all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Then our life will begin to communicate itself to everyone in spirit, in words, in silence.

The Father said in His message: “Jesus will strengthen everyone and the Holy Spirit will instruct you for a mission that will become increasingly visible and penetrating. The presence of My Son will repel the action of evil from My people, and the Earth will begin to feel a beneficial action through this Church, whose fruits will pour upon the whole Universe.”

Here, our mission begins. Let us return to the temple in Jerusalem; let us return to the temple, to the Heart of Mary, because biblically the heart is the spirit of man; may She offer us by offering Jesus that is in us. May She offer us as She offered Jesus. All the people must be offered by Mary; just as Mary offered Jesus, She offers us, all Her children, and She guarantees for us – if we are determined to participate.

Thus, I have explained that if we allow ourselves to be guided by the Lord, our offering will rise and have no limits. What attitude should we take? Our consecration through the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the free submission of our whole life to the will of the Father through the Son. When we practice this, in every prayer, in every celebration, we will rise more and more, and the way will open up for us to present others to God. However, if we are in conflict with certain people, we cannot present them to God. If we have judgments against other people, we cannot present them to God. That offering is not pleasing to God, and people cannot feel God’s action through us. The Lord does not want us to be perfect, but He wants us to be aware of being immersed in the light in which we welcome our weakness, that of the others and of this humanity. We will subject ourselves to the will of God, that is, the Laws of the pure Spirit, and with the ardour of God’s love, we will present others, whether good or bad, and their problems, so that they are subjected to the power of God who will free them from evil.

You see how the situation is today on Earth. Even the scientists do not know what to do. I wonder, and I ask you who are listening to the sermons of the priests: do they know what to do? Do we know what to do! The whole Universe must be subjected to the laws of the pure Spirit that are at work in the new creation, and everyone must be given an opportunity. If we do not do this ministry, we are not church. The Pope calls himself Vicar, but if he is the Vicar of Christ, then, may he do something; may he call on all Christians to change their attitude! Christians would have to … they have a power within them to change this situation. Do they change or are they stunned like everyone in the world, as certain spiritual commentators say? 4000 deaths in America – it is passed over as if it were everyday news; 500 people die in Italy and it seems … People are giving up.

The Church of the whole Universe, the Church of Christ, has received the power of the Lord Jesus. In His intermediate coming, He leads His people and gives them the powerful mission of gathering all those who wish to serve God. This is the task that awaits us this year. In this sense, as has been said, our Liturgy always touches events from the past and the future. Do you believe this? Get ready! Let’s go! We will speak again soon for Lent, but we have to set off. Do not get caught up in the webs of the spirit of this world, trying to solve problems by human means; they will not be solved. Lift yourselves up; allow the Lord Jesus to be present in you, to act in you and through you. We will pray for you, we love you, we offer ourselves for you and we will move forward with the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.

And I bless you; you and your families, the ill and the suffering; may they receive, through you, the powerful impulses of grace, faith, hope and love; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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[2] See Message of God the Father of 16 January 2021, “The Time to Come”, published on our website

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