“The Mystery of the Redemption”

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

13 February 2021

(Translated audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today I want to develop the theme “The Mystery of the Redemption” and celebrate it as people and Church of the whole Universe. During the whole of last year and in the time of Christmas, we participated in a particular way in the life of God. Now, next Wednesday we enter Lent. The path towards the celebration of the Mystery of Redemption begins, which will end with the Ascension; at the Feast of the Holy Trinity the Son of God, the Redeemer, will return to the glory of the Father. This is the path in which we will experience this mystery. I would like to propose some guidelines to open ourselves to Lent, and afterwards the priests who are close to you will accompany you.

Let’s start with the readings of the sixth Sunday cycle B (14 Feb). The first reading from Leviticus speaks of the leper.[1] In the mentality of that time, the leper was not only seen as sick but as a sinner, because leprosy was seen as a consequence of sin. The leper was expelled from communion with the people of God; he was alone, separated, treated without grace.[2] The Gospel of Mark presents the healing of a leper who, kneeling before God, shouted: “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Why did he shout? He shouted from the bottom of his heart because he was also aware of the spiritual evil in him, and Jesus responded compassionately: “I am willing. Be clean!”and the man was healed. After that, Jesus forbade the man to follow him and to speak about it, but only to give testimony, but he proclaimed everywhere the grace of God.

Look, these are the elements that we need to develop in this time of Redemption: our individual awareness and the collective awareness of all humanity: if we are detached from God, our life is in danger. We must be aware that each of us and all together are walking the path towards the new creation, towards the Resurrection, through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit; we live for the glory of God, already here on Earth, to reach glory in heaven. Saint Paul says that we must be imitators of him, as he was of Christ, and that we must do everything for the glory of God: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”[3]

So, the fundamental attitude in this time is to rise up to live for the glory of God, aware of the fact that God is among us, in his Son Jesus Christ the King of the Universe. If we are ready, like that leper, to be transformed and led to the glory of God, Jesus says: “I am willing, be clean!” Of course, that is a special healing, a sign, but first we must make a path, just as every life that is born has its own free path to mature and reach fullness. This is the guideline towards the celebration of the Mystery of Lent, of the Easter time; we are oriented towards victory, towards the glory of God, which is also our glory, the Resurrection, and thus we can impress this light and this grace on all humanity.

When a Mystery of Faith is celebrated, the memorial of salvation is celebrated. What is the memorial? You know that we are created in the image of God, but also in the likeness of God. His image is before us; the memory of what we once were. The likeness is to act like God. Therefore, every memory also contains the memorial of salvation. We see great human tragedies in society; some celebrate the heroes, some celebrate the executioners. On special holidays, for example at Christmas, when families come together and the presence of God is felt, events  such as suicides and self-harm take place, especially with children who are suffering. During the epidemic this has often happened.

What does that mean? It means that in our memory, there are two energies, which contrast each other: clean, vital, primary energy and destructive energy. In some people, the memory of bad events awakens negative energy in them, which overwhelms them. From original sin onwards, the Earth has been enveloped in this disintegrating, negative energy, and consequently our memory, as our faithful brothers testify, is very reduced. Thus, even the memory of salvation cannot express itself in a vital way, in the way God thought. We have lost the memory of what we once were, of what God wanted to give us, that is, His own Life and the participation in His life. By losing our memory, we have also lost the grace to act like God, and we are oppressed by negative energy.

This is the time of the particular presence of Christ, as we have announced, with His intermediate coming, which prepares His glorious coming. His presence will be increasingly powerful, within a moving people that will be transformed, resurrected within and led towards the new creation. Those who close themselves to grace, who refuse the salvation of Christ the King are pulled by that negative energy. This is the Law that governs life, the Earth and the whole Universe.

What should we do? In recent years, everything has been indicated to us. First of all, the path consists of the participation in the Trinitarian action within us: the offering to Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in order to participate in the Trinitarian life. On our path, we have moved forward through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Mother, Co-redemptrix, Mother and Queen of the new creation. These are not only titles; we entrust our lives to the power of the Mother and Queen, to participate in the kingship and omnipotence of the Mother, Co-redemptrix by the grace of God, and in Her decision to use all the power that God has given to Her, to protect , generate, and accompany the children of God. In a week, more or less, on the 21st, like the whole Church of the Universe, we will celebrate Mass in honour of the Co-redemptrix. On Monday 22, the Chair of St. Peter , the anniversary of the manifestation of the Co-redemptrix takes place, and in our homes, with the people, we will solemnly celebrate this truth and offer praise to God for this gift. The Mother and Co-redemptrix has prepared this year of the intermediary presence of Jesus among us.

What will Jesus do this year? If we are willing like that leper, recognizing that we have problems that we must solve, that this humanity must change; willing to find the way to be with God, to live with God, then the Lord will deeply touch us, as He did with St. Peter, St. John and all apostles. He will lead us forward to experience the power of the Risen Christ within us. Then evangelisation will come like a ripe fruit that wants to be picked and that is good for us. Our life is able to emanate, to manifest this life on Earth. It is the only way out of this epidemic, from all epidemics, including spiritual ones.

The Church of Jesus Christ must understand that this is the road, which quickly leads towards the new creation; we have to take the responsibility of the vocation of belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ in favour of all the children of God who want to enter the new creation. With our openness to Christ, as Saint Paul says, “Be my imitators as I am of Christ”, we are called to open ourselves to be transformed in this Lent so that He may overcome evil, even the one that may lead to suicide. God does not bring about death, it was Satan who brought about death. Jesus will descend into each one of us and among us to heal what is still sick in us so that we may reach the clear image of God in our life, making us capable of overcoming evil and death and of singing with the joy of life. Therefore, our Lenten journey does not go towards contemplating the Passion of Christ, pitying ourselves or even Jesus, but to go with Him in order to ride the waves of the world’s evil as victors. Eventually all creation will be liberated.

The presence of Jesus in our midst gives us the grace to be involved in the powerful Trinitarian action in us. We have been told to do this by His only Church in the whole Universe. So, remember what the Mother of God means for us: She is among us, right by our side. The whole Church of the Universe is with us: the saints, the faithful brothers, the souls in Purgatory, the living brothers and sisters throughout the Universe and on Earth; everyone in the Church will celebrate Easter in a particular way this year with the presence of Christ, and we can participate in this grace. What should we do? Open up, let the Lord speak to us, change, transform ourselves so that we are able to contemplate God, the Face of God, and absorb like the angels, the life that begins to circulate within us and among us. Eventually that life, our life, overflows and manifests itself to others.

There are some concrete aspects to look at. The first is a question: do you want to be thoroughly healed? The leper was aware, he shouted: “If you are willing, you can make me clean.”Within us, there must be this cry, this prayer and this desire that the Lord may reveal all that we have to go through with Him and defeat the source of disintegrating energy that leads us to harm and destroy ourselves, because we must go through that transformation with faith. How can we do it? One thing is certain; those who want to make this journey cannot be satisfied with recitals, habitual actions, done out of duty towards religion. They must relate to the living Christ whom we can reach and touch: “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” When you sincerely ask for it, He is already there: “I am willing!” and He begins to act in His own way, at the time He has foreseen, gradually, like a father and a mother who accompany their child in its growth.

The second is this: in this time, you have to find time to read, meditate and contemplate the Word of the Gospel, of the Scripture. You must participate in the Word of God that has come down through the faithful brothers, the angels, the saints and the Most Holy Mother; through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Father.  These messages were not meant to be personal, private messages: the whole Church of the Universe spoke to all the children of God, transmitting His experience, His power and the energy of grace, like St. Michael does as well as our guardian angels: all are busy around us.

Then, the words that the One and Triune God and the whole Church have expressed through these revelations are alive and are the present Church, living in these times with us. By meditating and experiencing all this, we insert ourselves as the Church of the whole Universe into this path, welcoming and gathering all the good of the millennia, because it belongs to the children of God, and this good will reflect on the whole Earth, on everyone up to the last. It is up to each of us to take this attitude.

There are some practical things: today we are talking about psychological disorder in families due to the epidemic. If you endeavour to awaken in your children, in your families this relationship with the living God, with the Church of God of the Universe, she will present herself in your homes and in your families and you will feel all the grace. Your children will wake up to life, not to self-harm. This is the for the Christians of good will to make a qualitative leap for their own need and for the duty towards those who are desperate, who do not know how to get out of their misery.

I do not mean that you should be like monks but that you should find time to meet the living God, Christ, within you in silence and to feel His grace in you. Find moments to live this relationship; do not go to church out of duty. Religion will not save you. Yet, if you go to church to meet the living God, you will find Him. If the priests are not up to their task, there is the Church of the whole Universe to make up for it and you will find the living God. If you have problems in your families, invoke Christ, who is present; invoke the Holy Mother, the Queen and Co-redemptrix; invoke the guardian angels and the whole Church of the Universe and you will be filled with grace.

These are the points and the line to follow: be ready to prepare for the path. The next time we will speak about the Solemnity of our Co-redemptrix. However, if you do not immerse yourselves, if you do not prepare, it will be useless to speak. Prepare yourselves and you will experience that Jesus comes immediately, so that you may send Him to the miserable, the poor and the confused.

I have not been very well these days, so I said to Jesus: “You have sent me, and now I send You. I can’t do anything at the moment; go to the poor, to the leaders, to the confused, to the rebellious; go everywhere.” That is what we have to do so that the presence of Christ may fill the Earth and the whole Universe. As always, I promise you to accompany you and us and all those who have consecrated themselves to carry out this service.

I bless you; may the Lord Jesus be present among you; may you feel His presence in every situation, even when there seems to be no way out. May Jesus Christ be present in order to govern all the events that strike you; may He push the waves of evil back. May you be able to welcome the waves of grace and experience salvation; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Levitikus 13,1-2.45-46

[2] See Mark 1,40-45

[3] See 1 Cor 10,31-11,1