The Offering of One’s Life through Mary’s Immaculate Heart

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

11 November 2020

(Translated audio)

In the message of God the Father of 7 August of this year[1], among other things, He indicated to us the beginning of the liturgical year. In the Vigil of the Assumption of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary continued the explanation of the eternal liturgy[2]: a liturgy in the sense of an event that develops over the whole year and leads us to live every feast and the encounter with God intensively. It is clear that God the Father does not want to change the liturgical year, nor does He want to create confusion; however, if we look at it more deeply, we can see that those words contain all that Jesus said in the Gospel: “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” (John 17,3). Another time He said: “If you do not get to the Father; if you do not know the Father, you will not reach fullness.”[3]  

Thus, as Holy Mary explained, the liturgical year is not a series of rites but the flow of life, the elevation of life, including all events and feasts. Therefore, it is right that the liturgical year begins from the Father, who is the Source of Life and the Source of all things, and that the liturgical year culminates in this sense in the encounter with the Father.

All year long, first of all Jesus with Holy Mary, and after Him all instruments and all saints lead us to the communion with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe to be in communion with the saint of the day, remembering the feast. It means that our hearts opens up to the encounter with the Father, that we continuously let go of ourselves and of our thoughts in order to know the Father. It is a path; it is life. Again, what we call life is often nothing more than rushing from one event to another in the spirit of the world, which diverts us from real life, confuses us and prevents us from meditating so that instead of living we survive.

God the Father and with Him the ordinary and the extraordinary instruments lead us back to Life, which will lead us to faith, hope and charity. This is the path on Earth in order to live it afterwards for eternity. This path is also contained in every week if we look at it on a smaller scale. Every week is a path towards the resurrection on Sunday. Every week, we remember in a special way the three days of Easter, by living those days to resurrect every day.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe experiences a special communion, including the seven groups of the Central Nucleus. Therefore, every day, beginning from Sunday which is dedicated to St. Michael, we seek to live a particular communion with them to be prepared day after day, week after week, to encounter the Father, resurrecting every time.

The Archangels accompany us there, beginning with St. Michael on Sunday, then St. Gabriel with his announcement on Monday, St. Raphael on Tuesday, Uriel on Wednesday, Jehudiel on Thursday, Sealtiel on Friday and Barachiel on Saturday. Today is Wednesday which is particularly dedicated to St. Uriel. He accompanies Mary Most Holy in Her task and in Her apparitions; he is always present and particularly serves Mary Most Holy.[4]

Wednesday is also dedicated to medicine, to the ill. We know that all disease is born from disorder. Disease is not willed by God since no evil, no disorder, originates from God; nothing flawed comes from God. It came to the world through Lucifer and his followers, and disease is closely related to death, the strongest weapon of evil because Lucifer enslaves man through fear of death and evil. He makes man fearful, forgetful, and he pushes him to the spirit of evil rather than good, by instilling fear of death and disease.

God is Love. God loves man and only wants him to be healthy and happy from the time He created him, and all His actions throughout history were aimed at leading man back to the original situation. We know that all begins in spirit and comes forth from spirit, thus when we turn away from God’s Spirit, illnesses, pandemics, disorders and all we can see appear. We know that God created man healthy and harmonious, perfectly balanced in spirit, soul and body. Original sin altered this balance and caused the consequences. Primary energy, generated by the Trinitarian vortex, continuously nurtures and keeps spirit, soul and body balanced. In this manner, it keeps man, the whole creation and all creatures alive.

The consequences of being out of balance are before our eyes. The consequences of original sin and its disintegrating energy are before our eyes. We see the impact on nature, on man and, in these times, especially in the pandemic. The only remedy man has is to return to the healthy balance of God. The only remedy man has for nature, spirit, soul and body is Jesus Christ, and there is no other. The remedy against all evil, the way God has given us is the Eucharist, the Eucharistic Sacrifice; in these times, its significance has increased even more. God has not left us at the mercy of the disintegrating energy; He has not left us at the mercy of Satan: He has overcame the world; He has defeated it forever, but He wants us to participate in His victory; it must not be something magical.

Participating in this victory is the Eucharist; participating in the Eucharist, offering our lives to Jesus as priests, as a priestly people that participates in it with Jesus, the High Priest. It is the repetition of redemption; it repeats itself on every altar. It means to start again from God, from the relationship with Him, which leads us to renew everything. It is not a magical act. This kind of participation in the Eucharist would renew science, medicine and all fields of life. God would not exclude man and solutions for the pandemic, all diseases, even cancer, would be found; however, by beginning from the Eucharist, from Jesus Christ.

In the message St. John the Apostle gave us on 11 June 2020[5], he explains very well what the participation in the Eucharist is, and he also explains one of the three pillars of the Kingdom of God: the offering of one’s life to Jesus through Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Jesus overcame evil by offering Himself; He overcame disease and death by offering Himself; He paved the way for humanity to return to the Father and to start again from the Father fully renewed and healthy. Jesus overcame the world and his prince by offering Himself: the offering. He defeated Lucifer by offering Himself, letting him free.

Listen to what St. John said: “At the Last Supper, Jesus offered Himself and faced Lucifer who was already present in Judas Iscariot. He gave him the permission to do what he intended to do. With the words that you read in the Gospel, ‘What you are about to do, do quickly’[6], Jesus gave Lucifer the permission without which the devil could never have acted against God.”

Let us remember the Gospel; Jesus spoke many times about His Passion in those three years, but the apostles did not understand. They did not want to understand; they were not ready to understand. The words of St. John reveal that at the last Supper they could not escape reality anymore and he said that they were “shaking”, which shows us how they felt. They could no longer escape what they had to do, what Jesus had taught them: to do what He had done; to emulate Him. We say it every day when we consecrate the offerings in the Mass: “Do this in remembrance of me .”[7] Following Him meant that they would also have to offer themselves for all.

We may ask why God had planned this offering. In fact, it was for us to live a close relationship with Him. We must not look at it as something that produces loss, or is something abnormal, but as the offering in the sense of a spousal relationship that God wills with every man: “Give Me your life; allow Me to stay in your life. Allow Me to guide your life together with you. Listen to Me as you guide your life; do it with Me, stay with Me, listen to Me, live with Me.” We know that God is God, and that giving our life to Him means to have tranquillity, serenity and peace, knowing that our life is safe because we have given it to Him. No-one will snatch it from His hands. This is the meaning of offering of oneself; it is not an ill or painful act.

Saint Paul explains the offering very well when he invites us, “offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God”.[8] The offering is the heart of being Christian. We offer ourselves to be with the One who created us; to be part of Him, to be the body of His Body, to be His thought, His hands, His eyes, His mouth. This is the offering! The desire to be one with Him. It is God’s action, not that of man: man has this desire and God adds the rest. If we have given Him our life, God guides us, allowing only those things to happen that are good and useful for us. Nothing will happen to us that is not for the Highest Good. We will know that we are saved, redeemed and in God’s hands; no one will be able to touch us! This is the only way to overcome our fears and disintegrating energy.

Our offering goes through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and not by chance. Mary Most Holy is the One who generates; She is the Mother, and She knows us better than we know ourselves. She is the One who knows how to present our prayers in the right way; She can prepare us in the right way for what will happen to us. She prevents us from running away out of fear and from being heroes when we are not required to be heroes. She is the One who brings harmony to our whole being like a mother who knows her children, and She presents us to Jesus. She asks Jesus only for the good, the Highest Good.

Thus, we see that the means we have to overcome evil and disease with Jesus: it is to give God the freedom to use us and say, “You are free to use me as you want.” Today St. John shows us that Jesus left Lucifer free. In those three days between Thursday and Sunday, He lifts up everything to the Father. He does not fight, nor does He defend Himself or run away; He remains in silence and in His relationship with the Father until His resurrection. Silence in the tomb, silence on the Cross; He suffers, He sweats blood, He even says: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”[9] But He carries on. We, not Him, have to act like this. I repeat: we have to do it without fear, because it is the Most Holy Virgin Mary who guides our offering. She had to let go of Her Son Jesus, and stand under the Cross. She was also there as Mother. She went there to be seen by Him, because it was necessary for Jesus to see His Mother. She is there for each of us in the things we are good at, in our tasks and our identity. We are not Jesus nor are we Mary Most Holy; Mary leads and governs us.

I have sometimes heard people say: “If God did not want evil, why is there then so much evil? Why did even the saints get ill?” Because they imitated Jesus. Precisely because, like Jesus, they took on themselves sin and suffering, and like Jesus, as priests, raised all to God; without resistance, they used their body as an altar and they became themselves “Altar, victim and priest”. Thus, they allowed Jesus to celebrate the Mass on them, in them, to elevate everything to the Father: suffering, disease, trials. By doing so, they transformed evil into good; they offered themselves for this.

Thus, today, as we pray for the ill, each of us offers himself on the altar with Jesus and says with Him, “I offer myself with You”. We present in our priesthood the ill and everything that illness involves, all the good of the caregivers who accompany the ill and every man to the last. Those among us who offer themselves on this altar with Jesus and through Jesus will reach every man, every ill person, every hospital, every dying person, every abandoned man and every little one. All will be reached by Jesus through our offering. And Jesus will not only comfort, heal, raise and forgive them. Think of how many dying will receive forgiveness through this offering! Yet, He will not stop there but go down to the roots of evil. Jesus will, once again, through our offering, go down to the roots, to Lucifer, and He will defeat him again and cast him out into cosmic nothingness.

The Eucharist is the only remedy for the salvation of humanity, of man, of creation, of nature. There are no other remedies. This is the only way to transform evil into good, and it is the task of the Christians who are priestly, prophetic and royal people. This helps the world; this will help scientists, doctors, leaders to find all the remedies. This will help the economy, and it will make a world come forth from the spirit. Certainly, the world is also made up of concrete things, but everything must begin from the spirit, and the Eucharist is its heart.

May Mary Most Holy accompany us and the priestly path of each of us so that we reach, with Jesus, the roots of all evil, beginning from the evil and the fears that are in us. May Jesus make of us people who liberate others from evil; may He lead us to offer ourselves for the liberation of the Earth from evil. May Mary Most Holy bless all the ill, all hospitals and all those who serve the ill and care for them; may She bless all the dying and hold them in Her arms; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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