Jesus Is Here Among You

Vigil of the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Co-redemptrix of humanity

Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Jesus Is Here Among You

21 February 2021


Jesus is here even though you do not see Him with your eyes. His star is shining more than ever in the Church of the whole Universe and will guide you towards the new times. I will be with you as Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix to help you feel the living and salvific presence of Jesus and transmit His peace to the world because I am the Queen of Peace.[1]


“My Dearest Children,

I thank you for having recognised and welcomed Me as Co-redemptrix of humanity, as I introduced Myself to you a year ago.[2] From then to now, the Earth is no longer the same, nor are you. In fact, the many difficulties that your humanity is going through have not upset you, but have made you mature along your path.

The loneliness and distancing that the pandemic imposes have not been a horrid desert for you, as they are for many, but an oasis of silence and peace to experience with your God.[3] I prayed for you and I watched over the whole of this people, the Church of the Universe present on Earth, so that My Son may transform every difficulty into a new opportunity to live the true life.

I also prayed for all the people of the Earth who suffer and weep. Their cry breaks My Heart because I am the Mother of humanity and I cannot be indifferent before the pain of My children, even those who do not love Me. I cannot not love because I am full of the pure Love of God that embraces every creature.

In every suffering person, I relive the suffering of Jesus who gave His Life for all, the good and the bad. Therefore, I am not afraid of approaching the sinners, just as Jesus was not afraid of touching and healing the lepers. Suffering and sin do not upset Me because I am the Co-redemptrix of humanity. I can descend into your abyss to show you the path that goes up towards God’s Light.[4]

I would like to say to My children of the Earth: come to Me without fear; open your heart and entrust to Me your sins, your fears and the doubts that torment you. Share with Me your joys, your projects, every desire for good. I will welcome and comfort you; I will purify you with My Immaculateness. I will intercede for you according to God’s wishes; I will show you the path, which leads you directly to the Heart of My Son Jesus where you will find relief for your souls.[5]

I am immersed in the Most Holy Trinity, and I can act in favour of every one of you because I am the Mother of God and the Queen of the Universe. I am omnipotent by grace. I live for My Lord and for you. I am a loving Mother, a powerful Queen and a merciful Co-redemptrix. If you live with Me, you are safe.

Don’t forget what I am telling you because you will always need My protection. The coming times will be difficult for humanity, and I want to walk by your side to help and protect you. The Earth on which you live is enveloped in despair, but I can give you hope; it is immersed in restlessness, but I can give you peace. Let your prayers be filtered through My Heart. I will purify them from your egoism; I will embellish them with My virtues, and I will present them before the Throne of Almighty God.

I turn especially to you who have decided to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. You have offered your life to God through Me, and you have accepted to support Me in My Work as Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix. You are working with commitment in the vineyard of the Lord.[6] With your love for Me, you prepare the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, which is an obligatory stage on the path towards the new creation. I thank you for this.

Know that I do not intend to praise Myself or be the centre of attention, as if I wanted to steal God’s place, as many enemies think. No, children, I have always been and always will be the servant of the Lord, just as you all are. Nevertheless, the Most Holy Trinity filled Me with grace and power; He wants Me to help the people of God, to which I belong like you, and I will obey His wish.

Today I ask you to become more and more aware of your mission in these extraordinary times of the INTERMEDIARY COMING OF JESUS among His people. Now more than ever, Jesus’ face must shine on each of you and on this entire Church. May your faces be the reflection of His glory so that the blinded humanity may see the Light again. May your souls be a water source in the desert for humanity so that it may quench its thirst of love and life.

Jesus is here among you. His living presence must revive your lives. Jesus is here to transform your thoughts, to indicate new paths for you to walk and to bring the world the saving Word. You are the missionaries of these times; you are the spring of the Earth; the bud of the new humanity, destined to grow and bear fruit. Let the Lord transform you. Endeavour not to disappoint the One who has created you and trusts in you. Do not disappoint My Son’s Heart or Mine. I know that I can count on you.

The noise of the enemies is increasing day by day. Your planet is saturated with quarrels and wars, with empty words and superficiality. Lucifer and his demons sink their claws into those who do nothing to change their lives and let themselves be carried away by the events. However, Jesus is here among you. He has come down on Earth once again in favour of the whole Universe to prepare the people of God for His second coming, which will put an end to time and history as you have know them up to now. He will stay with you for as long as the Father wills. If you are attentive and vigilant in prayer, you will feel His presence more and more intensively.

Jesus is here even though you do not see Him with your eyes. His star is shining more than ever in the Church of the whole Universe and will guide you towards the new times. I will be with you as Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix to help you feel Jesus’ living and salvific presence and to transmit His peace to the world because I am the Queen of Peace.[7]

I bless you as Mother with My Tenderness, as Queen with My Power and as Co-redemptrix with My Mercy; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[7] See John 15,12-17

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[3] Since the beginning of 2020, the Earth has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, causing thousands of deaths worldwide. The governments of most countries have imposed strict restrictions in terms of personal and social distancing to limit transmission, causing the loneliness of which Our Lady speaks.

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