The Weapons of the Light – Part 2

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

6 March 2021

(Translated audio)

For a long time, we have been talking about the battle that has been announced by the instruments[1]. The last time[2] we spoke about the weapons that we have for this battle. If we look at the extraordinary instruments, we will see that everything is oriented towards that battle. Yet, what kind of battle is that? Look, the battle is Lucifer’s never-ending attempt to prevent man from encountering the Creator. It is Lucifer’s attempt to show man a wrong image of God; at least this, if he cannot manage to prevent man from encountering God. He wants to present the face of a tyrant; a face that man perceives as problematic and not as a father. He wants to present us a face of God that is in the clouds, and thus impossible to experience; a judging God; a God that does not deserve to be loved. He does that by showing us his idea of life, Lucifer’s idea of life. He does it by changing and distorting the deep meaning of life, of love, of the reason why we have been created; by showing us a blurred version of the most true, most healthy, most holy truths: where we come from, where we are going, why we are on Earth.

In this battle, God shows His Face through His instruments: the highest instrument is Jesus Christ, His Son, who came to show us the face of the Father. His extraordinary instruments: the Central Nucleus, the Archangels, the faithful brothers and sisters; think of the Marian apparitions and the sign Mary has given us, which we referred to the last time[3], all of them are the centre and the support God gives so that every person may encounter the Creator. Therefore, the heart of our transition on Earth is precisely encountering God, His true Face; it is not having a relationship with God in order to live well here; the core of our experiences and paths here is encountering the face of God.

After encountering His face, each person may begin to contemplate, to study it. We may begin to know God, His characteristics, how He acts, what kind of relationship He has with us, with man, with creation, and thus, understand how God loves, the meaning of that love, and thus recognise how much we are loved. Thus, we begin to love God, not because we want something in exchange but because God deserves to be loved. So, we begin to love God because we begin to understand what life is: life is Love, with a capital letter. A relationship begins which causes the transformation of our being. More and more we understand that life is truly this: letting ourselves be loved by God, and thus love the others with the same love with which we are loved. Everything turns around this truth and makes life change.

We have spoken about the weapons of the Light: prayer, blessing, forgiveness. It you look at them, you see that what we call “the weapons of the Light” are the characteristics of God; they are the face of God that Jesus came to show us; the face of the Father. So, when we talk about “using the weapons”, we mean that we should behave like God. Using those weapons certainly leads us to defeat the enemy in us and around us because we behave like our Father; we behave like God: we forgive, we bless. Behaving like that, as I said before, the process of our transformation quickly begins and makes us become children of God, which is the purpose of our whole passage on Earth.

It is always an action of the Holy Spirit, an action of the Most Holy Trinity, supported by the instruments God gives, above all, the sacraments, which lead us to act like God. In more than one passage, the Gospel says: “I have said you are ‘gods’”[4]. This leads us to put into practice the recommendations that Jesus gave us: behave like our Father who “sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous”[5]. “Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy”[6]. I said that this is not something we can do alone; God does it because He has already placed the seed in us: He created us in His image and likeness.

He acts, above all, through His Son, Mary Most Holy, the sacraments, His Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. Therefore, recognising that we are involved in this battle is not just a detail. Recognising that the purpose of our passage on Earth is not just a detail, but enables us to see what has priority. It puts all things in order and leads us to put God in the first place, otherwise we will never put Him in the first place; we will put Him right next to it but never in the first place.

We all want to be happy and that is right. We all seek peace, now more than ever, and it is right. However, there is only one way to reach peace, and there is only one way to reach happiness. That way is to act like God acted and still acts in every situation. Look, this is not pride; it is Jesus’ commandment: “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”[7] The way is to always forgive, which is something very concrete. To always forgive, to always love, never to judge, to give, always and in any case. We must not measure anyone with our measure, not even ourselves. Evaluating all of life by being face to face with God; by meditating on what He did and what He told us; He did not command anything. If you look carefully, He did not command it, he did it first, and then he said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”[8] But he did it first. This is the only path of life; all other paths are more or less combined with or proposed by the spirit of the world, more or less inspired by the enemy.

Every human calculation, every attempt based on human logic will make our life sad and unhappy. It leads us to make some kind of compromises. This path, instead, in these times more than ever – since we are approaching fulfilment, which will become increasingly evident – nothing can stay in between, no compromises can be accepted. Always forgive, always love, always give; however, not with sadness but with the faith and certainty that this is the path God did; it is the path of life; let us do it joyfully.

Every time we have expectations, even to become saints, yet, according to our own ideas or to what we may have learnt about it, we are always led to judge. We will always crash against the things I have just said: always to forgive, never to judge. Everything that comes from us will lead us to have our own vision of things, which will make us clash with someone else’s; thus, we will try to be right; it will lead us to think that we are right and that the other is wrong. The consequence is sadness, not fullness, even if we do it out of love for God; even if we pray God to help us, it will not lead us to freedom.

God is omnipotent but He does not always want to be right; He does not try to convince anyone. He just loves. God does not focus on Himself or on being right. He just loves. Only if we contemplate this, we will understand what love is; otherwise, we will only see an image of love. God does not remember evil, never; He leaves it. He does not look for reasons; He does not look at evil; He is not interested in it; He knows that evil disintegrates by itself. He just loves. When He tells us to seek and contemplate the things of Heaven, not the earthly things, He does it because living as we have said will immerse us directly into the Trinitarian vortex, the vortex of love. So, it is not something that we have to force ourselves to do; it is life that will take possession of us, develop in us, transform us into His image and likeness, making us true children of God.

We have said several times that we have to transform our way of thinking. Yet, we cannot transform our way of thinking; we can allow God to do it. We can let God free to transform our thoughts. Then, gradually we will begin to look at life as God looks at it; to look at ourselves as God looks at us and to look at our neighbours as God looks at them: that is freedom because all fears, all feelings of guilt will fall away, disappear: “Am I able, am I not able? Am I good, am I bad?” Thus, we enter the vortex and begin to love.

Therefore, as I said, this is the only road to discover the meaning of love, and if you contemplate Mary, you will see that Mary completely pursued this road. Let us contemplate how Mary fights this battle, even concerning exorcism, Lucifer, evil. Do you know what She does before all this? A gaze of love and Lucifer will not come near Her; evil will not approach Her. She is not tempted; She is in a vortex, which Lucifer cannot approach; the disintegrating energy cannot touch Her.

We are all called to enter this vortex and we all have the possibility to do it; thus, we will defeat death and Hell, and we can do it even now, and live in the new creation together with Him from now on and build it with Him. Be aware that the whole Gospel, seen with this perspective, will truly become something beautiful and accessible to everyone, because it is God who brings us close to it.

Finally, once again, I entrust the whole Church of Jesus Christ to the Mother of the Church, Mary Most Holy, Co-redemptrix of humanity. May Her Blessing accompany every member to enter fully into life; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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