The Weapons of the Light

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

3 March 2021

(Translated audio)

Let us look again together at the times in which we are living and at all the indications that have been given to us at the end of 2020 and at the beginning of 2021. Those indications are truly a preparation made by all the extraordinary instruments and, first of all, by the Most Holy Trinity and Mary Most Holy of each one of us, that is, of the Church of Jesus, so that all may participate fully in their action, through which they may live in the glory and be glorified. In those words, there is all the grace; there is the Word of God that goes through and through like a dividing sword.[1]

So, the dynamic of this year had already been announced to us in April by St. Michael in 2020[2], reaching the vigil of Christ the King[3] and the Immaculate Conception of Mary Most Holy[4]; it is all about the battle that is taking place on Earth and which is the very last. It is the battle that began at the creation of the world and never stopped, but now it must come to an end, to fulfilment; it must give way to the glorious return of the Lord Jesus and to the fullness of mercy and of justice.

Thus, we know that armies are lined up in this battle as we have been told several times.[5] Whoever has chosen to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is aligned, no matter what he does, who he is, what his shortcomings are, what graces he has; he is aligned by that choice; he is part of the Church; he is in the army of God.

From a human point of view, this army may seem small, made up by few weak and unskilled people, but we know, and in faith we must ask ourselves, who is in this army now, right here on Earth? Holy Mary is present, Jesus Christ is among us in His intermediate coming; all Archangels are before and beside us to prepare the way for us; all the saints have been empowered by grace to participate in this battle; the Central Nucleus is at work, acting in its dimension, which is the spirit, to awaken within us all the graces given to us at conception, and the faithful brothers act in their dimension, which also involves matter.

We can no longer say that it is a small army. I can say, indeed, that before this army all hell trembles. I can say that what now seems to us as the supremacy of Lucifer’s wickedness is actually his madness. In fact, he no longer knows what to do, and in his wickedness, he lashes out blindly, because knowing that Jesus is here terrifies him. He no longer knows what to do; all his followers put pressure on him asking him what to do, but he no longer knows what to do.

So, we must not think that our army is small, and thus be afraid of what will happen to us. Thinking of this army must awaken our hope and make us lift our eyes to heaven to say: our reward is near.[6] However, the battle of which we speak, the one against Lucifer and his hosts, against the black church, which is on Earth (we can even say that its seat is in Italy), that battle against that church takes place on the level of the people, precisely of the Church, but also on a personal level, that is, in the daily struggles we all have with our ego, our shortcomings and the disintegrating energy around us; we all have our own battles.

Look, the army of Jesus Christ is with us even in those battles, not only in the great battle but also in the personal ones. Thus, Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph are close to us even in our personal battles. Sorry, but that would actually be enough for me, but for God it is not enough. He gives me the Central Nucleus; He gives me the saints; He gives me the angels, the Archangels, the faithful brothers and sisters as well as the living brothers and sisters and the living Church on Earth, because we are all united with one another. The moment we have decided to be part of her, wherever there is a member of the Church, there is the whole Church, and thus even those struggles become the Easter passage.

We have weapons to fight these battles both individually and all together as Church. The first weapon is faith. It is the faith that comes from knowing what I said before: if God is with me, who is against me? If Mary is close to me, who will I be afraid of? If Jesus Christ has returned in his intermediate coming, what can happen to me? Who will separate us from the love of Christ? See St. Paul[8]. In this battle, we have the possibility to live all the promises, all the beautiful words of Saint Paul and the saints: they become our words; we can express them as we go through it. How nice to be able to say: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”[9] When we experience something, saying these words becomes our strength: who is against me?[10] He shall come. Jesus is with us. How wonderful!

You know that the weapons are prayer, self-offering, communion. However, let’s look at them together to perceive them as real weapons, because they are stronger than an nuclear bomb.

Prayer: prayer for whom? Prayer for our enemies, for our persecutors, for those who attack us, for those who have caused us trials; the prayer for our enemies defeats everything.

Communion with all the instruments: as I said before, it helps us to pray for our enemies; it helps us to bless those who curse us and to be a blessing for all, the good and the bad.

In that prayer, let us praise God; in every trial, let us praise, give thanks for everything and be always happy; give thanks for every trial and for every joy; let us give thanks for a disease, even for the pandemic; yet, that does not mean that we are happy that it exists. It rather means that we know that even in this trail God’s hand touches us; we know that through this trial we can fully experience being children of God, priests, prophets and kings; we know that, even there, God has prepared a refuge for us; a place where we can develop and reach fullness. Thus, we give thanks for everything and we will always be happy because we know that this is God’s will in Jesus Christ.[11]

Living like this, we will overcome all fear; by overcoming all fear, we break the enemy’s weapons, which are fear and despair and which lead us to believe that we are alone, leading us to retreat in solitude, to look at our fragility and believe that we cannot cope with it. However, by fully recognising our weapons, as members of the Church, we become instruments in the hands of God; we become like arrows that God can send into all systems to bring them down; yet, not we but God will do it through us. Then, we will see how our weakness becomes grace! Our weakness become a system because so many people have the same weakness; thus, when we go through it with God, we become grace for others, because the whole Church will go through it, and thus we will free prisoners, raise the dead, heal the sick: not we but God will do it through us.

I have just said that we are all weak and fragile; how beautiful to be like this! How beautiful to know that we don’t have to be perfect! What a grace to know that the Son of God and the whole Church He has established and is behind Him comes down to make good exactly what we cannot change in ourselves! Knowing that we are not judged, knowing that our weakness is in His hands is a force. I think that looking at this battle in this way will also lead us to contemplate the new creation which forms with every victory, beginning from us, our personal life and that around us; then, gradually we will see that it grows, that the Church is born. In fact, we can say without being exalted that we can see the formation of this people; we can see how the nuclei, the points of light and the villages are forming. Of course, if we looked at the people who live in every village, in every point of light on a human level, we would see fragile, simple people, and we would wonder: where will this lead us? Yet, as we are united with the Church, we begin to feel joy. We can say: God is truly at work.

I will conclude by reminding you of one of the simplest instruments that Our Lady has given us in the message of December 7, 2020, “The Messianic Time”. It is an instrument that we do not fully use, maybe because it is simple and because we want to do things ourselves and we think we have to make our own contribution, and thus we are not entirely ready to let Our Lady work through this instrument. I will read Her words. I am talking about the sign; the Cross of which She speaks in the message of December 7, 2020:

 “The sign I have given to you encloses My power as Queen, Co-redemptrix and Mother of humanity. My task, in these times, is to guard the Church of the whole Universe and prepare her for the glorious coming of My Son at the end of times, but also for His intermediate coming in these times. My presence and My work among you will accompany the glorification of My Son and that of His people in this Messianic time.

This sign is already widespread in the whole Universe and must be spread on Earth through the Church of Jesus Christ that is present on this planet. It will be the sign of belonging to the people of the Universe. It will be powerful and bear fruit of conversion and healing, thus contributing to the evangelisation of the Earth. The power of this sign will also be the manifestation of the power of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. Along with the sign, the two prayers of consecration, given to you by St. Michael the Archangel in 2007, will be important. They obtain all their greatness in these times, because they sum up the prayers of the whole people of the Universe to My Son and Me.

I promise to those, who will carry the sign with faith and will say the prayers of consecration that I told you, the conversion and the healing of the spirit, the soul and the body. I will be close to them and protect them with My power as Queen, Mother and Co-redemptrix. I will reward with many graces all those who spread the sign and teach the prayers of consecration to others. In this way, you will help Me in My work and I thank you for this. Be strong, children, and always remain humble; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

I will leave you with the invitation to really read the whole message with the joy of being part of the Church and with the joy of this battle; yet, not because it is good to have a battle, but because through it Lucifer and his followers and his disintegrating energy must be banished. He must no longer find a place here on Earth, and if it takes a battle to do so, we trust in God. Let’s do it! The Lord bless us, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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