Mary, the New Woman

Message of St. Joseph – Vigil of the Solemnity of St. Joseph

18 March 2021

If you want to become new creatures, you have to unite with Jesus and Mary as I did. Jesus could not be born without Mary, but He could not die without Mary either. He needed the participation of an immaculate creature who would take part, in the name of all humanity, in the suffering of the Cross and the glory of the Resurrection to prepare the path for a new humanity. No one else could have done this except the One who had given Him everything and who belonged entirely to Him.

Mary, the New Woman

“Dearest Children,

I turn to you like a loving father. The children of Jesus and Mary are all my children. I watch over you and the whole Church of the Universe as I watched over the family of Nazareth.

The family of Nazareth must truly be an example of authentic communion in God for you. It was the first cell of the Church of the whole Universe. It was formed in view of Jesus’ coming; it lived for Him and followed the stages of His life; it was prepared and instructed by Jesus. I am a testimony of this because my life and my mission are inseparably bound to the life and mission of Mary and Jesus. Not even my premature death could separate me from them. My spirit continued and will continue to work together with Mary and Jesus for eternity.

I chose Mary as my spouse for the splendour and purity of Her soul. Her inner beauty was shining on Her face and emanated from Her whole person. She was a beautiful young woman with a transparent look of infinite goodness. Many wanted to marry Her, but She chose me as I chose Her. My choice and Hers were guided by the Holy Spirit in view of our extraordinary mission. At that time, I did not understand that. Like every true Israelite, I simply wanted to build an honest and faithful family with Mary and give children to God and our people.

Then, as you know, after the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel, everything changed in our life. Mary had accepted Her mission, welcoming in Her womb the Son of God, and now God was turning to me. My first reaction was one of bewilderment and fear; the burden was too great to bear and I was determined to leave Maria to her fate. I never doubted about Her sincerity because I knew that She was too pure and honest to deceive anyone. Rather, I was scared of what was being asked of me and Mary knew it: to be the guardian of the Mother and the Son of God.

You know very little of the phase that preceded Jesus’ birth except what the Gospel briefly reports. I tell you that the Archangel Gabriel explained to Mary very well what awaited Her. He had also revealed to Her that I had been chosen to be Her spouse and to protect Her and Her Son, the Son of our God. That was too much for me, and I imagined the people’s comments and the shame that covered a woman who had become pregnant before the wedding. Yet, God never asks us to carry out a task without giving us the grace at the moment of conception; the bigger the mission, the stronger the grace. I had said ‘Yes’ to my mission even before I was born and God’s grace awakened my ‘Yes’, as happens to everyone who has decided at conception to love and serve the true God.

As you know from the Gospel, an angel visited me in a dream. It was the Archangel Gabriel, who protected and accompanied Mary and me for our whole life and served Jesus in His earthly mission. He did not only visit me in a dream, but appeared in many other occasions to help Mary and me to overcome difficulties and protect us in the persecutions we had to suffer.

As Jesus was growing up, the Archangels continuously visited our house to adore the Son of God and to visit the first cell of His Church. The brothers and sister faithful to God also visited us many times, showing us their great love. That small and modest house in Nazareth was a true sanctuary of Heaven. However, our life was not easy: God did not spare us trials and persecutions, nor the difficulties of being poor. However, He never left us without Providence because God never abandons those who trust in Him.

Mary and I knew that, one day, Jesus would leave for His public mission, and we also knew what awaited Him. During the years He spent with us, Jesus spoke to us about what He would have to suffer; He predicted His death and resurrection several times. My heart trembled and ached at the thought of the pain that would befall the two of us, and especially that child, whom we loved more than our own life.

For this reason, God called me to Him long before Jesus’ Passion, shortly after the beginning of His public life. I passed away in the peace of God, assisted by Jesus and Mary. In His infinite goodness, God the Father wanted to spare me suffering that I could not have endured, allowing me to be present in spirit beside Jesus and Mary in the stages of their life on Earth. On the Calvary, my spirit was beside the dying Jesus and beside Mary, who was suffering with Him. Therefore, God has entrusted to me the dying, whom I never abandon in their agony.

Mary, on the other hand, always remained close to Jesus. She was destined to become the Mother and Co-Redemptrix of humanity and to be the Queen of the Universe. This, too, had been explained to us by Jesus Himself and by the Archangels. Mary had accepted that mission from Her conception. After my death, She often followed Jesus in His journeys; She lived among the Apostles and the men and women who were disciples of Her Son. She fully absorbed Jesus’ teachings and became increasingly strong as the terrible days of the Passion drew  near.

As I have already told you, the family of Nazareth was the first cell of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe. Jesus was in the centre as King, Saviour and High Priest of the new Alliance. Mary was Mother and Queen; the Co-Redemptrix destined to participate fully in the Sacrifice of the Son. I was their people and carried within me the faith of Israel and the faith of the new people who would be born of the Sacrifice of the Cross. Day by day, the old Israelite died in me to make way for the redeemed Christian.

God was transforming me. Everything in me and around me was a great mystery: my putative Son was also my God and my Saviour. My earthly spouse would one day be my Mother, my Queen and my Co-Redemptrix, as for all humanity to which I also belonged. I paved the way for you because I fully welcomed Jesus’ Redemption and Mary’s Co-Redemption. For this reason, God called me to be the guardian of His Church of the Universe as I had been for the Holy Family, the little Church of Nazareth.

If you want to become new creatures, you have to unite with Jesus and Mary as I did. Jesus could not be born without Mary, but He could not die without Mary either. He needed the participation of an immaculate creature who would take part, in the name of all humanity, in the suffering of the Cross and the glory of the Resurrection to prepare the path for a new humanity. No one else could have done this except the One who had given Him everything and who belonged entirely to Him.

Mary’s participation in the Sacrifice of the Cross was of such intensity as to make the bond between the Mother and the Son, the King and the Queen, the Redeemer and the Co-Redemptrix, indissoluble for eternity. This bond is not only emotional, that is, in the natural order, but also spiritual and mystical, that is, in the order of grace. The immaculate and sublime love, which unites Jesus and Mary, continuously generates the children of God who welcome and venerate Mary and recognise Her prerogatives as divine Mother, Queen and Co-Redemptrix.

The Sacrifice of Christ and the participation of Mary continuously nurture and strengthen the Church of the whole Universe. Whoever welcomes Mary welcomes Jesus, and whoever welcomes Jesus cannot but welcome Mary, since only through Her one can participate fully in the Sacrifice of Christ. Without that participation, it is impossible to define oneself as Christian. Mary belongs to Jesus as Jesus belongs to Mary. This is a great mystery that can only be understood by those who welcome Mary and recognise Her great work as Co-Redemptrix. It is this work that made Her the Mother of Humanity and the Queen of the Universe.

Dear children, remain always united with Mary’s Heart and your path will be safe. The time you are living in, is the time of the INTERMEDIATE COMING OF JESUS. It is a precious time for you. He is acting powerfully to support and strengthen His people and prepare them for His glorious coming at the end of times.

Mary is at His side, and with Her maternal love She generates you to the life of God, directs you towards Jesus and leads you to know Him better and better. She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and acts with Him to take you to Jesus. The Father is pleased with His beloved Daughter, and He concedes many graces through Her.

Children, always remain in harmony with the will of God, and let yourselves be carried gently by Mary to the embrace of the Most Holy Trinity. Contemplate the work of Jesus and Mary in you as I did. Now, your house is truly much bigger than the house in Nazareth: it is the Universe, and your family is the immense people of God that lives in it. Mary is no longer the humble woman of Israel who lived Her everyday life; She is the Mother of Humanity who welcomes you with love. She is the Co-Redemptrix who incessantly intercedes for you and obtains mercy and peace for you in virtue of the Passion that She shared with Her Son. She is the Queen of the Universe who wants you to participate in His glory. Above all, She is the New Woman who generates you so that you become children of the new humanity.

I am always by your side, and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”