“The Testimony of St. Joseph”

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

18 March 2021

(Translated audio)


Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we are celebrating St. Joseph, our father in God, and we have decided to consecrate the fatherhood of all men in God; of all those who want to be fathers in God as every Christian should be.

As we have said many times, the Liturgy that we celebrate is no longer any celebration but the celebration of the events. Today, we remember Moses who defended the unfaithful people before God when his intercession appeased God’s anger, as it is said in today’s reading.[1] In the Gospel, Jesus presents Himself in the name of God the Father.[2] He says that the Father acts in Him and that He does what He saw the Father do. But He reveals the Father to us so that we may know Him and do the works of the Father through the Son, in the Holy Spirit.

You will receive the message that St. Joseph has given to Stefania.[3]This message encourages us to take part in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe and tells us how. Many things that have been revealed to us are summed up and clarified in it so that we get a deeper understanding of them. Many of these things were sensed by the Saints or were revealed to them; however, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe that comes down from Heaven must become more and more luminous. We are destined to enter the full light to live with the Most Holy Trinity. Therefore, the content of this message is very important for all of us, both individually and collectively, for the nuclei, for the House-Sanctuaries and for all our relationships, including that with the whole Universe.

St. Joseph has summed up what we have explained about Mary’s life, but he gives us certainty since he is the only testimony, like no other, of Mary’s life; He actually witnessed from the moment of conception in the Holy Spirit.

“If you want to become new creatures, you have to unite with Jesus and Mary as I did. Jesus could not be born without Mary, but He could not die without Mary either. He needed the participation of an immaculate creature who would take part, in the name of all humanity, in the suffering of the Cross and the glory of the Resurrection to prepare the path for a new humanity. No one else could have done this except the One who had given Him everything and who belonged entirely to Him.”

Let us look at the Gospel to understand the roles that Mary and St. Joseph had. The Jews did not accept Jesus. When He said that He came from the Father for them, they called Him a blasphemer, but Jesus replied: “You have never heard his voice nor seen his form, nor does his word dwell in you, for you do not believe the one he sent” (John 5,37).

Those people lacked the foundation: they did not accept what they had inherited through Moses and the patriarchs. The lacked the ‘Yes’ to God at the moment of conception. “How can you believe since you accept glory from one another but do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?” (John 5,44).

Jesus’ words should have led the Jews to reflect on the fact that they wanted glory from the people while rejecting the glory that came from God, who revealed Himself through Moses and the patriarchs.

At this point, the message of St. Joseph show us to this mystery: “God was transforming me.” And the text continues: “Everything in me and around me was a great mystery.” It is impossible to welcome the will of the Father, the fatherhood that comes from the Father, without going through the mystery.

“My putative Son was also my God and my Saviour. My earthly spouse would one day be my Mother, my Queen and my Co-redemptrix, as for all humanity of which I too was a part. I paved the way for you because I fully welcomed Jesus’ Redemption and Mary’s Co-redemption. For this reason, God called me to be the guardian of His Church of the Universe as I had been for the Holy Family, the little Church of Nazareth.”

St. Joseph was transformed, He grew into what God had imprinted in Him at the moment of conception. Through the mystery, he had grown in every respect. It is impossible to enter the mystery if the mystery does not reveal itself to us. The mystery cannot be dominated by our projects, wishes or ambitions. Our originality in God arises from our immersion in the mystery. St. Joseph was immersed in the mystery, in the light, and emerged from that light in his originality. He says: “I have paved the way for you.”  The point is that the Immaculate Mother and the putative father have accompanied each of us from the moment of conception; in this way, they will accompany every child of God, and they will be Mother and father of all humanity in the new creation.

None of us can enter the mystery without humility and without completely renouncing ourselves like Joseph and Mary did. Then, the mystery reveals itself as well as the mystery of our life: who we are in God; thus, that life is fostered and guarded. St. Joseph was the ‘guardian’; yet, not only from the moment when he saw little Jesus. He was Mary’s guardian from the moment of conception, because of his ‘Yes’ to God, because in God all happens in an instant, there is no time. We live embedded in time, in periods, and we will reach eternity; then, we will be who we are.

St. Joseph said: “As I have already told you, the family of Nazareth was the first cell of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe.” This is because Jesus is the Saviour of the whole Universe, and Mary and Joseph are Mother and father of the whole Universe.

“Jesus was in the centre as the King, the Saviour and the High Priest of the new Alliance. Mary was the Mother and the Queen; the Co-redemptrix destined to participate fully in the Sacrifice of the Son. I was their people and carried within me the faith of Israel and the faith of the new people who would be born of the Sacrifice of the Cross. Day by day, the old Israelite died in me to make way for the redeemed Christian.”

This is the fundamental point for the whole Church and for every member of the Church.

Mary Immaculate is the unique and unrepeatable creature in the whole Universe, as has been testified to us many times. St. Joseph is our father in spirit, and Jesus called them to be like two filters for us to pass through. What does that mean? Look, Moses interceded with God so that He would not abandon the people of Israel. Yet, what happened after the coming of Jesus Christ in which he brought salvation to everyone? Judas and many others betrayed Him; the Apostles showed all their weakness, and we, too, experience that weakness every day; we are aware of it. Who can help us? Who can help us enter the deep mystery of hearing the Father’s voice, of contemplating the face of the Father, except Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph, who entered into Her Heart? He said: “When I went to Heaven and I entered Paradise, I entered Immaculateness like all those who enter Paradise.” They perform this service for all of humanity. If the Church does not entrust herself to them, she cannot grow; it will be very difficult for her. The Church of the whole Universe has welcomed the consecration through St. Joseph, the Righteous with the burning Heart, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

You remember the Gospel of John where the story of the wedding of Cana in Galilee is told[4]. When there was no more wine, the Mother said to Jesus, “They have no more wine,” and Jesus quite strictly replied, “Woman, why do you involve me?” Then, His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

Thus, He changed His time because of Her intervention. The servants filled the jars with 300 litres of water and it turned into wine. It is very important that we get closer to the Redeemer; otherwise we cannot reach fatherhood. The Father cannot act fully in us if we do not pass through the Son, and Mary prepares us for this passage. We all have our daily limits, mistakes and weaknesses. There is certainly one that leads us to Jesus. Mary Most Holy said to the servants: “Do whatever he tells you.”

Thus, through the Immaculate Mother we can do what Jesus told us and continuously tells us to do. The Church can do it. The Church can reveal the plans of the Father through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit. God does not hide because He wants to be hidden; God reveals Himself to those who want to live with Him. Therefore, the Mother and Co-redemptrix is necessary for the Church; yet, we must do what Jesus tells us because grace is given through Mary the Co-redemptrix and St. Joseph. The whole Church must adhere to this truth, otherwise she will not receive the full light.

As I said in the beginning, many have sensed certain truths, others have learnt them by heart and again others have been inspired. However, the Church of these times must be illuminated by the whole truth of life that is in God, otherwise she will not be ready for the glorious coming of Christ. In this time, in which we believe in the special presence of Jesus, in His intermediate coming, St. Joseph’s words are very important: “I have paved the way for you.” He paved the way towards the mystery, towards God and towards our innermost place; towards the mystery of our creation and of our conception, which no one has explained to us. Thus, the whole Church now takes the responsibility in the whole Universe for each person, each human being, who has been conceived, and frees together with Jesus Christ, through the Immaculate Mother, those who have not yet been redeemed. Our powerful mission starts there. If we are united with St. Joseph and Mary Most Holy, we will reach Jesus Christ, and He will welcome us in His glorious coming because we will welcome Him.

As we have seen in the example of St. Joseph, if we wish to understand the mystery, the angels and the extraordinary instruments of God will act; this happened more visibly to them, but they have also manifested themselves to us. We remember that in the beginning of these programmes the seven great Archangels led us to silence to begin to explain things to us; however, everyone can welcome them in faith, hope and love, just as St. Joseph welcomed them, more than Mary Most Holy who certainly received more explanations than him. Thus, it is very important to accept one’s originality. He could not wish to be like Mary. In eternal life, in the Mystical Body of Christ, no one lives for himself but all belong to all in their diversity. Each one is unique and must discover his/her originality and enter the Mystical Body of Christ through Mary Immaculate and St. Joseph and be living people. Then, the mission of each and all begins.

I bless you and I hope you will be able to celebrate this Solemnity. In the Mass, after the offering we will consecrate ourselves. We will consecrate all men to God the Father, and at the Annunciation of the Lord, we will consecrate all mothers to the Most Holy Trinity. Contemplate and pray; God bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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[2] See John 5,31-47

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