“The True and Truthful Church in the Risen Christ”

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

10 April 2021

(Translated audio)

The title of today’s reflection is “The True and Truthful Church in the Risen Christ”. With this title, I wish you Happy Easter and a good Easter season. We have communicated to you that the Church of Jesus Christ, according to His Heart, descends from Heaven[1] and His intermediate presence takes place in His Church[2]. This Easter has been marked by this truth and we have felt it.

In my reflection, I turn to those who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, the little remnant, those who want to belong and those who are of good will, to explain how we can verify the intermediate presence of Jesus. I will develop two points: the central points of today’s readings, and then those of the message Jesus has given us today.[3]

In the readings of the second Sunday of Easter, Cycle B, we have to look at these points: Jesus appears to the Apostles – not only to the Apostles – and communicates peace to them, saying: “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”[4]

Seeing the Risen Christ makes the Apostles rejoice, as John says, and creates intimacy with the Risen Christ, which is what we all desire. However, this inner joy is the prelude to a challenging step forward: “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”

Every sin, which has not been forgiven, weighs heavily on the individual and the collective conscience. Whoever does not forgive remains crushed and blocked; in him Christ’s resurrection cannot fully work, nor can mercy.

The mercy, many Christians invoke on this Sunday, disappears like the morning mist of which the Bible[5] speaks, or like the bag of gold, hidden in the ground, which the master takes back, leaving the man with empty hands.[6] In the resurrection, the Church has received the task of redeeming the sins of humanity; of participating in Christ’s Redemption through the Co-redemptrix, not only through rituals, but also through the power to remove the source of evil and all the consequences that fall upon us.

The letter of St. John the Apostle says: “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and everyone who loves the father loves his child as well. … And his commands are not burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world.”[7]

This is the inner strength of those who have welcomed the Risen Jesus Christ, and this is presented in the first reading, in the Acts of the Apostles.[8] This inner strength set the Apostles in motion. Without superstructures or organizations, they simply share everything naturally; they share Christ’s love, and thus the Apostles powerfully announce and give testimony to the Risen Christ.

These are the points of today’s readings, but through the reading of Jesus’ message, “Mercy is Truth”[9], I want you to become aware of the times in which we live so that you begin to act in order to banish evil from humanity and lead humanity towards the new creation by following Jesus and Mary, the Co-redemptrix.

Jesus said in His message: “In fact, after My Death and Resurrection, I appeared to the Apostles and the disciples to bring them the fruit of My Passion and Resurrection, that is, Mercy.” Mercy, with a capital letter, is the fruit of the Resurrection, of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ. Whoever does not welcome the Risen Christ, even those who do not recognise His acting presence in them, cannot become active and cannot bear witness. Participating in Mercy means participating in Christ’s life because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He said: “Only by accepting to die and be resurrected for you, have I obtained mercy for you. This is true for all of you. If you do not accept to enter fully into My Sacrifice through My Mother, the Co-redemptrix, you can neither obtain nor give mercy.”

In recent times and in several messages Mary Most Holy is highlighted as “sine qua non”, absolutely necessary. Do you find it difficult to understand that? If the Church does not enter into communion with the One who is fully realized and can communicate the life of God, how can the Church be universal? How can the Church be universal if she does not involve all instruments who are in Paradise, all those who have been faithful to God from the beginning, all saints? How can she carry on? She cannot carry on. Therefore, Jesus further explained:

“However, if you accept to immerse yourselves, through the Co-redemptrix, in My Passion, you may reach resurrection to live a new life as risen people. Then, the fruit of mercy will be arise in you, since the Father will see that My victorious passage from death to life is renewed in each of you and in the people. Thus, He will grant mercy to you and, through you, to those who desire to be forgiven and want to convert, passing from death to life.”

It is impossible to forgive without participating in death; only by going through death can we communicate resurrection. Our wounds contain pain, revenge, withdrawal, war and all the rest; no one can remain unconcerned if the Lord does not transform his life. Therefore, we must fully participate in Jesus’ life in order to perceive His presence and act with Him with the help of the Co-redemptrix and the whole Church. In this sense, Jesus underlines: “Many Christians on Earth have forgotten that they are lambs who immolate themselves with Me, the true Easter Lamb, for the life of the entire Universe.” With the meaning of the victorious Lamb as it is presented in the book of Revelation. Those who are united with Christ and no longer have any trace of sin, weakness, blockage or disorder in them will be winners over every situation; they will overcome all obstacles and quickly move forward. This is our commitment.

Then Jesus points to the core of His message: “Know that mercy is truth because I AM THE TRUTH.” What is the important point in this? Nowadays there is a trend to say that everyone believes in the same God, which is false. There is only one true God, not as a religious-philosophical concept, but as the One and Triune God, who has been revealed by the One who is the Truth: Jesus Christ. This is important. None of us, not even the Earth and the Universe, will get out of this confusion if we do not step into this light, into the truth that penetrates us and enables us to eliminate all evil in us, and thus discover the source within us to defeat all evil around us.

So long as we use an abstract concept of God, we will be confused, exposed to infinite imagination. Thus, the face of God will have all kinds of shades and features of gods and idols, and we will never free ourselves from this slavery nor can anyone liberate us. Nevertheless, if we are open to Mercy, that is, to God who penetrates us through Jesus Christ with His Resurrection, He will transform us. In His message, Jesus says that you will reveal the face of the Father, of course, through the Son, but He uses this term; God is not an abstract figure for us; He is our Father.

Jesus’ message continues: “The truth you have welcomed makes you free from the conditioning of the world. It makes you instruments of mercy that liberate the part of humanity that wants a real change. Thus, through you, mercy will act in the world; however, without truth there cannot be true mercy. If you live immersed in My Death and Resurrection, you also become instruments of justice; not of human justice, but of divine justice: you will become light that dispels darkness. Thus, your life and your work will draw strength from the truth and judge the life and the works of the world; however, without truth there cannot be true justice.”

We are in a pandemic. Have the Christians understood the cause of the pandemic? Are they behaving reasonably? Are there any extremists like in all movements? We have to give Jesus an answer to this question. “The mercy you celebrate tomorrow must incarnate in you. It must guide you towards true and sublime love because love is mercy.”

In this passage, Jesus turns to those who belong, or at least say that they belong, to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, the Church born from Heaven, whose members walk their path in the Heart of Immaculate Mary, the Co-redemptrix, united with all saints, the angels and the righteous of all times, who want to celebrate the cosmic Pentecost this year.

Then, Jesus makes a summary of the whole doctrine that enlightens you, because, these messages take you into the mystery, that is, to the source of life. They do not deal with formulas, rites, or anything superficial, but they immerse you in the mystery, so that you can manifest God’s life. Jesus also said:

“Therefore, live in the truth and make My work of Redemption alive and actual in order to become co-redeemers. You will not reach this if you do not immerse yourselves in My Sacrifice through My Mother. Remember that you will never be co-redeemers without the work of the Co-redemptrix. Being co-redeemers is not a simple statement but the mission of each one of you and of My Church of the whole Universe. It is what makes you true, merciful disciples, bringers of life to the farthest ends of the Universe.”

Some refuse the truth that the Holy Mother is the Co-redemptrix, but we have experienced that this is the truth. It does not matter to us if someone writes it on paper. We bear witness to the fact that this is the path to enter the mystery of God, and we proclaim that baptized Christians cannot exercise their priestly, prophetic and royal mission without passing through this truth. They cannot be Christians and the Church will not rise but remain flat.

All this makes us understand the living presence of Christ in His intermediate coming. “My Children, I am present among you. My INTERMEDIATE COMING to Earth is a gift of God, in this time, to the humanity of the whole Universe and not only for yours. … I am here in the power of the Holy Spirit to liberate and strengthen you; to show you the face of the Father so that you, too, show it to the others.”

Brothers and sisters, Easter is the time when the Apostles entered the depth of their spirit because they were guided by Jesus. This is the time for us to experience the presence of Christ in His intermediate coming, and consequently to manifest Him in His Church, which already exists on Earth, always in communion with the whole Universe. This is why He said that this truth must incarnate in His Church; it must become flesh and manifest the face of the Father, whom we have honoured and to whom we have solemnly consecrated ourselves. Herein lies our responsibility for the whole Universe. As in the whole Universe, all members of the Church of the Universe are generous towards us; they have come in spirit to save us, and they want to save the humanity of the Earth, but we have to give our response.

Moreover, there is very practical point. Jesus said: “Take my hand and feel that I am close to you in every moment of your day and of your life. If you abandon yourselves to Me without reservations and let Me act in you, you will feel My presence.” We will feel the presence of the Saviour, the presence of God, the presence of the King of the Universe. God cannot give us more than this. However, we must have faith and abandon ourselves to God with trust. Why are Christians afraid of so many things? Whoever loves does not fear because love wins.[10] Whoever withdraws into himself will be afraid. Whoever has been resurrected by the Lord will step forward with a shining face; everyone will see that something has changed, and he will communicate it. This happens spontaneously and we have to allow it.

We hear that many Christians, as everyone else, are afraid of the vaccine, but why? Jesus told the Apostles that even if they drank poison, it would not hurt them[11]. During our passage on Earth, God transmits remedies to us through the doctors. If we doubt everything, we give power to Satan who wants to frighten, confuse and unsettle us. If we welcome the remedies with faith and blessings, we will transmit mercy, justice and truth to them and they will have a positive effect on us.

I would like to add something else: we hear that millions of people have died as a consequence of the pandemic. Why has God allowed this to happen? He has allowed it because man has caused this; He has allowed it because we are stubborn, and thus refuse to offer ourselves, to live and experience the power of the King of the Universe in us to liberate humanity from sin. God allows the victims since they will save us. He calls them and opens up new horizons for them. When they accept what God shows them, they offer themselves for us in their death.

The mission that has been entrusted to us, the Church of the Earth, is to follow the souls from the moment of conception. If the souls that are conceived now, find a Church that is full of the power of the Resurrection, they will swiftly begin their path and be protected. If we accompany these souls as fathers and mothers; if we consecrate and baptize the aborted children; if we give baptism those who are on the verge of death and ask for absolution, we offer millions and millions of souls who will save us and who will save humanity.

Brothers and sisters, I will not speak to you in this time, I will let you go on alone. Begin your path with the Apostles, with Jesus who is present in you. Experience this and manifest His presence to others. Jesus needs the existential space, which is His Church, that is, all those who want to participate fully in His life and in His work; He wants to manifest Himself through them. Participating in this Church is an honour; it is a joy; it is a reward.

I wish you a good path in this Easter time, and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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