God’s Action throughout History

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

15 April 2021

(Translated audio)

Tonight, I would like to take a look with you at God’s action throughout history, in short sections, so that we may also understand the action of God in these times. Look, if each of us, an epoch or an era is not embedded in a global view of God’s action, even the most beautiful, the greatest event will not reach fullness, completeness, but remain something that will disappear without leaving any marks in history. On the contrary, when a very small, humble and normal gesture, the daily flow of life, is part of a project of God, it will bear the fruit of flowing love. That fruit gives meaning to life; that fruit comes from stepping out of ourselves for the love of the others, for the love of God; this is the base of the Christian. Many great people passed on Earth, without taking part in this project of God, leaving no mark behind, and we do not remember them.

We know that we are in a great battle.[1] This battle has been going on forever, but now we are at its peak. It is a battle against a spirit; it is not a battle against people or situations but against a spirit, which influences people, makes situations happen, that is, the things that happen in the world. It is useless for us, as Church of Jesus Christ, to say that we have recognised the Church, that we want to be part of it, that we wear the sign if we fail to join the project of God.

Why did He want the Church to appear openly now? He wanted it because we are very close to His glorious return. If we remove this central point from our life, it becomes meaningless. If that truth, that certainty, that hope, that joy, whatever you want to call it, is not there, then what is the meaning of life? Only the joy of encountering Christ because He will return, gives meaning to everything. This is what gives life to all the members of the Church who have always been; the Church that had to be underground, hidden, and that has now come out into the open: the glorious return, the encounter with Christ. From the Apostles, actually, even before them the prophets announced this: the new creation.

I said that we would take a quick look at history. If we look at the history we know, we notice that there have always been great wars, great disasters on Earth. This planet has never experienced a moment of peace. It has always been tormented by pandemics, local and global wars and terrible acts of all kinds, for which we must be ashamed, considering that they were carried out by men made in the image and likeness of God. In view of the birth of the Son of God, the Earth was created as a beautiful planet. In the mind of God, in view of the birth of His Son, the Earth was to be magnificent in all details, beginning from the action in spirit. Nature itself was to be a help to man, with man’s collaboration, to absorb all negativity, all disintegrating energy, and thus protect man. Unfortunately, man’s behaviour has saturated the capacity of nature to absorb; consequently, it must periodically empty itself; it must discharge itself.

God immediately tried to lift man up from his condition. You know that both those who said “No” and those who said “Yes” at the time of conception came to this planet. The latter offered themselves in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ; they came as priests to recapitulate all things in Christ; they came to bring light, to offer the humans the chance to lift themselves up and go towards God. However, God immediately sought to raise the spirit of man, and then also the soul and body to transform him more and more into the image he initially had, the one he was meant to have. That, too, was a gradual process, in which God used extraordinary instruments, just as He is doing now.[2] I am talking about things that happened in a distant past, but I actually want to draw your attention to the fact that God exists, that God acts and that God holds history in His hands, even now, even today, 2021.

The angels are the instruments that God has always used, and everyone knows that, but the task of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, right now, is to announce the faithful brothers and sisters. They are other men and women who did not say “No” at the time of conception; they said “Yes”, and thus they have always lived in different conditions than ours. However, as our brothers and sisters, on God’s order, they have always helped us; always! They have helped us grow through extraordinary interventions.

This process reached its peak with the first coming of Jesus to Earth, but it has not reached fullness. Fullness will be reached with Jesus’ glorious coming, because then we will all be in His image and likeness. St. Paul said that we do not know what we will be, but we know that we will be like Him. As Jesus said to Nicodemus these days, for those who read the Gospel every day; the dialogue between Nicodemus and Jesus is beautiful: “How can I explain to you the heavenly things if you don’t understand the earthly things?” He meant “being reborn from heaven”. The puzzled Nicodemus wondered: “How can someone be born when they are old?”[3]

Now, we are exactly at the point where we have to understand, to sense, to enter more and more into the spiritual things; however, it is clear that as much as we enter into and deepen the spiritual things, God is immense. We will never be able to know Him, to understand Him. We can only contemplate and love Him and let ourselves be loved by Him. We cannot expect to understand everything. Let us be honest; it is an act of pride to claim to be able to explain everything through theology. I consider it an act of great pride. We can contemplate what God does, what He has done, but not explain it. If He does not reveal Himself, if He does explain Himself, what can we understand?

To go through all those events quickly, I invite you to read the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”.[4] Look, it is a gift of God to be able to learn history from God’s point of view, but not like in school; you will find many answers in that reading, even concerning your own thoughts, your own attitude: “That’s why I thought …; that’s why thinking like this is …; but I didn’t feel good about … ”. There you will find the answers, by reading it slowly.

I have said, and it is before everyone’s eyes, that terrible crimes have occurred and are still taking place on Earth. They are crimes against humanity, against nature, against the animals, and all these crimes are always caused by the same spirit; by the spirit that we are fighting: the spirit of Lucifer, the spirit of the world, the spirit of the devil, call it whatever you want, the source is Lucifer. Just as the Holy Trinity is our source, Lucifer is the source of disintegrating energy. Lucifer is the one who pushes man to commit these crimes, as it is man who commits them. Out of hatred for God, he attacks what God has created, both man and creatures. Unable to harm God, he strikes those within his reach, thinking that in this way he hurts God.

In these events, in this battle between good and evil, God always went into battle using His instruments. It is man who gives power to Lucifer; man embraces the spirit that seizes him. In all situations in which man gets into trouble, God passes with His instruments, and He always does it in His own way. We know how God passes: as the immolated Lamb, by transforming evil into good, by offering Himself, defeating evil with love, letting Himself be nailed on the Cross. These are Jesus words: “No one takes life from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.”[5] This is how God acts and all His instruments, too.

Therefore, to be able to live like this, it is important to keep in mind and remain focused on the meaning of life. As I said before, in this battle, in this action of God, if we lose the reason why we have come to the world, the reason for our life, it takes nothing to be thrown into confusion, into wickedness, into the inability to understand what is going on. Unfortunately, this also happens because there are no guides to the truth; voices indicating the path on Earth are missing.

The meaning of life is knowing God and the One whom the Father sent. Let us not forget that. “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”[6] Outside of that there is nothing and, as the Psalm says, for the best a hundred years of life, all in tribulation, and nothing else.[7] Yet, the meaning of those hundred years, for those who live a long life, is to know the Father in every situation; the Father and the One whom the Father sent. As we have heard these days, the central point is: “[S]et your hearts on things above”[8], not on earthly things.

Jesus also said to Nicodemus: “The one who comes from above is above all”[9]. The one who comes from above is the Spirit. Those who are of the Earth think of earthly things; those who come from heaven think of heavenly things. Look, we come from heaven. We are in the world, but we are not of the world. If we miss this central point, we may carry on arguing for months, years, generations, but by arguing we will not gain anything. We have been called from eternity and we are called to live eternally. We are loved from eternity to love eternally. We have to fulfil a passage here on Earth, but this is not our home; we are eternal creatures, born to live, not to survive.

The battle we are fighting is the final battle; His glorious return is here. We must say it with joy, because if the Lord has called us to this battle, if we are fighting in His Church with Him, with Mary Most Holy, we praise the Lord “halleluiah”! Now, in these two years we have been immersed in this pandemic. As I said, how many pandemics, how many catastrophes have happened throughout history. If we only consider Israel, to move on fast, we will see that it periodically went through many catastrophes. Every time, God did not use what He wanted but what man wanted through his deeds, and God did it to transform evil into good. However, if we do not learn from history, if we are not able to observe it, we will repeat the same mistakes; how many times have the same mistakes been repeated.

Now, in this pandemic, we must pass as Church, as priests; we have to pass through it as immolated lambs; yet, not with sadness or resignation. In all events, we simply have to do what is as natural as breathing to us, and thus offer ourselves, bless and offer all victims to God, without worrying and being afraid. Mary Most Holy said in Her message last year, “No one dies alone”[10]. Still, we must offer those victims to God, yes, we must do that. In this battle between good and evil, Lucifer has always rejoiced in seeing blood, victims, martyrs, all kinds of murdered people, who are delivered to the altar by his archdemons; to his altar, because he copies everything that God does. Therefore, just as there is God’s altar in Heaven, there is Lucifer’s altar in the depths of hell, and on that altar, every day, the blood of the deceased is offered, while he rejoices about it. However, our task is to take that blood and bring it to the altars of God, to offer it to Him. All the victims, whether they were believers or non-believers, whether they had a good or a bad death, we will present all of them to God. By doing so, we give those souls the possibility to say “Yes” to God, and thus pass from a terrible death to a peaceful martyrdom; from evil to good, from death to eternal life. This is the passage and in this way, we will win the battle, by offering ourselves, by baptising and blessing, not by arguing.

This should be the task of every Christian; let us do it, it is our task. We have been asked by St. Paul and in one of the messages: “Pray for the rulers of the Earth“[11]. Pray that they may make right laws because, if we like it or not, we cannot escape those laws because, according to God’s justice, we have to undergo the same laws as everyone else; this is our planet and it is up to us to bear. If they have issued an utterly unjust law, we have to endure it with our self-offering, as immolated lambs, not as rebels. We have to leave it to God to knock down the powerful, as Mary Most Holy says in the Magnificat[12]; we will not do it. We shall offer ourselves, we shall offer our body as an altar so that it may be consumed on it, but it is the work of God.

I want to repeat it: do not doubt that God is at work in this time in which He has foreseen the intervention of the extraordinary instruments and His return in His intermediate coming. Do you really think He is not at work? Do you really think that He is losing track of things? God? That He has lost control over the pandemic, the vaccine? God? That He is distracted? We will do what is up to us. What do we have to do? We have to say, “Here I am; I am the Lord’s servant; Lord, make use of me the way you want; I give you my life, take it, use it, so that all unjust things may be transformed into just things and all that is evil may be transformed into good.”

Praying for the rulers is right. If they made sound laws, we would live in peace, says St. Paul. They make laws that are not exactly right; yet, rebellion against them does not make a difference. Rebellion is still Lucifer’s game. What does every rebellion create? Walls against walls: violence! Violence is created through thoughts, through words, through the spirit. Jesus Christ gave Himself up, the only One who had done nothing wrong! The righteous gave Himself up for the unjust.

Let us not forget that God has overcome the world.[13] He has already overcome it. We must not forget that, because it helps us fight this battle. Even with some simple thoughts: “I do not agree with what is happening; I feel bad about it; I don’t know. I don’t understand, but there is one thing I know, which is that God has overcome the world; I know that no one can snatch me from the hands of the Father. Do to me what you want; think what you want; treat me the way you want; God has already won, and I’m all right.” However, we must not think that in doing so we are particularly good and holy; if we were to depend on our holiness, we would be ruined! We are all right because God has overcome the world. Consequently, He has overcome every world, every situation, every disgrace and every pandemic. God passed through every event caused by man; Now He wants to deal with it through us, and that is collaborating with God.

In fact, the faithful brothers and sisters have always worked on this level. Our task is to offer ourselves and leave it to God to act; we have to say “Here I am”. At that point, our readiness forces God to make the faithful brothers intervene as they can even act on levels we have no access to. They do not need to act like rebels. in history, they made arms disappear many times; they have prevented wars from happening; they can materialize and dematerialize whatever they want; they can change a terrible vaccine and transform it into a good one. However, they can only do it if we say our “here-I-am”; when we are ready to pass through it as immolated lambs with blind faith in God. God has overcome the world!

God has never abandoned His people; he has not resigned Himself to man’s refusal. There was that planet Earth, where Lucifer fell after the great battle with St. Michael; the planet where those who said “No” at the time of conception end up. Probably every man, every one of us would have said: “Let them do, they have wanted it themselves.” But God has not given up. It is precisely on this planet that He is fighting the battle; there where Jesus Christ went for the first time and where He will go a second time. God has abandoned neither the man of Earth nor planet Earth; He will save that, too, as we have heard recently.[14] I repeat that there is no pandemic, no powerful man, no Confederation of the Light, no archdemon, no Lucifer which can prevail over God. God promised it and God will do it. He will pass through this wickedness, and this wickedness will turn against those who wanted it. I tell you that this pandemic is already turning against those who have invented it. This virus does not have the impact that the Confederation of the light had planned because of the self-offering of all deceased on God’s altars; we, too, who elevate ourselves on our altars, have already done a lot in reparation.

I will give you an example; those children who were killed at Jesus’ birth, were they not martyrs? Is that not a terrible act? Many people of Bethlehem refused the Messiah even though they had known Him. He had lived there for one or two years. They knew Holy Mary and St. Joseph. The shepherds came from Bethlehem. Yet, after the tragedy they said, “God cannot allow this. He cannot allow that children under two years old are killed.” Now we have the feast of the Martyrs on 28 December, which remembers those children. Look, throughout history, there have been many, many martyrs. Don’t you think that now, before the glorious coming of Christ, Lucifer wants martyrs, martyrs for himself, and that he wants blood? Therefore, let us offer those deceased to God, and let us offer ourselves to prepare the way for the glorious return of the Lord.

God does not want this. He also said it about the pandemic.[15] If the world changed, if man changed, the pandemic would end. If all Christians said ONE “Our Father” with faith, the Earth would become again the Paradise it was meant to be. But man does not change. Even now, people want to return to live as before, not as God wants. God will still not give up and definitely save what can be saved. Whoever is ready and wants to be saved will be saved.

I advise you: do not be afraid; do not focus on the action of evil, on the confusion that we are witnessing, on the disasters, on evil men, on bleak thoughts such as, “we will always have to live like that …”. Do not focus on that. God has overcome the world! Try to focus on how He is now overcoming it; on what He is doing now. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”[16]

We can do it only if we see His action. Hearing that He has returned in His intermediate coming – if we can recognise Him – must make life begin. However, let us be careful to remain open to the action of God without limiting it. How do we limit it? With our thoughts. If we are sure that God will act in a certain way, we set limits to Him. I have given the example of the infants of Bethlehem: “God cannot do that”, and yet God did it. I can make another example of Israel: they were waiting for the Messiah for thousands of years, but they expected Him to act the way they wanted: He had to overcome the Romans. Yet, He came and let Himself be crucified; and now they have been waiting for the Messiah for another two thousand years, having to suffer holocausts etc. They were going to exile before Jesus came, but it seems to me that they are still there, those Israelites; they are always in exile. This is how limits are set to God’s action. God comes to our aid, but we do not welcome Him because He does not act as we expect.

I have spoken about the faithful brothers and sisters. God makes use of them. Let Him use them! We know that they exist; therefore, if we want to live in communion with them, we must let them free to act. They are better than us; they have better skills than us. The angels, the saints, all of them are at work, so let them work. We must fulfil our task; we must only be immolated lambs, co-redeemers, priests; we must be children of God, and God will defend His children. As I said: let us baptise, bless, offer ourselves, pass through the events of the world as they are.

I advise you not to waste energy in discussions about the vaccine, if it is good or not, if it comes from the devil, if it is made in one way or another. Unfortunately, criminal actions happen daily on Earth. Either we spend our life fighting, or we spend our life offering ourselves. I do not want to open up discussions, but all the clothes we wear have been produced under terrible conditions. All the things we eat are produced by exploiting minors who die in the fields, so on and so forth. Everything is like this, but we have to pass through everything by offering ourselves. We must not say: this is right, that is wrong. I am not defending the vaccine or anything else. I am only saying that we must concentrate on God. We must not run the risk of thinking that He is sleeping, waiting for us to do things ourselves. God is acting! Please, let Him act.

They have trained us to be priests, prophets and kings, that is, to be what we are since baptism. They have formed us with three cornerstones: self-offering, integrity and communion. They have placed the Eucharist and Mary Most Holy at the centre, so let us concentrate on this. In order to figure out where good and where evil is, do not take sides with those who are for or against the vaccine. Some points, however, are out of discussion: the Eucharist and Mary, the Co-redemptrix. Keep away from those who speak against Mary, the Co-redemptrix; keep away from those who want to eliminate the Eucharist, and apart from that, let us offer ourselves.

As a priest, together with all the new priests, I would like to raise all of you and all the victims on the altar. Every day we offer ourselves in this way; we offer you and we offer ourselves. We offer ourselves with Mary Most Holy, and we will perform this action when we receive the vaccine: we will offer ourselves with Mary to glorify God, and at that moment, through our offering, if God wants to use us as altars and die, He may use our offering to elevate, to transform everything that is behind that world.

God bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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