Let My Heart Triumph in You

Message of Mary Most Holy – Vigil of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima

Let My Heart Triumph in You

12 May 2021

“Dearest Children,

Thank you for celebrating the anniversary of My apparitions in Fatima, which were very important events for the history of the Earth and the plan of salvation.[1]

When the Lord sent Me to Fatima, the situation of the humanity of the Earth was very serious: the First World War covered the Earth in blood; everywhere, hunger, misery and disease were prevalent. Through My apparitions, I wanted to lead humanity back to God through My Immaculate Heart so that it would be saved according to God’s wishes; however, man’s heart was cold and insensitive. It was a heart of stone.

The situation today is not very different from what it was at that time. Wars, hunger, material and spiritual poverty and disease, including the pandemic that has been striking you for more than a year[2], are always present on Earth. The heart of this humanity has not changed either: it is cold and hostile to God as always and now even more. In fact, the man of the Earth feels increasingly stronger as he trusts in technology and artificial intelligence, which inflate him with pride and false certainties.

Now as then, I repeat to you that you will not win the battle against Evil without the One and Triune God. You will not be saved from the great dangers that threaten you if you do not submit to My Son Jesus through My Heart of Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix. Once again, I solemnly declare that you will not recover from your ills if you continue to stubbornly oppose the true God and His Laws.[3]

I tell you, Christians of the Earth, to place the Person of My Son, Jesus Christ, back at the centre of your lives, and not the image of Him that you have created in your mind.[4] Many of you have distorted the image of God to transform it into your image and likeness whereas you should be in His image and likeness. Detach yourselves, once and for all, from your fixed ideas, fears and dependencies that make you prisoners of the world and leave you at the mercy of the devil.

The pandemic that is oppressing you is the fruit of the corruption of a large part of humanity, of the action of Evil and the tepidness of too many Christians who surrender to the action of the evil one without fighting. If they fight him, they do it in a superficial or fanatic way, which produces only divisions and contrasts. On Earth, for some Christianity has become an ideology that must be defended by force; for others it is just one religion among many to be lived in a discreet and almost invisible way. No, dear children, Christianity is the change of life, the resurrection. To be Christians means to let Christ reign in you and act in the world through you; the Christians give Jesus to the world, not themselves.[5]

In this time, you have prayed to God to put an end to the pandemic. Few of you have wondered why God has allowed it. I tell you that God has not wanted this disease, but He has allowed it to remind you to respect His Laws; to show you what happens when humanity turns away from Him, who is the source of life. This difficult situation has awakened in the souls of good will the desire to change their life and the awareness that many things must also change in the world.

Many people have decided to change themselves for the better, precisely because of the pandemic. Many others, on the other hand, have cursed God and blamed Him for this disaster; others have even tried to deny the existence of this disease. They have neither thought about nor decided to do anything to change their conduct and to improve the world. They are just waiting for the pandemic to end to throw themselves back into the pleasure and the vanity of the world, into business and profit. The pandemic has divided your humanity even more between those who seek God and those who reject Him. God has allowed this, too, because everything that is in the hearts of the people must come out more and more.[6] The pandemic will end when it has produced in the humanity of the Earth everything for which God allowed it.

Nevertheless, the Father has not abandoned you despite your coldness, and He once again took pity on you. He listened to the prayers of the righteous and the saints, who have prayed for the Earth here and in the whole Universe. He has welcomed My incessant prayers and collected the many tears I have shed for you in this time. The Father has intervened forcefully to remedy the situation of the Earth.

First of all, He welcomed and sanctified the sacrifice of many victims of the pandemic and the suffering of the dying and the ill. Their sacrifice, raised to God by many priests of the Universe, was not in vain but became a true sacrifice of atonement and reconciliation.

Then, He sent the brothers and sisters of the Universe faithful to Him to your aid. For many months, your brothers have supported, even though invisibly, honest scientists and doctors of the Earth engaged in the research of a remedy against the virus that is decimating you. They have suggested many things to their spirit and visited your laboratories to prevent the vaccines from being altered or counterfeit. This is not the first time that the brothers and sisters of the High Universe have done that. God has sent them many times to rectify your mistakes and prevent great catastrophes.

Now you have the remedy for the pandemic through the many vaccines that Providence has given you, and other remedies will come because God will not cease to guide the intelligence of man; He wants life to progress towards good. However, in the face of all this, how does a large part of the humanity of the Earth react? With ingratitude, as always. Many, even among the Christians, think that the vaccines are Lucifer’s work and do not accept them. Thus, they give the devil a power he does not have as it is God who directs history, not Lucifer. God has set a limit to the action of the demons; if it were not so, you would all have died by now.

As terrible as the action of Lucifer and the demons may be; as great as their hatred towards humanity may be, God is God and no one can oppose Him. The devil is powerful but not omnipotent. Only One is Omnipotent. Always remember, Christians of the Earth, that you are so afraid and have so little faith that you are no longer able to distinguish what comes from God from what comes from the devil.

In addition to all this, the Father has done something even greater for you: He has sent you Jesus. The INTERMEDIATE COMING OF JESUS in this time is the absolute guarantee that Lucifer must step back and that his plans are doomed to fail. Jesus is here to give strength to His Church of the Earth in favour of the whole Universe in order to protect and prepare His people for the events that will take place. I am also with you, and I accompany you on your path. The Holy Spirit prepares the ground in each one of you and in the people so that you are prepared to receive the seed of grace, which will be abundant for those who believe in these programmes.

I tell you who have decided to be part of the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”: remain firm in your faith and in all that has been revealed to you. God needs your faith, and you need it even more to cope with this demanding period of your history.

The One and Triune God is drawing the conclusions of the last few years and will prepare new things for humanity. Only those who have sincerely decided to love and serve the true God through My Heart will see them. However, they will remain hidden to the lukewarm, the doubters, the adversaries of God, the liars, the swindlers, the murderers.[7] Those who have chosen God, will have God; those who have chosen Satan will have Satan. Those who have chosen nothing will have to hurry as time runs fast. God is knocking at the door of your heart; He wants to give you what you need to live. Hurry to open the door to Him before the devil, your true enemy, knocks at the door to bring you his gifts full of bitterness, anxiety and despair.

In My apparitions in Fatima, I told you about the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, which is the triumph of God’s life in all of you. My Heart triumphs in the hearts of all My children who love Me and welcome Me for what I truly am: Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix. Let My Heart triumph in you so that you may win every battle; without Me, victory will be difficult to achieve.

It is time for My Heart to triumph for the glory of God and His Church of the whole Universe; it is time for the flame of My Heart to flare up in the holy people of God and burn all falsehood. I have told you before and I repeat today that I will use the power that God has given Me to be by My Son’s side, who is present on Earth, for now in an invisible way. I will be with you on all the paths of good you decide to take. I will be there, and no one will be able to put Me aside anymore.

The words I have said to you may seem harsh to you, but they are not: they arise from My immense love for you; the love of a Mother who is not resigned to seeing too many of Her children take paths with no return.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe celebrates every year the anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima as a solemnity.

[2] From the end of 2019 to now, the Earth has been struck by the Covid-19pandemic, which has caused millions of victims in all continents.

[3] See Mt 13,13-15

[4] See Luke 9,23-24

[5] See Gal 2,19-20

[6] See Mark 4,22; Luke 8,17

[7] See 1 Cor 6,9-10; Rev 21,8