“The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”

By Fr Tomislav Vlašić

12 May 2021

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we have said many times that our liturgical celebration is a participation in the events guided by God in the whole Universe. Both on Earth and in the Universe, the events are of cosmic proportions.

We are in the last weeks of the Easter season. In this time, grace is leading us towards great graces and the participation in the sublime work of God through His instruments. What lies ahead of us? Tomorrow we celebrate our Solemnity of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima; on Sunday we celebrate the Ascension of the Lord, then the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and finally the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. In all these solemnities, we are called to consecrate ourselves solemnly. Tonight we consecrate ourselves to Mary Most Hoy, Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen of the Universe, and to Christ. In the celebration of the solemnity of the Ascension of the Risen Lord, we will also consecrate ourselves to Mary, the Mother taken to Heaven, in order to be elevated to the will of God and to be ready to welcome the graces that are intended for each and all of us in this time. Only by submitting ourselves to God’s will, through Jesus Christ, who sits at the right side of the Father, will the Father give us the Holy Spirit, and when we are consecrated to the Holy Spirit, we will be sent to bear witness, to manifest the glory of God and His victory over Satan. As I said, we will conclude with the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, consecrating ourselves to God the Father and to the Most Holy Trinity.[1]

You see that these events are fundamental for us Christians. We are asked to participate in the work of Christ, who leads us to the Father through the Holy Spirit. The work of the Church of the whole Universe, where Mary, Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen assumed to Heaven, appears in the first place, is necessary

We have received a message tonight.[2] It contains two parts. In the first part, the Mother of God wants to awaken the Earth. She says that the Earth did not awaken in the apparitions of Fatima; it remained cold, and we have experienced the consequences of that coldness: all the problems of the Earth, the wars, especially the Second World War. In the book, “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”[3], we have also described the dramatic period of time from the 1960s to the apparitions of Medjugorje[4], which took place because the representatives of the Church did not put in place what Our Lady had wanted.

Our Lady has spoken to us today, in the fortieth year of Her apparitions in Medjugorje where the message of Fatima should have been fulfilled, and now She calls us to awaken. Our Lady says: “Now as then, I repeat to you that you will not win the battle against Evil without the One and Triune God. You will not be saved from the great dangers that threaten you if you do not submit to My Son Jesus through My Heart of Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix. Once again, I solemnly declare that you will not recover from your ills if you continue to stubbornly oppose the true God and His Laws.” The ills of this humanity are truly many.

She also turns to the Christians: “I tell you, Christians of the Earth, to place the Person of My Son, Jesus Christ, back at the centre of your lives, and not the image of Him that you have created in your mind.”

The Blessed Mother wants to awaken the Church and remind her that the Father takes care of the problems of the Earth, in these years of the coronavirus, Covid-19, pandemic, of problems concerning work, financial matters and all that is going on. God the Father wants to take care of His children. And here we get to the second part of the message, which says that it is fundamental for us to awaken and participate in the action of God through the events that are guided by Him, just as the Jews who had to leave Egypt through the Red Sea and go through the desert. In these times, we are guided but in a way that will lead us towards the new creation where everything will be different.

In a message Holy Mary gave to both of us, She told us what Her Son’s judgment was. Her Son’s judgment is that the old man must die, disappear, in order to enter the new creation, the Kingdom of God. This is not a private message given through a seer. If you carefully read the letter to the Hebrews, you will see how many times the author highlights the words “perfection” and “the High Priest who leads us to perfection, to fullness”. Therefore, the Blessed Mother’s presence among us is to help us open up inwardly to take part in this fullness, by stripping ourselves of the old man and thus be transformed. In this sense, Christians are called to the truth that they have to give themselves up in this time, to see and understand the remedies that God gives to humanity and how He is leading it.

We have spoken about the intermediate presence of God among us. The Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe: the pure spirits, the saints, the souls in Purgatory, the faithful brothers and sister to God and all of us who take part in His action; we form one cosmic instrument to liberate the Earth. The pure spirits and the men and women faithful to God from the beginning are working to help us in this time of transition. In this sense, Mary Most Holy speaks of the pandemic and the presence of the Father who is acting through His instruments.

At this point, this message makes us aware of the fact that there is ONE Church in the whole Universe, which not only embraces those who are officially part of a Christian confession, but also many other souls who have said “Yes” at the moment of conception, who stand outside of this legal bond, even on Earth, and are invisibly inserted in all systems and all nations because of their pure spirit. Jesus calls them His mystical spouses[5], and they will carry the weight of these programmes, which we have shown to you.

The second part is very interesting for us in this context. Mary uses Her authority forcefully. “In My apparitions in Fatima, I told you about the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, which is the triumph of God’s life in all of you. My Heart triumphs in the hearts of all My children who love Me and welcome Me for what I truly am: Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix. Let My Heart triumph in you so that you may win every battle; without Me, victory will be difficult to achieve.”

Here, Mary Most Holy underlines Her prerogatives as Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen. If these prerogatives are only written on paper, they have no true value, but they take on their true value when we accept them. We are not Christians if we do not take part in this, because we are united in baptism to be a priestly, prophetic and royal people. Without the Co-redemptrix we cannot fully take part in the risen life. Humanity and the Church, Christianity, need the One who is Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen of the Universe.

We said that Jesus’ intermediate coming would have been long delayed if we had not accepted Mary as She is in God: Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen. We said that Mary Most Holy has used Her authority forcefully in this time since this is the time to take decisions. Where does Mary get the power of Her authority from? She gets it from God’s omnipotence in which She participates. However, there is another aspect: She gets it from the authority that we give Her when we invoke Her, when we consecrate ourselves to Her and when we want to take part in Her mission. Thus, She generates us and enables us to see, listen and understand the silent presence of Jesus.

As She said, She will also be silent in this time. What does it mean? Many interpretations are possible, but I will focus on this: even the apparitions that are only recognized officially, so to speak, and are not embodied, will not save us; they are not embodied and they will not save us. Satan infiltrates in all visions and all that descends in the form of grace; He infiltrates when people refuse to take part in the Redemption through the Immaculate Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen. Therefore, She is also silent. She is silent but clearly present in the souls that adhere to the programmes that She has brought. Remember that you give authority to Mary Most Holy when you fully adhere to Her work as Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen, and you will reach Christ the King who will fully guide you.

Mary Most Holy says that Her Heart will triumph; God’s life will triumph in us. If this does not happen within us, we remain attached to religious forms, ideas and recitations. Mary takes us to the living God who is working among us and makes us living people, and the Liturgy becomes alive, too. We must be attentive in these time as they are full of graces, new graces, which reawaken life in each of us who adhere to these programmes; life triumphs over death, sin and evil. Mary Most Holy says that Lucifer must step back; he must disappear from within the people.

Thus, all those who adhere to these programs must be aware that true life must be reborn in each of us; it must pulsate in us. Each individual must recognize this life in his or her own originality, just as it is normal for us to see the originality of every plant, of every flower; thus, this life must blossom in all of us, and it must develop. If life does not awaken, we are stagnant. However, the life that awakens in us is measured according to how we express it. A flower expresses a characteristic beauty, gives a perfume, exerts an attraction for insects, for people, etc. So, we too must begin to testify, not so much in words but by expressing life. Mary Most Holy says that the Christians must not give themselves to the world but Jesus, the Saviour, who leads us to the Father.

Our Holy Mother continues: “It is time for My Heart to triumph for the glory of God and His Church of the whole Universe; it is time for the flame of My Heart to flare up in the holy people of God and burn all falsehood.”

How much lie there is in the world today; how much lie in the hearts of men! What political and legal law can eradicate this lie? None. Only the pure life of the Immaculate Heart of Mary can purify us because in it the fire of the Holy Spirits acts, Her divine Spouse.

“I have told you before and I repeat today that I will use the power that God has given Me to be by My Son’s side, who is present on Earth, for now in an invisible way. I will be with you on all the paths of good you decide to take. I will be there, and no one will be able to put Me aside anymore.”

No one can prevent God’s action from transforming you anymore; the Trinitarian power will manifest itself in all of us who want to participate in it.

This leads us to understand the times in which we are, as the Holy Mother says: “Those who have chosen God, will have God; those who have chosen Satan will have Satan. Those who have chosen nothing will have to hurry as time runs fast.” Many Christians do not have the face of Christians; they have not chosen the living God. Therefore, we have reached the point in which we have to choose either God or Satan; nothing will remain in between.

These are the times in which Mary Most Holy uses all Her authority. In conclusion, She says that She is a Mother who loves Her children. This is our preparation, as has been said, which enables us to welcome Jesus’ intermediate presence on Earth and walk towards Christ’s glorious coming. However, Christ’s glorious coming takes place through our transformation, which enables us to welcome the pure primary energy, which will change everything in our lives. On Earth, on the other hand, we will have to take the medicine the Earth provides and ask for it to be blessed so that it may be salvific. As long as humanity refuses to fully belong to God, rejecting Mary, it will not have the medicine that takes it directly to Paradise. Why? Because then humanity is unable to receive the sublime, primary energy, and the laws that are in God; whoever enters God must be transformed and capable of fully welcoming primary energy; that will be our fullness.

Have courage. Do not waste time with empty talks because superficial people and empty words distract you from these programmes. Have courage, because the Church of the whole Universe along with Mary takes care of the Earth. These great events involve those who are willing to be involved and to participate positively. Those who are not available and oppose them will lose all their strength and be deprived of graces. Eventually, they will end up there where their master, Lucifer, is.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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