“The Villages of the Spirit”

By Fr Tomislav Vlašić

6 June 2021 – Solemnity of Corpus Christi

(Translated Audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; all of us, who have followed this path, have experienced that we are guided by the Holy Spirit. On this path we have recognized the stages that had been announced to us, especially when God the Father spoke to us. Every time the Father speaks, a subject is closed and another one opened.

Based on this truth, we will speak about the message that the Father has given us for this solemnity: “The Villages of the Spirit”.[1] All of you have experienced how space opens up within you and before you after consecrating yourselves in the way that has been explained to you[2]. In this message, which is centred on the feast of Corpus Christi, we receive further clarity about the identity and the mission of the Church of the whole Universe; we can see the fulfilment of Jesus’ promises, explained in the message of 8 September 2011, “The Future of My People”.[3] We remember that Pope Benedict XVI, when he was a Cardinal, had an intuition, an inspiration when he saw the future Christianity in two forms: on the one hand, many new communities, new groups, living an intense spirituality; on the other hand, a mass of people that belongs to Christian religions. This is about to become reality.

Let us go back to the identity of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe, which the Father indicates as the only and indivisible Church. What is the identity of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe? It is her Mystical Body and her identity lies in the Eucharist. Then, God the Father says that, in this Church, the Trinitarian Love circulates and unites us with each other. It is always the Trinitarian Love, not any other kind of love, which immerses us into the action of the Most Holy Trinity. As you know, this is strongly emphasized in Christianity, especially in the Catholic confession: the identity of the Church lies in the Eucharist and in the Most Holy Trinity; but where in the Trinity? The Most Holy Trinity trusts completely in Jesus Christ.

The space, as the Church calls it, is the space of the presence of the Most Holy Trinity: the existential space. When we speak about space, we think it refers to these times or any other thing. No. The existential space for the Most Holy Trinity is Jesus Christ in His wholeness, and in His Person we participate in Mary, with Mary and through Mary, because Immaculate Mary is the one who was saved in advance from original sin in view of the redemption that was to take place through Jesus Christ. In Mary we encounter Jesus, whom She conceived and with whom She lived. In Mary and with Mary we walk to receive everything that She, the Immaculate, the Co-Redemptrix, absorbed from Jesus Christ, reaching a hypostatic union[4] with God, through Jesus, in the Most Holy Trinity.

The Church must therefore go ahead on this path and do it through Mary because She reached perfection in the Most Holy Trinity. She came down to communicate to us the intermediate coming of Jesus Christ and to prepare it. She wanted to prepare His coming precisely in Medjugorje. She is the One who holds us in the Holy Spirit and generates us; She enables us to unite with Jesus Christ.

Thus, through baptism, we enter the existential space in the person of Jesus Christ and participate in it. A religious representative, a human authority, a human organization can no longer be a point of orientation, but only the living God, the living Jesus Christ, as we said in the Collect today[5]. In this perspective, by welcoming Jesus Christ through Mary, we enter that existential space where the Spirit of Christ takes us to God the Father, and then the Trinitarian Love begins to circulate within us. As St. Paul said, his life was Christ, the living Christ.[6] We have reached this point on our path – I mean all of us who are walking this path – and it is not catechesis, but we have experienced it ourselves.

This is the time to enter fully into this existential space and belong completely to Jesus Christ through Immaculate Mary, Co-Redemptrix and Queen, so that everything we profess may come from the Trinitarian Love we are filled with. When we say “Mother” we mean Mother of God; when we say “Co-Redemptrix” we mean our Co-Redemptrix, and the Co-Redemptrix of all of us, through Her perfect, total, omnipotent co-redemption; when we say “Queen”, it means Queen. This leads us to recognise the special intermediate presence of Jesus Christ.

At this point, I will read the summary of the message: “The communion of the members of My only true Church of the whole Universe is destined to grow and become more and more visible. You are called to feel in communion with all your brothers and sisters. When you look for each other and meet – physically, in spirit or with the help of the means that technology offers today – a spiritual dimension is created, which I define as a “village of the spirit”; that is a place of spiritual encounter, where the Trinitarian love circulates and binds you to each other. This is not fantasy, because the realities of the spirit are not virtual images but concrete realities, which bear equally concrete fruits for those who believe.”[7]

A large part of this message encourages us to develop these villages in spirit, in communion. I will leave it to the priests, the spiritual guides, the cells and to each one of you to deepen this theme. However, I want to highlight that this cosmic path has reached a point where this becomes an indispensable, obligatory stage.

These days, you have heard that Cardinal Marx of Bavaria has announced his resignation. This is a Cardinal that supported Pope Francis. He has called a press conference and I quote what the German journalists have highlighted. He said: “The Church has reached a deadlock.” The Church at a deadlock means that she goes neither this way nor that way; neither forwards nor backwards. I did not say that, but the Cardinal who trusts Pope Francis.

Now, my invitation to all of us is this: let us look into ourselves to see if we are at a deadlock where nothing is moving anymore. If nothing is happening in our spirit, we are at a deadlock. When you notice that in your gatherings, your groups, your parish nothing is happening, then you are at a deadlock and you have no impact on humanity; thus, the Church does not accomplish her mission. Therefore, I said that the villages of the spirit, explained by the Father, are an obligatory stage, and there is no turning back. Why? Because in a globalised celebration there are only emotions and superficial feelings. If there is no change in a parish, in a religious community, everything remains superficial. In these villages of the spirit, as the Father intends them, in the nuclei, as Jesus announced in the message of 8 September 2011[8], the people in the nuclei[9] are determined, pulsating, alive, because they participate in the living God, as we said in the Collect today.

In these cells, in this fraternal communion the person grows. Every individual finds his originality and mission; the dynamic of the Holy Spirit acts in these groups and among them. Thus, they are not at a deadlock as they participate in the living God. No one can take over the central place of the living God because the powerful graces now involve the Earth, and the whole Universe is heading towards the participation in the redemption, in the work of Jesus Christ, the living God among us.

In these groups, in these cells, in these villages, the people can experience a continuous elevation in God, which leads them to an immediate knowledge, of which we have spoken many times: the contemplation of the face of God; Jesus, too, has spoken about this. Without this participation in the life of the living God, all remains at the level of simple rites, obligatory gatherings, where people turn around a deadlock.

These are not phrases or mystical messages. I will refer to some passages of today’s readings. In the letter to the Hebrews[10], it is told that the High Priest enters forever the Sanctuary of Heaven and secures the alliance with us. If He entered Heaven to prepare a place for us, if He has given us His Holy Spirit and if we live in that existential space of His person, we are with Him in Heaven; as St. Paul said, our spirit is there. Thus, our celebrations are no longer a turning around a deadlock but the participation in what happens in the Sanctuary of Heaven. That is the Heavenly Liturgy[11], and we are continuously growing and changing. If we do not participate in this way, we are destined to turn around a deadlock. Therefore, in this time, we have to decide where we want to be.

The first reading from the book Exodus[12] talks about the people to whom Moses explains the law, and all the people say: “We will do everything the Lord has said; we will obey.” Then Moses sprinkled the blood that was on the altar on the people. What did Moses do? He signed the people with blood, as happened in Egypt with the blood of the sacrificed lamb to seal and protect the people and their decision to leave. If the people fail to respond, the consequence will be according to the biblical expression: “Their blood will be on their own heads.”[13]

 Are we aware of this when we celebrate the Eucharist? Jesus has sealed what we have promised with His Blood before the Father: “I give my blood for these people”. That blood is powerful and capable of taking us to the Sanctuary of Heaven. If we do not take part …. How can we participate in it? The Israelites participated by offering their best animals as an expression of their faithfulness, according to the mentality of those days. In baptism God asked us to offer ourselves to Him to be transformed, to be changed in order to become new creatures.

Finally, we have come to a point in history where the Christians can no longer be superficial. If they want to receive the graces of this time, which take us towards the glorious coming of Christ, towards the new creation, and prepare us for it, we have to participate in the life of the living Jesus Christ. Therefore, God the Father told us in this message that the central point of orientation is the Eucharist, where the living God, where Jesus, where the Father and the Holy Spirit are present. Through the Eucharist we enter that circle of love and life that continuously elevates us to God.

I do not know how we will end up if we carry on turning around a deadlock. We can entrust the people to God, to His Mercy, but we have been told many times that time is running out. The last grace that God has given us is that He has sent His Son to us in this intermediate time in order to counter all evil and give us the opportunity to redeem ourselves. However, without our participation, our decision for Him, God the Father can do nothing.

I invite you to participate in the graces of these times and to become part of the Church of the whole Universe whose programme is to participate with all prayers and all celebrations in the life of the living God so that you have life in you and can transmit it to others.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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