“Getting out of the Crisis”

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

28 September 2021

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we want to share with you the graces of this Feast of the Seven Great Archangels. We are not yet giving you the article that Jesus announced.  It is up to Him to decide when and how to speak. However, in this time of the crisis of humanity, we want to indicate the path that leads humanity out of it.

For those who choose God, the crisis appears as an opportunity to grow. All of us recognise the crisis of humanity on several levels. But where does the crisis of humanity come from now? There are many psychological, anthropological, financial, political analyses, carried out on a human level, but no one can see the real cause. The real cause of the crisis of humanity is the presence of Jesus Christ on Earth in the Holy Spirit, which urges all the people to make a choice: they may want Jesus Christ, who has brought salvation and wants to take us to the final salvation, or Lucifer, and consequently their egoism.

Today, we celebrate the seven great Archangels – the guardians of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit – who preside over the Heavenly Liturgy[1]. Let us reflect on the fact the Jesus is present among us. He is invisible but we can perceive Him in spirit. The seven great Archangels can help us a lot to perceive the presence of Jesus Christ in spirit.

I want to take you back to the year 2020. In 2020, St. Michael gave us four great messages. The first message, from which we have chosen the first reading for this vigil, is: “The Manifestation of the Trinitarian Power”[2], where he traces the path of the Trinitarian power for the year 2020. Then on 2 April, he warned the Earth that, on that day, the final battle between the spirits of good and evil would begin.[3] As the precursor of the second coming of Christ, he is determined to fight this battle to the end. Next, on the day that we are celebrating tonight, 28 September of last year, he announced that the Church will come down from Heaven.[4] Why? Because the One and Triune God acts through His faithful Church; the Church that wants to be like Christ, His glorious Mystical Body. On 32 October, St. Michael announced that the Lord will come, and with Him all His Saints.[5] This means that the whole Church, all holiness that God has at His disposal, will come down to Earth and envelop the Earth.

And a note: in the year 2021, St. Michael has given no messages, nor has an Archangel or a Saint, except St. Joseph on the vigil of his feast, and we can define it as a message of high spiritual theology.[6] Mary Most Holy spoke to us until 14 August of this year.[7] Both St. Joseph and St. Mary have withdrawn to the dimension of pure spirit. Afterwards, the extraordinary instruments, the living and the deceased, have withdrawn to the dimension of pure spirit. What does that mean? It means that the Earth and the whole Universe are enveloped by the power of the Holy Spirit present in Christ and in His Church of the whole Universe; thus, holiness is growing and the power of the Holy Spirit is increasing, which destabilizes the spirit of evil.

People who choose evil, or do not want to choose one or the other, will get to the point where they  will reject the Holy Spirit, and thus commit sin against the Holy Spirit, but then there will be no forgiveness for them. This means that God’s goodness and His justice will reach even the last man, the last soul, to offer everyone, who wants to wake up, the possibility – in the power of the Holy Spirit – to be taken back to the Church of the Universe, destined to enter the new creation. Those who reject God in the Holy Spirit are condemned.

Until August of this year, the programme about the recapitulation of the whole Universe in Jesus Christ has been given to the Earth, but then all the instruments of God have withdrawn to the dimension of the Holy Spirit. Why? To prevent anyone from manipulating the visions, locutions and messages, because everything must slowly be taken to perfection in the Holy Spirit. Whoever welcomes Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit and advances on this path, will be transformed and enter the new creation with his whole self: spirit, soul and body.

These are times of division: on the one hand, there are those who belong to Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit – even the Apostles had to respond after Jesus Christ’s death – on the other hand, there are those who reject even the last chance God offers to man. People without the Spirit of God have no foundation as they have lost the relationship with the source of life: God. The spirit of evil, Lucifer, is continually weakened. The humanity that chooses to stay neither here nor there, following the path of egoism and self-centredness, will feel empty and, finally, not be able to take a decision, running the risk of falling into sin against the Holy Spirit.

So, you see that for all those who believe in Christ, this is a crisis that leads to growth, which means that they have to change and participate in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, given by the Father through Christ, thanks to His merits. He comes when someone has chosen Jesus Christ in His wholeness; Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, with the Father; Jesus went through the Passion but reached glory totally transformed. The humanity of the whole Universe that welcomes Jesus Christ is destined to be elevated with Christ in spirit, soul and body, like Mary Most Holy, who always prepares us and guides us towards Jesus Christ.

Therefore, there is no time to lose, no time to wait for someone to save you. Many can help you but no one can substitute you in your choice, your path and your transformation: that is up to you. If you choose this path of transformation, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the path will open up more and more and you will also be lifted up higher and higher. However, this also requires that your mission begins; when you are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, with joy and responsibility, you can no longer remain closed; you will want to get together with those who want to be elevated and enter the new creation through the Church of the whole Universe, which chose Jesus Christ as the Saviour, in the Holy Spirit, and Jesus chose Mary Most Holy as Mother, Queen and Co-Redemptrix. This is the passage for all of us.

Already in the year of the Jubilee, when St. Michael went down to Hell, He announced those six points[8], in which he said, among other things, that the elevation of the people of God will take place rapidly and go beyond the earthly structures, also religious ones, in order to enter into a direct relationship with God and have a direct knowledge of God. You know that Jesus Christ’s presence challenges even religious life. How? Many Christians recognize their faith, their relationship with Jesus Christ through their belonging to a Christian religion, which is a fundamental mistake. Every Christian confession should promote the elevation of everyone to a life with the living Christ. Yet, if people are satisfied with hasty recitations made to fulfil a duty as expected of them, without ever entering the Spirit of Christ and uniting with Him in spirit, what is then the benefit of long prayers if the people remain unchanged or even become worse? They are neither believers nor atheists. This is the point where the Holy Spirit challenges all hypocrisy, superficiality and falseness. In this Christian attitude, there is no sense of responsibility for the path towards the new creation.

This is the crisis, but it is one that leads to growth. If God allows the trials – and He will allow more of them – it is to induce humanity to wake up and choose Jesus Christ; God can, of course, give all graces, but He cannot force anyone to enter the Kingdom of God. Therefore, be careful! Everyone ought to choose, decide and move in the direction that has been shown in order to go through this time of silence in a good way. Take what we have given to you, especially in the last two years; every message will take you a step ahead. Read, reflect, pray, unite with the others who are on their path; seek those who can help you on this path. There is no time to lose!

I will conclude with a passage from the message of St. Michael of 6 January 2020:

“God does not need to run after anyone. What is done is done. In all these years, the Lord has chosen and called, and many have responded. The armies of Good and Evil are deployed. There are still many in between who have to be awakened so that they may choose between good and evil. Thus, the action in spirit is needed. It is necessary that the people of God offer themselves on the altars, the temples, there where the Lord calls them, to lift up those who are of good will and destroy those who are not.”[9]

Finally, I will end with our lived testimony. We preach and say these things because, in this time of silence, we have discovered more profound, more beautiful things within us, but the greatest good is that our faith is constantly enriched. Therefore, do as we do.

I bless you together with all Archangels, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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