Be Ready …

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

15 November 2021

(Translated audio)

We are approaching the Feast of Christ the King of the Universe. We will celebrate it on Sunday, and on Monday, we will celebrate Mary, Mother and Queen of the Universe.

I think we can say that we are moving very quickly towards fulfilment, towards the glorious return of the Saviour. The readings of recent days have recalled His glorious return; they spoke of the end of times, of the sky that will be collapse[1]. These readings may arouse different reactions within us: they may shock us, frighten us or make us worry about what will happen. Instead, if we look at them and let them flow through us, these readings must awaken hope in us; they must lead us back to the centre, to the true reason why we are on Earth, the reason why we were created and why we are here. They also remind us of God’s plans for us: we are here temporarily, but we will live eternally. The readings bring eternity back to the centre of life and clearly remind us of the truth that Jesus defeated death and the world, but we must not let ourselves be taken by fear.

This is the faith that must give us all hope and joy, the belief that times are reaching fulfilment because it has to be so. In today’s Gospel[2], there is the story of the blind man who shouted: “Son of David, have mercy on me!”  I think we should all make this shout. Then, Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” He said, “Lord, let me see again.” I ask you to make this our prayer:

“Lord, let us see again!” Let us see the things that count, the profound truth, the reality of God, what it means to be children of God, all events that are happening. Let us see again! Let us have a limpid, inner sight, which is not obscured by our ego, by our fearful soul, by the spirit of the world and the disintegrating energy that surrounds us.”

Having Christ the King with us, being certain that He is the King, the King of our life, the King of the Universe, must awaken in us the hope and the certainty of the Father’s Love for us. God the Father had planned Jesus’ coming for our redemption; He had planned His Passion and His Resurrection, and He meant it for all of us. Jesus did not accomplish this path for His own sake, but He did it for us and with obedience to the Love of the Father.

This must awaken the memory and the certainty of Jesus’ faithfulness towards each one of us. Even when we are not faithful, He is faithful! The certainty that all those who have said “yes” at their conception, all those who have a little bit of good will – not thanks to themselves, but thanks to Jesus’ faithfulness to the Father for each of us – will be recuperated, because Jesus wants it, because Jesus is faithful. This must awaken the certainty that all this work is not the work of men, but the work of God and of the Holy Spirit. Of course, He works through His instruments. On our website, we have introduced you to the extraordinary and the ordinary instruments[3], but all of them are moved, guided and encouraged with the permission of God and through the action of the Holy Spirit. This hope and certainty of having Christ the King and Mary the Queen in our lives enables us to face the events.

In the last months, we have not only spoken about the time of silence, but there has really been a time of silence as you have noticed. However, silence may also arouse fear or throw us into a hole, but silence may also lead us to listen to God, to stand before Him. Silence facilitates the relationship with Him, with the living Jesus, who is in our midst. Do not forget that the Universe was created in silence; all of us were created in silence. Silence reigns, but it is not a silence of death.

We have been advised to remember everything we have received[4]: the messages and the reflections by the Central Nucleus. We are encouraged to read them again and deepen them. Why? As always, for the Love that the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and Mary Most Holy have for each one of us. However, they are not messages, orders, impositions, but words that bring life and vibrations, and thus reawaken life in us, precisely to go through the times we are living, the last times, with hope, faith and love in order to overcome all our fears and all the confusion we see in the world.

Today we have heard from the book of the Maccabees[5] what confusion there was in those days, and it looks somehow like now. What we have received in the past years, our formation, was not something additional but a gift of God to enable us to go through these events. How? In peace as children of God.

St. Paul says that faith, hope and love are the most important things, and what remains is love.[6] Nevertheless, faith, hope and love must be nurtured. They are gifts, sure, but gifts that God gives to all those who seek them, to those who desire them and to those who nurture them.

Everything we have received is a clear and limpid guide to living as children of God. It is not a concept or a series of concepts to become saints or superheroes. The gift is made of the laws that are imprinted in our spirit, which are awakened through the words we have received. These laws are natural in the mind of God and in our spirit because He placed them into our spirit. All of them are already within us; they just have to be activated again. We are planned to live for eternity; we are born of love and meant to love. Love is the greatest of all, and we have it within us; God has created us like this.

The last book we have published, “Towards the New Creation, Volume 8”[7], contains the messages of 2021, and Father Tomislav and Stefania have added their advice as they have done so many times before. So, how do we take that advice? There is Jesus’ message where He says, “Consecrate yourselves to the Holy Spirit; consecrate yourselves to Mary.”[8] He shows us clear steps to take. How are we taking them?

After giving us this advice, Father Tomislav and Stefania say: “We leave all that we have received, all the material, to you.” This is the evidence that someone is a true prophet because he gives everything he receives is for the people and hands it over to the people; then, the time comes for him to withdraw and give way to the Lord, because even the prophets have to withdraw. The path leads to Christ, not the messages, to a work or even to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. When you encounter Christ, you are automatically in the Church of Jesus Christ, wherever you are. It is not a question of registering or having a membership card; it is a about encountering Christ.

We are called to continue our service, each one of us, there where we are; each one of us with what we have recognised, on the path that God will continuously open up before us; we will walk behind Him, who is present, alive and working. For this reason, we have thought to immerse ourselves in the Laws of the Spirit. We have decided for ourselves, and we propose it to all of you, to begin to read again everything that has been given to us on the path that the Holy Spirit made us walk years ago and that we published in the first volume of “Towards the New Creation”.[9] The whole path is there for us, and it is not a bad thing to go through it again.

We have thought to begin tonight with the message of St. Michael[10]; you will find it on the website. Then, every week we will continue with the messages of the Holy Spirit. I assure you that seeking Jesus Christ with love and joy, understanding that offering our life to Him with love and joy, taking care not to become fanatics, is the only thing that counts to have a fulfilled life. If we joyfully allow Him to lead our lives, and we listen to Him – if we let Him lead us, we must also listen to Him – we will go through the events, which will be strong and numerous, thanks to the indications He has given to us. Thus, God will be able to make use of us – even though this is not the purpose. He will be able to use us as points of light for others.

This is the purpose: We have been created by God, and we want to return to God, because we cannot live without God. We know that we cannot cope without Mary. We have recognized this path, and we offer our life to God so that He may guide it. Let us walk in this way and we, too, will be like that blind man who asked for sight and then followed Jesus and praised God. Let us say: “Give me the sight that I may follow You, that I may know what to do and what steps to take.”

May Mary Most Holy may accompany us on this path, as She always does. May Holy Mary, who was the obedient servant of the Lord, may enable us to understand this path deeply, in which we follow in the footsteps of God through the offering of our life, and She may lead us to fullness; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Free and Intelligent Creatures

10 January 2010

Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 3 August 2007


“I great you and I bring you the annunciation of the second coming of the Lord. He will undoubtedly come. The humanity of the whole universe must know that the glorious coming of Christ is an undisputable truth, although it is all too often forgotten.


The all-powerful God, Lord of the universe, sends me to you, so that I might prepare the way for His people and call them back to faith in He who will come. I announced the birth of Jesus to men, and today I am announcing to you that He will return.  He will return with His angels to harvest the fruit of what was sown, in good and evil. He will return to reward each of you. He will harvest His crop which is already sprouting. He will be a righteous Judge.

Be ready. The time is nearing, and events are following closely for the humanities of the whole universe. Great and dramatic events, according to the life choice that everyone has made. Grandiose events bearing new life for those who choose God, offering themselves to Him. Dramatic for those who choose Satan, offering themselves in exchange for transitory power. We will soon enter into the strong times of God’s action. It will be a quick and profound action that will touch everyone. God will expect an answer from everyone. I say to you once again, be ready!


Church of the Earth, awaken! Become aware of the power that lies within you. It is not a human power; therefore, you do not need to seek the powerful, but the humble. Gather together the last ones who shout. Teach them to love and serve He who is the strength of the beings, and who will not delay in coming to their aid. Gather the people around you. Many people are waiting to come to know you as a Mother. There are many of them throughout the whole universe.

Look, Mother of all peoples, at your Mother, Our Blessed Virgin Mary, who is in Heaven and who prays for you. In Her, you will be immaculate. Through Her, the Son of God was generated. Through Her your children will also be generated, oh Church of God, and they will be holy children. […]

Offer yourself on the altar of your Lord, uproot all evil from within yourself, oh Bride of Christ!


There will no longer be any place for yes and for no. Everyone will have to say either yes or no. […]

Be courageous, you who hope, you little ones who love God! The Lord will come. You are asked nothing more than to enliven faith, hope and love within yourselves, at all times. You are asked to be united with your Lord now more than ever, giving Him yourselves as you are. Not even a crumb of your suffering will be lost, not one of your tears. […]

I have also come to bear witness to my love for you, and that of the angels. Our protection will never be lacking for you, according to what the Lord of the universe desires. We will go before you on the pathway that leads towards the Kingdom, to open up the pathway and protect you from danger. We will be with you in every battle; we will support you. Do not fear. This is a time of grace! Stand up, God’s people! I bless you, along with all angels, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

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