Towards the Consecration to the Most Holy Trinity

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

11 January 2022

(Translated audio)

Last Sunday, at the Baptism of the Lord, we renewed our baptismal promises, and yesterday the ordinary time began, as the Catholic Church calls it. For us it is a time of hope, and its roots must be even more alive and full at the Second Coming of Jesus that we proclaim. This hope brings us ever closer to His glorious return. It is hope embedded in faith, because we know that the whole world is in the hands of God; we know that those who desire it and are of good will are guided, accompanied, redeemed, sanctified and led to the new creation, everyone at the right time.

Having renewed our baptismal promises, as a Church and as members of the Church, makes us bringers of hope, but we can only be so if, in and with our lives, we are witnesses of Jesus’ living presence because only He can give hope to this humanity.

In today’s readings from the Gospel of Mark,[1] he speaks of the man in the synagogue, who was possessed by an impure spirit, who recognizes Jesus. The people are amazed at the new doctrine taught with authority, but it is sad to see that the only one to recognise Him is a demon. The people are amazed: “What is this?” The demon recognises Him and says: “What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us?” This statement shows that the demon seems to feel comfortable there; he does not speak for himself but says, “What are you doing here? We were so fine. This is not your kingdom; it is the kingdom of the prince of this world,” but Jesus says: “Be quiet!” “Come out of him.”

Why am I saying this? Look, Jesus’ authority does not come from a physical force, a political power or from the fact that he is a rabbi. He is not an imposed authority because, in fact, they say: “It is a new doctrine, not like that of our scribes, our doctors of the law.”[2] They have authority, but it is not the same authority. The authority of Jesus comes from the Spirit.

If we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, live in true communion with this Church and truly know that we are Church; if we know that in this Church the whole Mystical body is with us; that St. Mary, St. Joseph and the extraordinary instruments pray for us[3]; that even now an ordinary instrument is sent by God to accompany and pray for us and if we experience this communion, then each one of us also has this authority. Each one of us also becomes a provocation for the spirit of the world, for the demons that live in this world, who they tell each of us, “What are you doing here? Have you come to destroy us? What do you want? You have nothing to do with this world.” Each of us will say, with the same authority and simplicity, “Be quiet.” We know that Mary Most Holy does not need to speak as the demons just run away from Her. There is no need for Her to say, “Be quiet!”

I am not saying this to praise ourselves. I say this because this is also a sign that allows us to verify if we believe in Jesus’ Church, in communion, if we are aware of the graces that have been given to us to be witnesses of His living presence. I say this because, if we believe in this communion and that God is with us, who is against us? The time has come to put this into practice, but where are we asked to do it? In life, in all situations, in all trials; in everything we experience and that happens to us, watching the world and having the faith to say: God is here, God guides us. We know what our identity[4] is, and we have all the graces to be children of God. “If God is for us, who can be against us?”[5] I guarantee you that demons feel this strength.

Several times, especially in this time, we have emphasized the importance that in Jesus’ living presence, in His second coming,[6]F we can experience His glorification within each of us. Living like this is already part of glorification: God is with us; this is already part of the glorification; Jesus’ glorification in our life, because only with this attitude we allow Jesus to glorify Himself. He will glorify Himself in sickness, in trials, in all events and situations of our life. He will be the one to glorify Himself; He will be the one to face all situations. Living in this way, we set off with faith and with the awareness of being children of God. St. John the Apostle says that we do not know what we will be, but on our daily path with this faith, we become children of God, children in the Son.”[7]

Sure, I take it for granted that we believe in His living presence here, in His continuous and constant work in all situations, and that He is at the centre of our life: our life is knowing Christ, our life is knowing the Father. This is the basis, and for those who are members of this Church, especially in this time, it is valid forever, but even more so now that we are in these final times.[8] I take this for granted.

On Sunday, 16 January, all of us will renew the solemn consecration to the Holy Trinity.[9] It is good that we prepare for this consecration; it is good that it is not a rite, and, precisely for this reason, it is good for us to remember that, after our consecration a few years ago[10], we were told that we are property of the Holy Trinity. We are property of the Holy Trinity but not because we are slaves. Perhaps, the word ‘property’ sounds a bit as if we were objects; yet we are property because we are children in the Son, because we are generated by the Trinity, made of the same substance, in the image and likeness of God. Property in that sense, because we, too, are called to enter the Trinity, I do not say like Mary Most Holy, but to live in communion with Them, to be face to face with Them, to live in their presence for eternity. The word property is to be understood in this sense.

Living like this, I also affirm: if God is with me, if I am the property of God, who is against me? If I am in God’s hands, who can snatch me from those hands? Saint Paul sung that song: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? … neither death nor life … will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”[11] This is to glorify or, rather, to let oneself be glorified.

Therefore, the preparation for the consecration to the Trinity must happen in this awareness, making sure that we remember that in a particular way in these days. Let us remind each other; let our mind and soul remember these truths, ever more deeply, in order to reach Sunday, seeing our consecration as a request: “Holy Trinity, remind me and Yourself that I am Your property. I want to be Your property; my whole self wants to live for this, to be consumed for this and to be glorified in this.”

I would like to ask the people of this Church to consecrate themselves on Sunday with this faith, with this maturity, and continue the path quickly, facing all the events we have before us. I turn this request particularly to the sick, the elderly, those in the world who are considered useless but are, indeed, the most useful of all. They are already in the situation of living fully the glorification of God, of uniting their sufferings, their difficult situations to those of Christ, making them become incense, prayer, a living offering. I ask you to offer them for this people, for this preparation; offer them so that the people may understand these truths from within.

I also ask the parents of small children and those who work with small children not to explain to them what consecration to the Trinity is, but to have the children explain it to them. Ask the children what the truth means that Jesus is alive; ask the children how they experience the presence of the living Jesus and learn from them.

I also ask those who are in contact with certain sick people, in our people and around our people, who have serious illnesses, to visit and thank them for how they carry their situation. Also, ask them for a particular offering, but without obliging them and only if they want. Tell them: “You who are so united with the Lord, ask Him, please, to enable the people of the Church of Jesus Christ, the people of the Foundation, to understand what they are experiencing in this time and to take it seriously.” I am sure that by presenting all these prayers, together with Mary Most Holy, we will shake the Earth.

I will refer again to today’s first reading.[12} For those who have not read it, the passage is taken from the book of Samuel where Anna asks the Lord for the grace to become pregnant. We have been reading Samuel since yesterday; we heard how Anna suffered because of her barrenness and how she was oppressed by the other wife and by the people because she was barren. So, one could say, but why did the Lord let so many years of suffering and trials pass by? Why could Anna not get pregnant right away, and give the world a prophet like Samuel immediately? I think one answer could be that all that suffering and humiliation, all those trials and the hard life Anna had to endure, prepared her to offer Samuel to God. Perhaps, if she had not gone through all those trials, she would not have offered him. A prophet named Samuel would have come, but Anna would have kept him to herself. All that suffering, all those trials, were the preparation for her offering to the Lord forever, and she took him to the temple as a child. Thus, the prophet Samuel, foreseen from eternity, had his path opened, but for his path to open, Anna needed to be shaped through trials.

If we look at the faithful planets, since we have some knowledge about Alpha Centaury[13], we know that the faithful brothers and sisters are not prepared through suffering. For them, it is normal to be offered to the Lord and to offer their children to the Lord. At the age of eight, they leave home and are ready to understand their mission, ready to understand with whom they will carry out that mission. For them, all this is natural. God does not want us to suffer, but on Earth, sometimes He can only shape us through trials and sufferings.

I believe that as Church of Jesus Christ, here and now, through our imminent consecration, we are walking towards Jesus who glorifies Himself in our whole life, and I hope that we will do it with increasing maturity. We have to be aware that Jesus’ glorification does not come from some specific actions but from our faith. He wants us to believe in it; He wants us to let Him free, and then He will act. We do not have to do anything. We do not have to be heroes, but we certainly ought to place Him in the centre of our life. I may be wrong, but I think that if we walk our path like this and reach a place where it will be natural for our children to be offered to God, then there will be less need for suffering. Suffering comes from our own hardness, not from God.

Jesus has come in our midst. I wonder, and you may, too, if we have welcomed Him. He has come among His children; He has come as the light to enlighten our darkness: do we let Him do it? As I have said many times, it is not important that the darkness comes out, but it is good if it does. The important thing is that we let Him free to do what He must do. Through what? Sorry if I repeat it: through suffering, but placing Him at the centre of our life, with the desire to be truly consecrated to Him, which means dedicated, I am sure that He will transform this world.

If you live the opposite of being consecrated, you will be worried about what you will eat, drink and dress; how you will deal with trials, what you will do with illness, what happens if you become poor or get ill. This is a way of living according to the spirit of the world and not according to the Spirit of God.

Let us make sure that this humanity is shaken on Sunday. Every consecration, in which we consecrate humanity, we consecrate all those of good will, all martyrs, all the dying. We will raise everything to God; everything will become scent on the altar of God, and every time we do so, on the other side the opposite happens: hell precipitates; the light is taken away from it; it enters more and more into the darkness and reaches more and more the final stage in which it must be cast away forever.

Mary Most Holy may accompany us, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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