“The Consecration to the Most Holy Trinity”

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated audio)

16 January 2022

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the last time we invited you to become aware of the intermediate presence of Jesus in our midst.[1][2] Today grace encourages us to understand more deeply what the consecration to the Holy Trinity means. Know that the Holy Trinity is a tremendous mystery; Almighty God communicates Himself with all His love to man, and man is put before the choice of either living or dying. This is because the Holy Trinity, as emphasized in theology, is presented as the Source of life, as the apex. At the same time, it is the source and apex of the Divine Liturgy. Therefore, from the beginning of our reflections, we need to be aware that if we are not open to the action of the Most Holy Trinity, no liturgy celebrated as a formula in the name of Jesus Christ will work, nor will the sacramental celebration, or only in a limited way.

As you know, from 2013, the Universe has been involved in the Trinitarian action and the Earth was particularly touched by it last year. Therefore, this tremendous mystery forces us to face life or death.

What is the Most Holy Trinity? It is a mystery that has revealed itself by saying that it is pure love.[3] The three Divine Persons live for one another; none of them acts by Himself, but all of them proceed from the harmony of this mutual devotion, and this is the fullness in the Triune God. God is perfect Love in Himself; He is sufficient to Himself, but since He is Love that gives itself, He gives Himself to everything He has created, and communicates life to all creation according to the order of the creatures.

However, we cannot look into the greatness that the Holy Trinity holds within Itself, because God is infinite, and we are creatures. Therefore, we want to understand what refers to us, that is, the action of the Triune God towards each of us. God communicates Himself to every creature, and He communicates love and life.

There are two lines, a descending line and an ascending line, which help us to understand better how God works within us and how we can welcome Him. The descending line begins from the Father, who communicates everything to the Son; the Son, who is fully submitted to the Father, does the will of the Father and transmits the Holy Spirit in the name of the Father. This process takes place in man to enable him to welcome God’s Love, experience His Love and communicate it to others.

In the message “Mercy Is Truth” of 10 April 2021[4], Jesus said: “My Children, I am present among you. My INTERMEDIATE COMING to Earth is a gift of God, in this time, to the humanity of the whole Universe and not only to you.” God the Father has sent Him again to pave the way for what humanity will be: “I am here in the power of the Holy Spirit to liberate and strengthen you; to show you the face of the Father so that you, too, show it to the others.”

Thus, we have understood that everything descends from the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit, but it also returns, from the Holy Spirit, through the Son, to the Father. In this dynamism, the crucial point is the presence of the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who perfectly reveals the Father. He took our nature, and He shared everything of our life. He took upon Himself our weaknesses and our sins, and He communicated redemption to us in the Eucharistic Sacrament. Whoever welcomes Jesus Christ can communicate the Holy Spirit. Whoever does not fully welcome Him cannot fully receive the Holy Spirit, nor can he know the Father.

Therefore, Jesus Christ, Son of God, God, who manifested Himself in a visible, palpable way in our midst, is the One we must welcome in the Holy Spirit. If we do not welcome Him in the Holy Spirit, we might become fanatical Christians or have fragmented Christian thoughts.[5] This has occurred in history, causing many wars between Christians. This is the truth, before which we must kneel down and ask for mercy.

In the same message, Jesus has helped us understand and welcome this mystery. It is a perfect and simple rule but also tremendous. Let us listen to Jesus: “Know that mercy is truth because I AM THE TRUTH. Truth makes everything clear, and it searches the depths of your heart.”[6] Notice that He says that He searches the depths of our hearts. If we do not let Mercy search our depths, the decaying dead body hidden there might cause all kinds of mental disorders, which neither psychotherapy nor medicine can take away from you.

I continue: “It brings out your limitations and sins and shows you the true life because I AM THE LIFE. If you accept My Truth and choose My Life, uniting fully with My Sacrifice through the Co-Redemptrix, My Mercy begins to act in you, forgiving you and showing you a new path to go, because I AM THE WAY. “

There is no better way to explain it. We must be open to the truth and welcome it so that it may enlighten us and prepare the way for us. Whoever is open is also able to welcome life; then, Jesus prepares the way, which goes through the Co-Redemptrix, for those who accept the truth and the life. “I am the Way.”

This short part, quoted from Jesus’ message, contains the whole path. It is a mysterious path, which we can only undertake if we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit, welcoming Jesus who saves us. But I want to emphasize that Jesus said that He searches the depths of our hearts. He does it with all His love, but if man rejects Him because he is closed in on himself due to original sin, his wickedness, then God can do nothing because God is love and He respects our freedom.

If Christians open themselves to this dimension, they enter the cosmic Pentecost. The descent of the Holy Spirit to Earth did not end with the first Pentecost, but it was a great beginning. It will end with the glorious coming of Christ, when everything in those who are open to this mystery, will be brought to perfection for the love of God, despite all their limitations; however, we must be sure that His Love silences our fears, our feelings of guilt and our mind so that we do not complain.

At the funeral of David Sassoli[7], Archbishop Zuppi[8] underlined that he had broken down the barrier between morality and immorality. Who has broken down that barrier? Jesus Christ goes towards every man of good will, the righteous and the unrighteous. Within us, Jesus opens this dimension in order to break down all that is divided within us and all that divides us and locks us in the trenches where there is fear and war.

The new year has begun; especially those who have walked their path in the past years and have come to this point will be able to understand that all we have been taught leads to this mystery. Always remember that God is truth and that He explains you all things, the whole truth about yourselves and your goals, in the depth of your spirit, not through your mind or your emotions. To reach life, you must walk a path that is not a superficial one; it is a path in spirit. Jesus is present in spirit, and you must participate in His action in spirit and truth. This is the dynamism of the Holy Trinity in us, in short lines, but all explanations lead us to this.

There is also the ascending line of the creatures in the Trinitarian mystery. After original sin, everyone remained in a state of waiting: the just and the unjust, even St. Michael, all the Archangels and angels, all the faithful brothers and sisters; as we know from the Bible, also the righteous of all generations and the prophets were waiting. Then, God gave His grace: the Immaculate Mother, who welcomed the Trinitarian mystery at the moment of conception.

We are used to thinking that Our Lady received the grace of Immaculateness and that this is all. No! She received the grace of the Immaculate Conception to become the Mother, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and the Co-Redemptrix; She received this grace to participate fully in the life of God and walk the path of Christ in all its phases. Thus, we understand that because of our weakness we all need to approach Jesus through the Holy Mother. Just as She generated Him, She generates us for Him, in the Holy Spirit. There is no other way. Here, all the righteous of all times and of all spaces of the Universe share the same belief. This is the meaning of the universal communion; this is the prophetic meaning: all the good will flow to the righteous. This is the meaning of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.[9]

If you look at the Trinitarian action, which is realised through Mary, through the righteous involved, in favour of all those who want to enter this mystery, then a clear picture appears: the Most Holy Trinity, Mary and the Church are generated through Mary. Everyone can unite with Christ in the Holy Spirit. These are the truths. Whoever turns away from these truths commits heresy. One cannot come close to the Holy Trinity outside of these truths. The Church cannot be a human structure that explains historical, archaeological, philosophical ideas and makes social interpretations. All we can understand on Earth is ultimately that we need to open ourselves to truth and life. It is the way of Christ, and Mary Most Holy helps us on this way.

In this reflection, I want to underline that everything that has been explained to you up to no, contributes to leading you to this mystery so that you may welcome the mystery and the beauty of life may express itself in you. As Jesus said in the message of 10 April 2021, which we have quoted[10], this is not only true for us but for the whole Universe. As God communicates His Love to each one of us, we must communicate it to others. This is the meaning of the plan Jesus announced in His message, “The Future of My People”[11], which you have read repeatedly. The Church will be like this, or it will not be His Church. The Church will be in a direct relationship with God; she will participate in the work of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, through Mary, and we will elevate ourselves. There is no other way.

We have to be careful, though, especially those who are withdrawn in the house-sanctuaries and in the nuclei, because we have to experience this mystery and communicate it personally to the others, not through ideas and words. I have explained to you that God’s thoughts are not ideas but the flow of life that spreads over our whole being. Therefore, the flow of life should spread from each one of us towards everyone, good and bad.

This is truly a great call for us to enter, this year, more and more into this kind of relationship with Jesus, which puts us in motion through the Holy Spirit and leads us to know the Father. The Father can no longer remain just a word for us. As in a family the son is attached to the father and the mother in a natural and spontaneous way, we need to return to a relationship with the Father and learn to know Him.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you, who have prayed for me on my eightieth birthday. For me the greatest gift would be that you consecrate yourselves to the Holy Trinity, welcome the grace to enter the life of the Holy Trinity and bring it to others, as the perfume of life, as the true Gospel, as the life that continuously generates. I want to underline what I said at the beginning: this is the tremendous mystery, and today’s humanity is put before a choice. Jesus came to Earth to take His children, to prepare them and begin His glorious manifestation through them. Jesus will not wait; He will not wait for those who do not want to change their lives.

The Church, the true one, must understand this truth and live it, behaving as Jesus Christ does, in the Holy Spirit, towards the Father. This attitude in the Church can change the fate of humanity, and you can see the changes. If humanity refuses to change, it will remain dead.

I hope that all of you will accept this truth and become committed to it so that the truth may enlighten you through and through. I hope you will understand that life is transmitted to you from the Father through the Son. I hope you will welcome Him and begin your path towards the glorification of the Lord Jesus. This will take place, and no one can stop Him.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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