“The Christian: the Victorious Man”

5 March 2022

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; let us begin Lent together. This vigil leads us to the first Sunday of Lent. We want to share with you the path the Lord has traced for us to overcome all tribulations and all trials as winners.

The novelty of this Lent is that the Lord is present among us and powerful in the Holy Spirit. What does that mean? No representative of God can save you if you are closed in on yourselves, closed in your justifications and your lies. Jesus Christ, full of Holy Spirit, touches everyone and draws everyone out so that they may appear as they are. He urges them to choose either life or death, the life He offers and the death that comes from the consequences of original sin. It is up to each of us to make a final choice because time is running out, and the Lord moves forward on the path towards His glorification when all things will be revealed. Therefore, we are called to have pure faith, pure hope and pure love.1

On the first Sunday of Lent, the Gospel tells us that Jesus stood face to face with the devil.2  We have explained to you that the same happened to us at the moment of conception.3 Now, that very moment repeats itself, prompting us to define ourselves for eternity; each one of us must decide as there is no other way. The celebration of Lent, which we are beginning now, can therefore not be a superficial celebration made of religious habits in which our heart is not open to the Lord.

The Gospel of Luke narrates how Jesus was tempted.4 As St. Luke says, Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit. Each one of us can be full of the Holy Spirit according to our originality. Beginning from the first Pentecost, the whole Church has been called to be full of the Holy Spirit. This is the guarantee that we are up to the cosmic war of the clashing spiritual powers: the angels on one side and the demons on the other side while humanity must decide on which side to stand.5

The Gospel highlights what our trials involve. The first temptation has to do with survival; we want bread which nourishes only the body; however, God proposes the Bread of eternal life and the Word that nurtures the man of eternal life. In the second temptation, Jesus is tried through amusement, exhibition, pleasure, but God proposes happiness and fullness. Nowadays man is tempted to withdraw into amusement, pleasure, sometimes superficial childish behaviour, whereas the Lord leads us towards fullness through the adoration of God. In the third trial, Satan tempts man through false religiosity, false faith, magic solutions. Clearly, the Lord cannot save us if we do not want to be transformed, since the Kingdom of God, the new creation, requires us to be transformed. He wants to take us definitively from this corrupt and corruptible body to an uncorrupted life.

Do you know what this means? Almost all of us have once said of a person: “He is a true man; she is a true woman”, which means that the man or the woman in question is an uncorrupted and virtuous person. Everyone would like to have a righteous friend, spouse, child, partner. However, man always tries to justify himself before God, withdrawing into a shell that is meant to break; he withdraws into the material dimension, but the rich and the poor alike die there.

All these steps take place within each one of us. Who is that true man? Who is that true woman? It is someone who has renounced corruption. During Lent, a process of giving up corruption and opening to the uncorrupted dimension, which Satan cannot infiltrate, takes place. As a result, we feel the power of Christ who is present in us, leading us gradually towards the resurrection and finally towards the ascension into heaven since we are bound to enter the new creation.

God does not make empty promises. In the first reading of Deuteronomy – in which the Law is proposed again – when a part of Israel was already living in slavery, it says: “When you are free and return to your land, ‘place the basket before the Lord your God and bow down before him’”6; it means that God calls you and you can feel the fruit of His presence in you, and your Hallelujah at Easter will not be an empty word but bear the fruit of Lent, the fruit of life.

This is the time of trials for us. We have partly overcome the trial of the pandemic, and now there is a war threatening the destruction of the Earth. How shall we face them? We have all the strength within us to win this battle without weapons, if we are united with the Spirit of Christ, with God. We have the weapons of the Holy Spirit. Just as the devil drew back before Jesus in his trial, so must he draw back before us. All the spirit of evil, of the world and Satan, must bow to Him. The Christian is the victor over evil, sin and death. This is the powerful action of Christ in the Holy Spirit.

Brothers and sisters, what we have explained to you in all these years must be put into practice by those who want to be victorious Christians; we must not expect others to advise others to be uncorrupted. Each one of us is called to be uncorrupted, that is, to give up corruption, elevate ourselves to new life and be victorious over evil.

If the Church moves in this direction, which the Lord has shown us from the beginning, she will win all battles against the devil. We have communicated to you what the Lord has revealed to us: the Church of the whole Universe wants to remain uncorrupted and irreprehensible before the Lord and walk towards her final location. You can experience this personally; if you want to believe certain prophetic words, God’s Word is close to you. If you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and adhere to His Word, to the Eucharistic Bread, you will experience your belonging to the Church of the whole Universe, the one that will enter the new creation blameless. All that is corrupt, even the Christians, will be set aside. Therefore, do not be content with going through this Lend in an impure and insincere way.

If you like, I may make a suggestion: take the book we have given you, the book of Mary, the Mother of humanity, “Life is Not Life Without God”.7 Every person of good will can understand it. We do not want to convince or force you to anything. It is up to each one of you to decide. The Church of the Universe prays for you, but no one, no saint, no angel, can replace you. It is up to each one of you to experience the transformation of your life, and then graces will be given to you. If you welcome these words, the Earth will begin to change, for it is destined to change completely.

We accompany you with our prayers and the offering of ourselves, and we bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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