Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary of 22 February 2021

“Dearest Children,

I want to bless you and thank you for having accepted Me in My work as Co-Redemptrix. Belonging to Me means being co-redeemers with Me. Were I not the Co-Redemptrix, not even you would be able to fully enter the Redemption of My Son and be co-redeemers.

When Jesus entrusted Me to John and John to Me, an unbreakable bond was created between humanity and Me because, in that very moment, John represented the entire humanity.

In the first Church, John and I testified to and especially experienced the work of Redemption of My Son because both of us had been at the foot of the Cross where Jesus had entrusted us to one another. He could have done it on another occasion, such as a feast day, but He did it at the foot of the Cross. He did it not only because Jesus was going to leave and I was to remain without Him, but also to emphasize that at that time we both participated in His Passion; I fully, and John in a more limited way, but both willing to take part in His suffering. John suffered very much at the foot of the Cross because He sincerely loved Jesus, not just because He was afraid of remaining without his Master.

You, too, will walk on the footsteps of John if you accept to be at the foot of Jesus’ Cross with Me. You were in John when he welcomed Me in the name of humanity, and you welcome Me even now. Hence you are continuing his apostolical work because John spoke about Me to first Church. Much of what you know about Me has come to you through John to whom I had entrusted many things, as I have done with you. You are continuing John’s work because you have fully accepted his testimony about Me.

Unfortunately, a large part of the Church has refused John’s testimony. The endless disputes between Christians over whether I am the Co-Redemptrix or not testify, in fact, that what John said and experienced has not been fully accepted nor transmitted by the whole Church. John spoke openly to the first Christians about Me as the Co-Redemptrix. After His resurrection, Jesus spoke in the same way to the Apostles, but this revelation has not come to you just like the revelation about life in the Universe.

You have received both revelations and want to live them. Therefore, be aware that you are rewriting a piece of the history of the Church that has been lost in time. You are rewriting a part of the doctrine that has been missing until now. Many saints, who honoured Me throughout history and were truly faithful to Me, sensed My work as Co-Redemptrix, but they could not fully understand it, nor could they proclaim it because they were not allowed to. You, on the other hand, have understood and welcomed it. That is why you face so much opposition, for Lucifer fears this reality terribly. He knows very well that if you unite with Me and welcome Me as Mother, Queen and Co-Redemptrix, you enter fully into Jesus’ work and action.

Had you not accepted this truth and had you not recognised Me as Co-Redemptrix, the INTERMEDIATE COMING OF JESUS would have been greatly delayed.

Now, put your limits and weaknesses in the background. Unite with Me to enter more and more the work of the Redemption of My Son in order to overcome your weaknesses and defeat them, or to transform them into something precious to the eyes of God. If you offer your weaknesses to God, together with Jesus and Me, you can transform them into great spiritual wealth.

My Motherhood has often been met in an emotional and devotional way because the aspect of My co-redemption, which frightens many, has not been understood. Do not forget that many people are afraid of the Cross and even more afraid of uniting with the Cross. For this reason, many Christians do not accept Me as Co-redemptrix, for this makes Me appear as a suffering creature and not as the sweet mother that they imagine. Hence, My Motherhood appears distorted even when it is accepted: it appears in an inappropriate light, for My Motherhood holds tenderness within itself but also the painful strength of the Cross, but it is not made of overly sentimental affection.

Consequently, even My Royalty is little accepted and understood, for it also derives from My perfect participation in the Sacrifice of My Son just as My Motherhood. I am Mother because I welcomed Jesus when He was born and when He died: I was the first to hold Him in My arms when He was born, and the first to take Him in My arms when He had passed away and was laid down from the Cross. You see that My Motherhood and My Royalty arise from having fully welcomed Jesus. The same should apply to you: if you participate fully in the work of Redemption together with Me, you become fathers and mothers of humanity and reign with Jesus.

Whoever does not enter fully into Jesus’ Sacrifice cannot fully access the life of the Most Holy Trinity. This does not mean that a person cannot be touched by the Trinitarian action as God loves everyone. However, only through the union with Jesus Christ is it possible to participate fully in the life of the Most Holy Trinity. My Son came to Earth, accepted to die and be resurrected to place you into the Trinitarian life. Without Him, people can be involved in the Trinitarian action just like all creatures, even rocks, planets and stars, but this does not mean that they can fully enter the Trinitarian life.

Those who do not accept Me as Co-Redemptrix have a disorder within themselves that comes from rejecting the Cross, and they do not fully participate in Jesus’ Sacrifice because they cannot do it without Me. Hence, they do not even enter fully into the resurrection. This is the disaster that occurred in part of the Church, which led to a progressive emptying of the doctrine, to divisions and heresies. A large part of Christianity has set Me aside, not only as Co-Redemptrix but also as Mother and Queen. My figure no longer exists for many Christians, who thus participate in an imperfect way in the Sacrifice of My Son although many of them are of good will.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

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