Blessed Are the Last – They Will Be the First

15 April 2011

Dearest Readers,

We are now close to Easter, the great passage from death to life, which our Lord and Saviour was the first to accomplish and which each of us must also go through. I wish you, therefore, to enter true life with Jesus, the risen life in Christ, which transforms us into new creatures, generated by God and no longer attached to the things of the Earth, but oriented towards Heaven. I will share with you Jesus’ message of this month, in which He emphasises the necessity to be free of human expectations in order to enter the Kingdom of God. The laws of the Kingdom are in contrast with the logic of the world, but when they are accepted, they lead us to true happiness, the one the world cannot give us because it does not know it. I pray for the realisation of life in each of you, and I also wish you all a Holy Easter of true resurrection.


Message of Jesus of 12 April 2011

“Dearest Children,

Rejoice with My Resurrection! It is a victory for each one of you. Death, which frightens you and is the most powerful instrument in the hands of your enemy, has been defeated. It is true that you still die in the body, but in spirit you can already overcome the barrier of death if you remain united with Me. At the end of times, when I come back to consolidate My Kingdom, I will reduce Satan’s power to nothing. Then, those who have welcomed and loved Me, will no longer be touched by death, not only in spirit but also in the body. They will be transformed and enter with Me into the new creation, finally free from the corruption of sin and death.

The whole universe is on its way towards this goal, and today each one of you prepares the way for those who come afterwards. Your personal growth in faith strengthens the others and accelerates the process of transformation. This process is already underway in these times and will culminate in its full realisation. This is a promise, and you know very well that God’s promises are not empty. They are not like the words of your leaders, who never fulfil what they promise. God keeps His promises and fulfils His plans, in ways that sometimes escape your eyes but are infallible as the intelligence of your Creator is. Therefore, have faith in Me! My death and My resurrection are the guarantee for every divine promise. Infinite power pours out of them, which is available to you and nurtures your whole being.

You only have to open up to Me and desire with all your heart to be transformed. Do not worry about how this will happen or what you have to do. It is up to Me to realise your desire to change, not to you. What could you do on your own? It is My Spirit that acts in you and shapes externally what is conceived within you according to His will. If you desire to receive My life, it will come towards you, and you will see that what you have believed will fulfil without difficulty; divine life does not know any forcing; it is like a peacefully flowing brook, which quenches the thirst of the creatures and manages to smooth even the hardest stones. This is how your life in Me will be, if you are fully united with My Spirit, you will be a life-giving stream. How? I want to talk to you precisely about this.

The whole creation, just as your own life, is based on infallible and inviolable laws, which apply to the furthest corner of the universe. The Kingdom of God is based on these laws. Four of them are of fundamental importance.

  • The first, on which all other laws are based, consists in recognising God as the Creator and Lord, source of life, all intelligence and might.
  • The second consists in recognising life as the supreme gift of God, and thus sacred and inviolable from conception, which no one can dispose of at will.
  • The third leads you to recognise yourselves as creatures in need of God’s love and help, who are ready to submit to the guidance of His Spirit.
  • The fourth, finally, asks you to donate your life to God, putting it into in His hands to receive from Him intelligence, strength and love so that you may become instruments of God and His collaborators in favour of every creature.

The direction you impress on your whole existence, derives from whether or not you the accept God’s laws, particularly these four laws. They have the power to regenerate you continuously in spirit and body and to direct your thoughts towards what is good, noble and right. They enable you to know and experience God’s life in you, to discern between good and evil, to help your neighbour, to feel the impulses that the Holy Spirit continuously impresses on your spirit to lead you towards the complete realisation of God’s plans and desires He has for you.

If you accept these laws in your spirit and want to put them into practice, God will give you all the means to do it; even the trials of life, which come from Satan’s opposition to your desire for good, will neither bend nor harm you. God will allow them only in the measure they are useful to strengthen your purposes to love God and to live according to His laws.

On the contrary, if you refuse to accept them, you will have to do everything by yourselves and give yourselves your own laws, which are always human and imperfect. Your mind will be detached from the mind of God, and the Holy Spirit will not be able to act fully in you. Thus, your intelligence will be human and only capable of dealing with earthly things, for only they will be within your reach. Your strength will also be human, limited and unable to deal with the many difficulties of life. Your love will be a human love and cause you great sufferings. In fact, if the love in you is not continuously nurtured by God’s love, it becomes attachment, desire to possess, jealousy, fear of losing the desired object, or it turns into aversion, rebellion, resentment and revenge. In that case, the action of the Holy Spirit, who gives balance to your existence, is strongly limited; thus, what arises in you is only confusion and the inability to deal with your emotions. In addition, when your collaboration with God’s action is missing, your action is disordered, your discernment is uncertain and even your personality becomes ambiguous and fragile.

The principles that operate in the divine laws always lead you to give up yourselves, that is, to abandon progressively the selfish criteria that inspire human life and aim at achieving personal well-being at the expense of others. The Earth is full of selfish people who think of themselves and are indifferent to God and their neighbour. The harm they cause is before your eyes. Many think that the self-abandonment requested by God is restriction imposed by the divine authority; something that restricts the human personality, preventing it from expressing itself. This is what causes atheism, which is the refusal to recognise God’s authority and to submit to Him. Those who think like that, consider believers as weak, submissive and incapable of having their own mind, and therefore the last in society, losers. On the other hand, they believe they are the first, free and independent from forms of life that they regard as old-fashioned and restricting.

I want to tell you that things are not like that. The true believer is free because God not only respects but also wants man’s freedom. Creating him in His image and likeness, He wanted man to be powerful in his thinking and acting, capable of staying face to face with his Creator and of collaborating with Him in the management of the universe. What God expects is that man renounces his selfish interests, which lead him to prevaricate and become unjust. Man was created to be just, not unjust. Just is the man who lives in harmony with God, and he is happy; the unjust is he who fights against the laws of life and remains crushed by himself. He believes he can achieve more because he is autonomous and detached from God, but in reality, he achieves much less.

Man seeks wealth above all and thinks that God prevents him from reaching it. That is not so! God does not condemn wealth as such. He condemns unjust wealth, acquired at the expense of others, in violation of the universal principle of human solidarity, but that is something quite different. When man is united with God, he lives respecting the divine laws and behaving like a brother towards his fellow men, and thus God Himself fills that man with wealth.

What is righteous wealth before God? It is based on the unity with the source of all prosperity, that is, with the Creator, from whom life itself, in all its forms, depends. The wealth I am speaking of has nothing to do with the amount of money you have in your pocket or in your bank accounts. Wealth, according to God, is the participation in the abundance of God, who is the Lord of the universe and who distributes all the good to all His children, without preferences or distinctions. It is the absolute certainty of the gifts of Providence, which punctually knocks at the door of those who believe. If you entrust your life to God, He will give it back to you full of riches. Do not worry; God knows very well that you need money to obtain what you need for your life; He will give you that too, if you are able to stay away from all greed.

Yes, children, before God the truly wealthy is also the truly poor. What does that mean? It means that if you truly trust in God and accomplish your duty with love and loyalty, you will be filled with His gifts, and you will always have what you need for life without having to worry or commit injustice. God will give you what you need, and you will be truly rich. If you only rely on God, without filling your heart with greed and desire for money and possessions, you will be the true poor, whom God loves and to whom His Kingdom belongs. According to God, the true poor are not miserable as people think, and it is not the greedy wealth accumulators, according to human reasoning, who are the true rich.

True wealth and true poverty are the two faces of the same medal. Only those have them who are able to stay in their place before God and feel like the last, not the first. When I speak about the last, do you think of those who do not count, as everybody does? No, children, in the mind of God, the last are those who do not expect to own everything or everyone; they are not proud, and they do not place themselves above the others. They do not argue with God and do not trust in human power but entrust themselves joyfully to God and put themselves at His disposal, knowing that they will receive from Him all wisdom, all intelligence and all they need for their life. Those are the last in the eyes of God, and they count more to Him than the powerful, who own the world and are admired by the people but are not wealthy before God.

What are you interested in in life? What would you like to have? Ask yourselves honestly, what are your top thoughts; watch yourselves and you will see that you are rich the way you are. Consider if money, affections, your possessions, your work, as you understand them, truly are what you need to make you happy. Be honest with yourselves: if you notice that you cannot live without this or that, then you are neither rich nor poor according to God. Now, ask yourselves if God is really everything to you, if you trust in His goodness. Ask yourselves if you are ready to collaborate actively with Him, putting your intelligence and your potential in His hands, or if you believe that God should simply watch what you are doing and finally approve or disapprove your deeds, just like an employee who puts a stamp on the final document.

No, life with God is not passiveness, nor anxious waiting for the final judgement! On the contrary, it is joyful and lively participation in the action of the Creator. He is not the absolving or condemning judge. God is the loving and Supreme Being, who gives the impulse of life and lets it flow in you without worries, for He does not know any worries. His Love for you is eternal and immutable, and it renews itself day after day for all years of your life. God rescues you with His infinite power; He guides you to the true good and supports you in the struggle of daily life; He calls you in the silence to meet Him, and He gives you peace and rest.

What else do you need to be happy? What you need is to throw yourselves into the embrace of God the Creator, dropping all the chains by which you bind yourselves and others, foolishly deluding yourselves that you possess the world and direct your lives. What you need is to be the last, those who do not seek what the world seeks, as they have found the greatest of all treasures: God’s love, which no money can buy but is all you need to live, for all good comes to you from this love.

Therefore, give Me your life so that I may transform it in the power of My Holy Spirit, and I may give it to My Father. Be rich in Me and poor in the world. Be the last so that you will be the first; the first in understanding the mysteries of life, the first to arrive. Where? In the fullness of true life, God’s life made of love, peace and goodness, the only life worth living.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”