The Dimensions of Life

3 August 2011

Dearest Readers,

In the message of this month, Jesus speaks about the passages that shape our lives, pointing out the different ages of life and the situations that closely affect us. He takes us by the hand and explains us what to do to live in harmony with the multiple dimensions of our existence.

Jesus opens our mind to a wider view and leaves us free, tranquil, and trusting in His guidance. He takes us beyond our limits up to discovering the dimension of eternity. He guides the entire creation and each one of us towards the dimension of pure spirit, which all living beings will inevitably have to encounter, but they will only be able to enjoy it if they have chosen God.

The Lord also invites us to have faith in Him because He has faith in us. Let us pray to understand how to live in this trust so that our life may be full of hope. I hope that Jesus’ words will give you strength and hope in a time of deep unrest for humanity. I greet and bless you in Christ.

Stefania Caterina

Message of Jesus of 30 July 2011

“I bless you, My beloved children! Today, I want to speak about the different dimensions of which life is made up, yours and that of the whole creation.

When I speak of dimensions, I refer to an area in which life unfolds because it needs a bed in which it can develop and grow. Just as a foetus needs the maternal womb to form and become a complete being, so your earthly existence needs an environment that allows you to reach maturity. Therefore, the life of all creatures, including man, comes forth, develops and reaches maturity in a specific context, that is, a dimension. Every dimension is composed of three elements that characterise it: time, space and spirit. The temporal, the spatial and the spiritual aspects harmonise until forming the dimension, that is, the imaginary womb in which your life continuous to develop even when you have reached adulthood.

Time marks your existence, and you know that very well. It is an objective time because it regards the whole of humanity in which you live as well as your planet, which are inserted in a specific day, month and year. It is also a subjective time as it regards each one of you and your age at this moment. The flow of your life, that is, your time, is inserted in the flow of an epoch and of a specific phase of your humanity, becoming part of history.

Space is also both objective and subjective.

It is objective because each one of you lives in a particular place, in a nation and on a specific planet. It is subjective because you live in your family, in your house, etc.

The spirit encloses every dimension in its dual aspect: that of the Spirit of God who gives life and assigns each creature its place and its time, guiding the entire existence with His love and His laws, and that of your spirit, which fills your space and your time. Spirit is fundamental. Without spirit neither space nor time would exist. In fact, life comes forth from the Spirit of God, and it sprouts like a seed in your spirit.

Your path begins from the moment of your conception; it is marked by continuous changes and takes you through innumerable dimensions. Life, in fact, is never static but dynamic. Moment after moment, day after day, you progressively move to different dimensions where your spirit, space and time undergo continuous transformations. All these dimensions form the age of your life. Think of how many people, places, moments you have encountered in life! How many attitudes and opinions have appeared and disappeared in you and in others. Often you had to leave places, people and situations and sometimes experienced painful separations, such as the death of your loved ones. Why? Because each one of you is in a continuous movement, in a constant transit towards ever new dimensions. Were it not so, your existence would be trapped in a swamp. I would like to explain all this to you better.

Your life goes through different ages: you pass from childhood to adolescence, then to youth and adulthood, thus reaching old age and finally death. In parallel, the whole history of humanity goes through different phases in which you are inserted. Each age of your life is made up of different dimensions because, as you grow, your spirit develops a greater potential, becoming more and more aware of reality. Consequently, you have to move to higher dimensions, which are capable of holding the potential of your spirit in the specific time and in the space you are living in.

The Holy Spirit incessantly transmits the impulses of life to your spirit, as if a fire burnt within you, constantly fed by the Holy Spirit, who blows on it with His strength, so that it never goes out. Your spirit and your whole being perceive these impulses, made of spirit, soul and body, and your spirit opens to an increasingly broad knowledge of reality, which expresses itself in ever new ways. Every progress of your spirit is matched by the passage to a dimension that is different from the previous one. During life, passages from one dimension to another take place continuously. This is how your cycle of life on Earth fulfils, before death opens the doors of the otherworldly dimension. This is the whole process of life.

Through many passages from one dimension to the other, your spirit widens and strengthens; it is no longer as it was before. Time, too, is no longer the same because you have grown and your way of seeing things has changed and new beliefs have formed in you. There is no possibility of turning back in time. However, it may happen that the place remains the same because, e.g., you are still living in the same place, and yet, in that case the dimension in which you are is not like the previous anymore because you have changed.

Sooner or later even the space will change because you leave the family, school, your old house, etc. However, space is not like time because you can still return to a place where you have lived, unless it does not exist anymore; yet, even in this case the dimension in which you find yourselves is no longer the same because the time is no longer the same, nor is your spirit. For this reason, you can never relive what you have lived. The memory of the previous dimension remains, but there is no return in time, even if you find yourselves in the same place.

While you grow spiritually and physically, the entire humanity passes continuously from one dimension to another. In fact, entire generations complete their vital cycle while others just appear on the stage of history, and this determines great visible and deep changes in the peoples because the collective spirit keeps changing and time flows. Space, too, undergoes changes even if you always live on the same planet; think of the changes the Earth has gone through over the millennia. Not even humanity can return to the dimensions already experienced, and its incessant transition towards ever new dimensions, made of spirit, space and time, is the vital cycle of humanity, which you call progress.

Your existence is dynamic because God’s life, from which all forms of life come forth, is itself dynamic. God is constantly at work, and His action incessantly supports the entire creation. The Holy Spirit crosses all dimensions and is present in the spirit of man, who has been created in the image and likeness of God. The Spirit is not an energy but the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, and as He passes incessantly through the entire creation, He brings the Trinitarian power to everything that moves in the universe.

The Holy Spirit ensures that all dimensions of life are ordered, that time flows in the right way, that space is in harmony with time and that the spirit of man continually receives strength, so that the vital cycle of every being and the entire humanity may unfold according to the divine laws, being perfectly inserted in the space and time assigned to each individual and to the whole human race.

If you are united with God because you are determined to live a life in faith according to His Laws; if you allow Him to guide you inwardly, your life will flow easily. The transitions from one dimension to another, from one age to another, will neither upset nor tire you, but become for you the natural evolution of your being. Leave the things of the past peacefully behind, without clinging to them or projecting yourselves into a future that you do not know. However, if you are detached from God, the inner changes, the flow of time, the changing environment, will cause fear and despair in you. Whatever each one of you experiences reflects on all, because the spirits of all human beings together form the spirit of humanity. The more individuals abandon faith and God and live in situations full of anxiety and fear, the more the whole of humanity is anxious, fearful and hopeless, as you can see today on Earth.

The flow of life should instead bring you wisdom, maturity, comprehension of things and the ability to establish ever deeper relationships with your fellow men. It should lead you to understand and prepare for the great passage of death. It marks the detachment of your spirit from time and space as you experience them on Earth; you must leave the body that can no longer follow you to the otherworldly dimension made of pure spirit. On the contrary, your soul, and the spirit it contains, are able to access this new dimension; they remain intact and keep the memory of the experiences you made when you were in your body.

At the end of times, everyone will rise again and receive their body back. Those who have lived in faithfulness to God, will receive a transfigured body, suitable for living in the new creation, that is, in the reality which knows no corruption. Those who have served Satan, will remain with him and taste the death and corruption they have chosen through and through.

Those who are detached from God and do not offer themselves to Him, experience death as an irreversible tragedy. Unfortunately, many Christians have lost hope in eternal life. Many of them have not sincerely offered themselves to God; this makes their lives difficult, and they can no longer be distinguished from those who do not believe.

The dimensions every individual goes through are original, just as the spirit of a person is original compared to that of all other people. Thus, it may occur that within the same space, for example in a family, each individual lives in a time of his/her life and spiritual maturity that is different from that of the others; this is given by the originality of each person, which must always be promoted and respected as God Himself does. On the contrary, it often happens that the individual originality, the different ages and beliefs provoke clashes between individuals and peoples. This would not happen if men lived according to the divine laws of life. In fact, they operate in a perfect way, respecting everyone’s rhythms of growth, and putting every individual in tune with the others, despite the different dimensions in which each one finds himself.

God’s Laws come from His Love and transmit love. If you donate yourselves to God and accept to be kings guided by Him, giving up your selfishness, then God’s Love will surround you and place you in a sublime relationship with the others, which is called communion. If, however, you want to manage your existence by yourselves, the law of selfishness takes over, and you are no longer able to harmonise the differences that exist between you. Everyone lives for himself, as if locked in a bubble, wandering around until he collides with other bubbles that make him burst. This is how the life of many people goes by, and this is the cause of mutual misunderstandings, wars between peoples, painful separations, homicides and all the controversies and contradictions with which your humanity is saturated.

No, children! Life is not an endless series of duties, a list of commitments, filled with trials and ending in death. Life is the marvellous expression of joy and power, which pour out of the bosom of your Creator and which He wants to nurture continuously in you.

God rejoices with your happiness, and He is always by your side to help you grow and go through all the phases of your lives. He takes you by the hand and accompanies you in every passage towards the new dimensions awaiting you. The Father loves you. His Love and His power fill your spirit, your space and your time. He sent Me to you in the power of the Holy Spirit.


I came to Earth and went through the dimensions of your life, becoming like you in everything. I descended into space and time to unite with you. I have sanctified the dimensions I went through until transforming even death into resurrection. I prepared the way so that you could sanctify the space in which you live, the time in which you live and the spirit you have. Nothing will be able to stop you if you are united with Me! Not even death will be able to take your life because you will have the life of the Son of God, who has overcome death in you.

Therefore, do not be afraid and live in hope! Seek joy in God; seek the fountain of clear water that quenches all thirst. Seek Me and I will lead you to peaceful waters; I will teach you to love life because it is worth loving. Do not let yourselves be seduced by the Evil One who places all sorts of obstacles before your happiness, and then makes you think that God is to blame. Satan is jealous of your happiness because he cannot have it since he deliberately deprived himself of God’s life. That is why, he cannot bear your being alive and full of joy and tries to ruin you. But you must not be afraid! Come to Me and nothing bad will happen to you; I only want your happiness.

Trust in Me because I trust in you! I am the Life, never forget that, especially when you are suffering. And when you think that darkness comes over you, seek My Light; it will guide and illuminate all dimensions of your life.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.