Happy Easter Triduum

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

14 April 2022

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I am pleased that we are taking part in the same Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper.

I want to introduce you to this day. The Chrism Mass has been celebrated in the morning Mass. It has two meanings: on the one hand, the importance of consecrating the holy oil, the chrism for anointing; on the other hand, our own anointing with holiness because, on this day, all priests renew their promises to the Lord; but all those who take part in the Mass also renew their baptismal promises. The anointing comes down when there is a sincere participation in baptism, in holiness; otherwise, the Holy Spirit cannot confirm our words of renewing our promises.

Let us begin here to enter into this celebration of the Eucharist, the Lord’s Last Supper. This celebration is not a remembrance but a Memorial of what Jesus performed with the Apostles. It is a living Memorial in the present time when Jesus Christ is among us, in the Holy Spirit, in His intermediate coming. It is participation in that grace, not just a remembrance of a message, but something that comes into our consciousness from the cosmic and microcosmic dimension.1

Let us focus primarily on the microcosmic dimension. Through His Passion, Jesus enters into us in a special and definitive way. He expresses all this in the Eucharist. Even our participation in this act of Jesus, which extends beyond His death to eternity, should embrace His characteristic: the offering of our life so that He may live in us as He lived in and through Mary Most Holy. This introduces us to this time of the Spirit when Jesus is present in Spirit. We have been told that all those who are sincere and openhearted2 will feel Him, because when we give our life to Him, we receive His Life. Remember what Our Lady said in the book “Life Without God Is Not Life”3: “Life is a mystery of love”.4 She further explained that it is not a dark mystery, but a mystery in God, which means immensity, beauty, depth, majesty.

Therefore, this supper introduces us to this. Our Lady also said in another message that the life God gives us is unstoppable.5 This means that when Jesus communicates His life to us in the Eucharist, we receive everything, but not in a magical sense, as if participating in a ritual did everything. It means that He gives every human being, every child, everything it needs to grow. Thus, we can overcome everything in and around us, so that His life does not die; neither death nor hell can end this life, on the contrary! When we are in communion with Jesus, death is a point from which we can leap into immensity.

At this point, it is very important to pay attention to how we participate. This celebration of the Lord’s Supper is not like a rite of the Mass in which the majority of Christians ordinarily participate, but it is the beginning of the Lord’s Passion. During these three days, in our microcosm, we go through the fundamental events of our life with Jesus. It is the participation in Christ’s Sacrifice and, as we know, this releases great strength within us, and by receiving the Eucharist tonight, we particularly decide to participate in His death and His passion in order to reach the resurrection.

With the same dynamism with which we respond, God responds to us, as the Gospel says: “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful … For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”6 There are certain laws we have within us, and we must watch how our spirit, our soul, behaves. In order to participate in Christ’s sacrifice and reach the resurrection, we must be free to decide. We must rid ourselves internally of all idols that create fear in us. Only when we are free inside, can we make a free decision.

Another aspect is our free choice to let Christ live in us. Christ becomes the central point of our life and all the dynamics that come with it. Then, we have no other choice but to go His way in the fundamental events of our life, such as trials, crosses, threats of the devil or threats of death; through our participation alone, everything will be bestowed upon us. Only our free decision for God leads us to pure love. Here we must add one more word: it is the generous decision we take without considering our daily needs – for they will be given to us – to love Him who is Love; who is the Love that gave itself wholly for us.

Therefore, the decision of each of us is decisive. The decision of Judas, who received communion and many gifts from God, was a decision to die. The difference between the sacrament of death and the resurrection of Jesus is death itself. So we can choose according to the degree of our generous love, so that God may dwell in us through Jesus Christ, who makes all gifts, all graces burst in us as well as life in its immensity; however, the path always goes through the trials of daily life.

We might easily associate the commemoration of the Last Supper with the washing of feet, thereby missing something: “Do this in remembrance of me.”7 Offering one’s life in Christ for one another means giving the living Christ to the others, drinking the blood of Christ. We may do the same in a spiritual way, giving our lifeblood to Christ to save our neighbour. The washing of feet is an outward sign; we cannot compare our service to charity. Christ’s Love transcends everything; it is the Bread of life we can give through our life.

I think you remember that we told you that God is populating the Earth with generous souls, who could have lived in the High Universe, to change the coming generations.8 If this people of God, who considers itself part of the remnant of the Church of the Whole Universe, seriously accompanied these souls from conception to death, the Earth would change within a few generations. It is an enormous mission for us, which goes through our daily life.

So, tonight, while Jesus gives Himself to us, we are invited to offer ourselves to Him so that He may transform us into Bread of Life and Blood of Salvation, because He is in us and lives in us, and everything that happens in us is His work in order to glorify the Father in the Holy Spirit.

Let us enter this Easter Triduum with the intention of going through these events, through this dynamism within us, with the same intensity with which we see Jesus walking among us, and we will reach the inner resurrection. The Resurrection and the Day of Resurrection this year are different from any other celebration of the Lord’s Easter. It is embedded in Jesus’ immediate presence among us; it is embedded in this special grace and dynamism. After Easter, we will feel a new vibrancy, which will last for the whole Easter period.

I wish you a beautiful Easter passage filled with grace, in intimacy with Christ and in the joy that is set free in us by the immensity of life that neither the past nor the future can stop, because Jesus Christ is the life in us. I wish you a blessed Easter.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

1 The dimension of the cosmos and the microcosm are explained in the book of Stefania Caterina, “Beyond the Great Barrier”, Luci dell’Esodo, 2008, Chaps 12 and 13. While the dimension of the cosmos refers, among other things, to the action of the Trinitarian vortex in the universe and the three governing laws in the universe, the dimension of the microcosm refers to the dimension of man himself, his conception, his being composed of spirit, soul and body.

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