Easter Monday

By Father Tomislav Vlašić


(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I would like to emphasize especially that this Easter is a point of arrival and a point of departure. For many Christians it is the point of arrival, but only for few Christians, it is a starting point. It is as if, with the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection, the path slowed down until it disappears. During Lent, we have prepared ourselves with penance, good works and internal purification, and that is fine, but at Easter, we reach the Lord’s Resurrection when God fulfills everything in us. Just as God worked the Resurrection in Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, so the power of Christ’s Resurrection works in us along our path.

It is therefore very important that all those who follow this path realise that we are at a starting point. It means that we must begin to contemplate God’s action even in dark times, in the provocations of hell, in all the disasters that we see happening on Earth.

Jesus’ Resurrection and His Ascension are His works, which He completed in His person for our benefit, but the corruption in us has not ended yet. Today’s Gospel tells us that Jesus’ Resurrection was denied by the chief priests and elders of the people, even false witnesses were paid to spread lies.[1] Jesus Christ’s Resurrection works salvation on the one hand and judgment, condemnation, on the other. The souls that are open to Christ’s Resurrection and His work in the Spirit follow the path of salvation, the path that leads to the fulfillment of all the promises Jesus made: the promises of God. Those who are closed and deny the power of the Holy Spirit, judge themselves or remain at the level of a superficial spirituality, and thus they are only partially able to understand Christ’s Resurrection.

Last year, 2021, Saint Peter told us in one of his messages that the work of Christ’s Apostles after His Resurrection was to testify that He, Jesus Christ, had fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament. Saint Peter said, “Your task is to proclaim Jesus Christ’s return.”2 When we say that it is our task to proclaim Jesus Christ’ return, we must not think that we do so with words alone. We are called to bear witness to the living Jesus among us, especially in this Messianic time of Jesus Christ’s intermediate presence, when grace acts in an irrepressible way but without being violent. The grace of the living Jesus among us brings about the resurrection of all those who are open in spirit and communicates with them.

What happened to the Apostles also applies to us. When the Apostles heard about Jesus’ Resurrection, they changed, and they immediately began to bear witness. They spent forty days with Jesus to be taught and to understand the power of the Holy Spirit. This testimony, which Saint Luke brings in the Acts of the Apostles, comes from Peter, from the Apostles after Pentecost, after an interior path that the Risen Jesus worked in them. Even as we walk towards the cosmic, irrepressible Pentecost, the path is the same: we walk through times, through events on Earth and in the Universe as well as liturgical events, and God leads us through those events. It is very important that we participate in them.

These events always require that we make a choice: to become open in order to be saved, or to remain closed, rejecting salvation, to be lost. Where does this lead us? It leads us to the new creation, but there is an acceleration in us because Jesus is preparing His glorification, His glorious manifestation through us. Like the Apostles, we too receive the power that transforms us, which works beyond the limits of human logic and justice. In fact, we say that it happens in a miraculous dimension, but the miraculous dimension is something natural for us when we are united with the Risen Jesus, and we must become aware of this on our path. We are asked to walk the path silently because Jesus stays silently among us. He is silent to the world, but He communicates with those who walk their path.

You see what happened at the Resurrection, on the path towards Pentecost. It was not enough for the women to have seen Jesus and to have touched His feet.3 For the Apostles, it was not enough to have eaten and conversed with Jesus.4 Another dimension had to open up, in which the pure spirit works and leads the believers beyond the limits of the bodily perception. There, all rational skills and false mysticism end. Even true mysticism must be silent and let go of all signs to make room for the Spirit to work fully within us.

Therefore, it is no longer about ‘seeing’ something, and ‘clinging’ to something we see, such as a word we read in the Gospel, but about communicating with the Risen Christ, which goes beyond any logic, word or explanation of the Scriptures. This is the time we are in now; otherwise, we will not be able to see God face to face and communicate with God in spirit and in truth.5

It is very important to understand the silence of which we spoke year.6 It is an bursting, vibrant stillness, in which the creative power of the Risen Christ expresses itself fully in each of us, according to our originality and our mission. You see that it is a very, very subtle and profound field, where God works, and the more we are open to God’s work, the easier everything flows within us. We are not disturbed by human logic, nor will we be disturbed by the events that God allows. He allows them because man created and chose them. We can go beyond them and show that the Risen Christ is alive in us, not with words but through our lives.

So, all we have to do in this time is to continue to be open to His initiatives, rather than to ours. Then the creative power of the Holy Spirit will manifest itself: the creative Trinitarian power in us, which leads us to fulfillment.

I also want to point out something else. We have received the graces, and we are called to walk this path for the benefit of all humanity, for those who have not accepted these graces and for the hesitating souls. God wants to gather everyone, but the people must be like the Apostles, who welcome this bursting grace and manifest it in spirit. This will reveal the Risen Christ through the privileged instruments: the angels, the faithful brothers and sisters, who live in other dimensions, and the saints. All these brothers and sisters will actively witness the Risen Christ in their lives to those who are open to it.

Let us take this direction in this time to understand these graces that are for the benefit of all, to be overflowing with grace in all the trials we are going through and all humanity of the Earth is going through.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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