The Victory of Faith

Message of Mary Most Holy of 7 October 2011 – The Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary, Queen of Victory


“Dear children, I want to bless you and tell you how much I love you. I am thankful to you for being close to My Heart.

Today I am celebrated as the Queen of the Rosary and as Our Lady of Victory. I want to tell you that victory in your life is always only one: the victory of faith in Christ, My Son. There is a battle that must win, and it is the greatest battle in the life of every person: the battle against the old man in you. The old man nourishes on all that is old: old thoughts, old ideas, old systems; he nourishes on everything that the spirit of the world offers.

You cannot win this battle on your own. Only one can win it in you: My Son Jesus. When you force the old man in you, with all his old ideas, to prostrate before Jesus – as every knee should bow before My Son[1] – then Jesus will touch him and transform him into a new human being that no longer nourishes on the spirit of the world but on the Spirit of God who lives for God. I call you to this battle, but I also open a horizon of victory before you, because those who offer themselves to My Son through Me can never lose the battle. They may struggle and suffer, but they will never be defeated. I am the Queen of Victory because I am always beside My children when they fight against the spirit of the world, which suffocates God’s life in people’s souls.

I know that you want to do this path, and I know that the people that the Lord will raise up throughout the universe will be a new people, as it will be made of new men and women.

I would like you to make this promise to God together with Me: that you will have only one victory in mind, that of faith; that you will not seek anything in your life but God’s Love, because, dear children, everything else is worth nothing.

Without this faith, which drives out all fear, all doubts and all your wrong reactions, you will not get far, and you will not win your battles. I am sure that you want this, and I assure you that you will always have My blessing and My support. [2]

I will tell you one more thing that will give you joy: I am the Queen of the Angels, but I am not a queen who masters and tramples people. The Angels, the Saints and those who believe in God, recognise Me as Queen because they only see in Me the requests of the King. I have no other wishes than those of God. The Angels recognise these wishes in Me and serve Me with love. In the same way and with the same love, they support all those who have God’s wishes in them. Therefore, invoke the angels. If you could see the hosts of angels that are around you, you would weep of joy because heaven surrounds you with its love. The Angels, the Saints and the brothers and sisters faithful to God are beside you, and if the eyes of your body do not see them, your spirit must welcome them, and it can perceive them.  

Therefore, dear children, take courage! The path of My Son is not a walk in the park, but the most beautiful road you can take. When you climb a mountain you struggle, encounter stones and many obstacles, but when you reach the top, you see everything you could not see on the plain.

I bless you with My love, and I am by your side, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Phil 2, 10

[2] See Gen 3, 15