My Forgiveness Is Resurrection and Life

Message of Jesus of 2 August 2016, Feast of the Immaculate, Our Lady of the Angels


“I bless you, My dear children, and I thank you for coming together in My name in peace. I have sought you and you have come to seek Me; I have sought you since even before you were born, and I have gathered you here today because I want My Forgiveness to descend upon you. Through you, I want to give My Forgiveness not only to the world but also to all those parts of the universe where My Name is not known and My Forgiveness cannot act.

Children of Mine, life in God cannot be born without forgiveness. All I sow in you, I sow in prepared, cleared ground. Thus, you have already been forgiven, otherwise, none of you could be here. The sins of humanity are many, especially those of the humanity of the Earth, but My Heart is bigger than your sins. However, today is a special day, because today I want My Forgiveness to descend upon each one of you and upon a new people, called to be My Love and My Forgiveness for all those they will encounter on their path.

God’s love cannot live without Forgiveness, nor can God’s Forgiveness act without love. You are fragile human beings, but I have given you My love; I have given My Blood for you, and the forgiveness for all your sins became possible through the shedding of My Blood. Thus, it is not just any forgiveness. It is not compassion, nor sympathy; it is not a pat on the back. My Forgiveness is resurrection and life. Today, through My Forgiveness, I want My death and My resurrection to act powerfully in you. Only in this way, will you give the world the fruit of My death and resurrection, that is, forgiveness and new life.

It has been announced to you that you are entering a time of trials. The entire universe is touched by the Trinitarian action and every living being is touched by God’s Love, which puts all things upside down like a powerful hand that turns the earth to sow the good seed. Do not be afraid, I am always with you to lift you up in all trials and difficulties. I will always be beside you. I will only allow those trials that are necessary for the good seed to grow in you.

When St. Francis of Assisi received from Me the grace of obtaining Forgiveness for My children, he received it because he was immersed in Me. Unfortunately, after him, there was no people capable of continuing this work. In your time, the Forgiveness of Assisi has been reduced to a rite, to visiting a church, to a quick prayer, but that was not My plan.

In My plan, there was always only this: a new people. Today, this plan is about to realise because the hand of My Father is passing powerfully through the whole universe, bringing forth more and more a new people. In this new people, the graces and the promises of all times and all places will be embodied.

Therefore, a new path begins for you today. I told you that life is born from forgiveness; it is the spring gushing continuously in each one of you, nourishing life. Every day and every moment, I pass through your heart to purify it from all that is not in harmony with Me.

Therefore, dear children, give everyone My Forgiveness; do not let it die in you and do not let it die on Earth. The Earth is no longer able to forgive, but this people must do it. I repeat that My Forgiveness is not compassion or tolerance but resurrection and life. I ask you to give it to the whole world you know and to the one you do not know. 

I thank you for your progresses and for your faithfulness. I bless you and I forgive you all your past sins. I liberate you from all evil and all feelings of guilt that block My grace: the feelings of guilt are like big dams that prevent My river of grace from flowing. Today I remove all this from you.

My Forgiveness may descend upon you and, through you, upon your families, your peoples and all planets of the universe. I send you as witnesses of My Forgiveness and of new life, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”