Walk in the Footsteps of the Saints in Communion with Them

Message of St. Peter the Apostle of 29 June 2021, Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

(published in the book “Towards the New Creation – messages 2021”)

“In this time, the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is going through a period of great dynamism because JESUS’ INTERMEDIATE COMING to Earth places all of us on a demanding and dynamic path. We Saints, who are already in God’s Light, also participate in spirit in Jesus’ action on Earth, rescuing people, as I have just said, but also supporting Jesus in opening the hearts of the people. We can, in fact, help people’s hearts to open up to God and begin to bloom like flowers.

Therefore, I ask you to be very united with the Saints, especially with the Saint of the day, because on the days the Saints are celebrated, they receive particular power of intercession from God for all of you. In reality, every day thousands of Saints are celebrated in Heaven. You only remember one or a few of them, but their remembrance includes all the others that no-one knows except God. Many Saints have remained anonymous both on Earth and in other parts of the Universe; nevertheless, all of them receive great power of intercession on that day, and they are very close to you.” …

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