Accompanying the Lord

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

26 November 2022

34th Week of Ordinary Time – Cycle II
Rev 22, 1-7; Ps 94; Lk 21, 34-36

(Translated audio)

Tomorrow the Advent season begins, and Advent is always a time of hope, a time of waiting and a time that gives us profound joy. It is interesting to see that, until today, all readings focused on the end times, on all that prepares the glorious return of Christ. Then, all of a sudden, we have moved on to this time of waiting and hope.

The whole cycle of readings has made us walk forward; the Word of God has become ever clearer to us and God’s thoughts have awakened more and more in us since the Word of God has the power to do this. However, it is a power that acts to the extent that we are open to accepting it, to the extent we place the Kingdom of God and His justice at the centre of our life.

During Advent, we expect the Messiah. Two thousand years ago, people were waiting for the Messiah; they knew that He was the One who would pave the way and free the people. By some He was awaited in the right way, by others according to their own ideas; however, we may see that after two thousand years, history is still at the same crossroads. The Messiah has come; Jesus Christ has paved the way; sin and death have been defeated. The hope for the coming of the Messiah that people had two thousand years ago must now have another meaning: now, that hope has become a certainty. Now, Christians should not announce the expectation of the Messiah to the world as two thousand years ago, but the living presence of Christ. They should proclaim all He has done in these two thousand years and His glorious return. They should be bearers of hope in a hopeless world. Yet, I do not think this is happening.

This task belongs to us if we want to be Jesus’ collaborators. It is up to us to participate in this action with Him. We are asked to be apostles; apostles of truth, concrete apostles, who are true bearers of light. We must testify that the path has been paved and that we have everything we need to walk this path. We must communicate certainty to humanity. Be aware that the world needs the certainty that God exists.

The Blessed Mother said it in Her messages of the 13th of every month: “Life Without God Is Not Life “. If you remember, the first message was: “God Exists”.[1] There is still a need to bear witness that God exists. Her dialogue with us began because a large part of humanity does not have this certainty, and all trials arise from there. This is why we are still looking for human security, mostly in things that, in the end, disappoint us and worsen our situation. We must be a people who peacefully say, “God exists”. Not only does He exist, but He is also here among us and has given us all instruments to advance towards Him and pass through the darkness of this world. This must not be theory for us but life.

To go through this passage, we must always be aware that we are human beings created by God and that we need Jesus; we must be aware that Jesus is the only Saviour, and that is also the announcement we must  give. If you look closely, there is no longer anyone who says that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour in all situations: Jesus is the only One who can bring peace; Jesus is the only One who can resolve the situation of the world. We must set off with the awareness that we are human beings and make this affırmation with certainty: Jesus is the only Saviour, and Jesus saves us.

It is a beautiful and great task; it is a task that will certainly succeed since it is Jesus Himself who brings it to completion; it does not depend on us. We just have to have faith. It is not about our works but about having faith, and in this lies the testimony we give.

We know that Jesus is the only Way and the only Truth. He is the only Truth that reveals all truth: personal truth, community truth. Jesus is Life, but to enter His Life we must let Him do, we must allow Him to reveal all truth within us and around us. Then, He will show us the way and we will enter life.

We are in a time when the Earth is experiencing one trial after another, and the trials are hard. If we take Covid, for example (from which we have not even fully recovered): God gave us the way out. He asked humanity to turn to Him, to change its way of thinking, to change course. He gave us concrete tools to get out of it. However, in order to truly go through the trial and emerge resurrected from it, humanity had to change its way of life, its thinking and, its orientation. Unfortunately, we can see that it did not happen. The situation of the Earth is now worse than before. It is before everyone’s eyes: psychological disorders, distress, difficult situations of all kinds have increased. Covid has not left humanity indifferent, it has made it weaker especially spiritually. Humanity has sunk on the spiritual level; it has not lifted itself up; it has not accepted the help of God.

Once again, just as He was not welcomed two thousand years ago, the Saviour has not been fully welcomed this time either. I do not think I am wrong in saying that, on the one hand, people would like to get out of the trials, on the other hand, they want to continue living according to their ideas. This is a possible a request: “I want to get out of these trials. Help me, Lord, tell me what to do”. Asking the Lord to help us keep the same attitude, “Take away the trial from me, but I don’t want to change”, is not good.

Jesus’ presence in His second coming has diminished the evil that the Earth has drawn upon itself with this behaviour. His presence, His second coming, has protected us from the strong disintegrating energy that continues to strike the Earth. It has diminished the impact of evil. However, He needs to be welcomed, He needs to be supported by us, He needs a people. Towards the end of the Gospel, He says: “When I return to Earth, will I still find faith?”[2] And we have to respond: “Yes, You will find it here”. What does our “yes” entail? It makes us a people of co-redeemers, as we have said several times. It implies that our “yes” to Jesus through Mary means this: “We want to be with You, we want to walk the paths You travel. We want to help You as best as we can to live as You ask us to live.” In this way, we become co-redeemers: accepting His action, allowing Him to act freely with us.

Tonight, I want to ask all of you who are part of this Church to intensify your prayers, beginning with Advent and continuing throughout next year. May our offering to Jesus through Mary become ever purer and clearer. As I have said many times, it is not a matter of striking gestures or long prayers. It is just about having true faith, being aware that all things happen because God allows them. Thus, when we welcome them with the awareness that God allowed them, we will want to accept and elevate those situations, and thus become co-redeemers.

This is what I want to ask you to do in this time. This is our help for Jesus and Mary. Accepting life. It is essential not to focus on ourselves, on our troubles, on the things we need to change. We no longer think about our limits, but we simply live. We have given our life to Jesus, and in faith we know that Jesus knows how to guide us. We welcome everything in that faith. We do not analyse the mistake we make, but we let Jesus work within us so that He may use us to remove the limits of this humanity, that He may use our limits to remove them from others. Then, by living our personal offering in this way, the self-offering of all together as a people can become an instrument of salvation. We do not save, but, through us, Jesus can truly elevate this humanity and all its limits to God.

The trials that humanity is going through in these times should lead each of us to allow God to touch us so that selfishness dies in us and in humanity and we become aware that we are no better than others. We have the same limits as everyone, the difference is that we say: “Lord, I know that You can overcome my limits”. Then, God will overcome them, which will lead to our total transformation. The goal is not to become perfect, but to know that even our sins become a help for humanity when they are placed in God’s hands. If we are ready to die, we are ready to let ourselves be used by God.

This Earth is full of selfishness and arrogance. Our humanity is quarrelsome; there are quarrels everywhere. From the small family to nations and peoples, there are quarrels and wars everywhere. Therefore, if we offer ourselves to God to help humanity, we have to overcome the tendency in us to start arguments as well as our selfishness and arrogance. We must live blissfully while we are being tried in these things. How can we overcome arrogance? By being mild. How can we overcome selfishness? By offering ourselves. How can we win wars and quarrelsomeness? By being peacemakers. These are the Beatitudes.

Thus, the summary of our whole life consists in living the Beatitudes. When we live the Beatitudes, we are certainly blessed; however, the attitude should not be, “I will pray that I may be blessed,” because then we will have to go through the fire, as this will cause selfishness, arrogance and anger to arise in us. This is normal, but we must offer everything to God, not release it on our neighbour. This is the process of turning evil into good, absorbing disintegrating energy and handing it over to God so that He may transform it into good primary energy. In this way, we become co-redeemers. Jesus did this by taking our infirmities upon Himself. Mary did the same and we must do it, too. Not in a heroic way, but by giving Jesus the freedom to give us trials as only He can do. Everyone will make the contribution that is needed; everyone will go through his or her own process, but if all of us do it, it will become a great force.

For this Advent, I would like to ask you all to do this: rejoice that you have been chosen to become bringers of hope, who know that we have already won. We are not venturing into something unknown. We know we will be tried and persecuted, but we will also be victorious. We already know that we have won. Together with Jesus we cannot lose, do not forget that. What we will lose is only our pride, but that is good for us. Even when it feels like losing humanly, it is not a loss but a gain. It is part of the transformation that must take place to become new people. Then, we do not lose anything but gain everything. I consider everything a loss compared to knowing Christ. Remaining attached to things only makes us struggle. Trusting in God and letting Him work, living the Beatitudes, means living like children, as the whole Gospel says: “Be simple as children. Be like children.”[3] We will only benefit from it.

The situation of the Earth is so critical that no one can solve it but Christ. It is useless for us to try. Believe me: let us surrender to Him; let us allow Him to act freely; let us live a simple life in faith, and we will see miracles happen. He will be forced to intervene even more than He already does. If He finds a people who welcome Him like this, who want to follow Him like this, He will be forced to intervene. That will also speed up the time of His glorious return, and we will truly experience, already now, the time of the Beatitudes, of miracles, of profound peace. We will also see the development of villages among God’s people and all the things He has planned, but it will be His work, not ours. Otherwise, we will struggle, fight and get tired, and yet always remain a little disappointed. Why? Because the disintegrating energy is very strong. Nevertheless, God’s primary energy is much stronger, but we have to leave it free to act.

I am sure we will give our response, and I thank God for the response of each one of us and of you. I ask Mary Most Holy to accompany you and bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Message of 13 February 2017, “God Exists”, in the book “Life Without God Is Not Life – Messages of the Mother of Humanity to Stefania Caterina”, Luci dell’Esodo, 2019, published on our website

[2] See Lk 18,1-8 paraphrased

[3] See Mt 18, 3; Mk 10, 14; Lk 18, 16