The Kingdom of Christ in You and Among You

(taken from “Towards the New Creation 2018-2019”, p. 94, Luci dell’Esodo)

Message of Mary Most Holy of 25 November 2019, Feast of Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Universe

“My Dear Children,

I thank you for celebrating My Queenship today. I am pleased to be among you as Mother and Queen. Nevertheless, the King and the Queen need a kingdom; they need the Kingdom of God.

Children, what is the Kingdom of God? It is not an unlikely, abstract or poetic idea; the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Christ in you and among you. Why is His Kingdom late in coming? Because the Lord cannot fully reign in the people of the Earth. Only when you allow Jesus to reign in you, will the Kingdom of God manifest itself among you.

Unfortunately, the Christians of the Earth have understood very little of all this. They are waiting for the Kingdom of God as something that will suddenly and magically descend from above, but that is not so. My Son told you that the Kingdom of God is among you.[1] This means that when you are immersed in God’s Love and fully live the offering of yourselves to Him with integrity and in communion among you and with the whole universe, the King can reign in you. When My Son, Jesus, is the sovereign in you, then the Kingdom of God will also be among you. […]”

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[1] See Luke 17,20-21