Our Blessed Lady triumphes in those who offer themselves to God

(taken from “Beyond the Great Barrier”, chapter 2, p. 52; Luci dell’Esodo)

Message of Mary Most Holy of 25 March 2003

“I bless you, my dear children, on this day that is particularly dear to me. I have come to remind you that your duty is to announce Trinitarian life to the world; the life of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It was pulsating in my heart, in the heart of my spouse Joseph. It was alive in the house in Nazareth. In order for your annunciation to be effective and authentic, you must firstly welcome it with a clear, immaculate heart, as I have done. The annunciation of Trinitarian life cannot descend into a dirty heart, into a soul brimming with interests. You must strip yourselves more and more of all interests outside of the glory of God, otherwise the annunciation cannot become rooted in you. It remains abstract, it can touch you but not transform you.

The annunciation of Trinitarian life must transform you day by day. You can no longer be the same if you have received this annunciation, as occurred for me; not only because I became pregnant, but because my whole life changed within me. After the annunciation of the archangel, my whole personal life developed, my life with Jesus and through Him, my life with the Father in the Holy Spirit. This was followed by other events in my life, such as the presentation of Jesus at the temple, his death and resurrection, all associated with the initial moment of the annunciation. At that moment in fact, due to my immaculate nature, I already knew that I did not possess the fruit of my breast. This became even clearer to me at the time of the presentation of Jesus at the temple. Here I delivered Jesus to the Father, renouncing all rights over Him.

I would like to say this to you: if you are immaculate, you cannot claim any right over Jesus. You cannot possess him, because, if you truly love him, it is He who possesses you. You can only possess God through love, never out of interest or ambition, because God does not allow himself to be trapped by your interests and your ambitions. And so, do not try to possess or manipulate God’s life. It only belongs to you when you love it, respect it and welcome it. The words of the archangel Gabriel were clear: Jesus was the Son of the Most High, He was not mine. This is also valid for you. Jesus passes through you, He loves you, He transforms you, but you cannot capture Him in your nets.

For this reason I was able to remain freely beneath the cross, because I knew that Jesus did not belong to me and that he had to return to the Father after having fulfilled his work. This is the way things must be for each of you: Jesus must fulfil his work in you, not what you want. Be free in this, allow yourselves to be taken to Jesus, even under the cross, so that his will might be fulfilled. Jesus will fulfil the work of the Father perfectly in you, he will fulfil it in the power of the Holy Spirit, as was the case with me. Then you will see the resurrection, you will be able to pass through the narrow door that leads to life, a door that only few people find because few people allow themselves to be led by Jesus beneath the cross. Many receive the annunciation, but once they have received it, they immediately try to possess the grace for their own interests. Jesus cannot work within them in this way, or he can only work in a limited manner. These people want to reduce the action of the Spirit to their level. This is the tragedy of many Christians today: the annunciation of the salvation that my Son continuously addresses to every man, that the Holy Spirit tirelessly brings, and that the Father desires, is debased and bridled in the nets of human life, which are made of many interests.

I do not want this to also happen to those who wish to offer themselves to God! They must go through the phases of the annunciation, the presentation at the temple, the cross and the resurrection. They must embark on them with me, as I did, in an immaculate state and offering their lives totally to God, without interests, without plots, without cobwebs. I want you to be free, my children, free from all human traps! If you are like this, then God will use you as much as possible, and he will beat down every obstacle in you and around you.

I would like to repeat to you today that you must not worry about what is going to happen in the Church and in the world. You will see great things, you will also see terrible things, because these times of yours are tremendous times, times of extreme struggles between light and shadows. But those who offer themselves to God and place their trust in Him, have nothing to fear. I would like to repeat to you today that I protect you in every way, wrapping my cloak around you.

I want to triumph in each of you, but I can only triumph in those who offer themselves totally to God. I can only triumph beneath the cross, because you will not see the resurrection without first having seen the cross. This is valid for each of you, as it was valid for me. Do not be afraid of looking at Christ’s cross, because that is the passage through which you will reach life. Let my blessing come down upon you, dear children, on this day and open up the pathway to you, so that you might carry the annunciation of that Life that I welcomed in order to give it to you. I bless you, In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”