“Preparing for Holy Christmas”

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

30 November 2017

(Translated audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; this week is dedicated to Christ the King and takes us directly to Advent when we prepare for the coming of little Jesus, who is Christ the Redeemer. We say “little Jesus” because we have to bow down to Him so that we may feel in our heart the divine impulses that have to arise and mature so that we can reach the new the Heavens and the new Earth: the new creation.

During Advent, the Immaculate Mother is the morning star that opens new spaces before us. Therefore, for our reflection on Advent I have chosen a text that will accompany us in a concrete way towards understanding the times we are living in.

Stefania Caterina: We will read out a passage of Our Lady’s message of 15 August 2013[1]

“My immaculateness is an utterly special privilege, and it is bound to My divine Motherhood; nevertheless, all of you are called to immaculateness. All your spiritual path must tend to the progressive purification from sin and corruption until you reach the state of immaculateness through which you become partakers of the divine grace and worthy of belonging to the new humanity. The entire human race in the universe will have to reach this state of purity in order to enter the new creation: the new human being will be immaculate and so will the new humanity.

I am the Immaculate Conception, the new human being without equal. That is why I was taken up to Heaven to participate in the glory of the Creator, before whom I intercede for you all, and to prepare the way towards the new creation just as Jesus prepared it for Me. Jesus paved a new path; the path of the Spirit for all of you. However, it was necessary that, after Jesus, on behalf of all humanity, a pure and faithful human being was the first to cross the Great Barrier in spirit, soul and body. God willed that I should be that human being because I was the Immaculate, the Mother of God and humanity. I have paved the way for you out of love and with love. With My obedience and docility, I healed your many infidelities in advance, especially those of the people of God. Had I not accepted My Motherhood towards you and My passage into Heaven, it would be much more difficult for you to walk Jesus’ path: I was and I will be your guarantee before God that, one day, you will be with Me beyond the Great Barrier.

When I rose to Heaven, I crossed the Great Barrier made of light. There, the light and the almighty power of My Son, who welcomed Me in His arms, enveloped me. The moment I crossed the Great Barrier of light, I became Queen. I rose to Heaven as an immaculate woman, and I entered the dimension of pure spirit as Queen. The same will occur to the people of God: they will go up as the new people and cross the Great Barrier of light; they will become a royal people and govern the universe forever together with their God.

Dear children, I told you these things in order to help you better understand My presence and My role in your life. I expect you to walk a path of transformation.”

Father Tomislav: I think, dear brothers and sisters, you have received Jesus’ message, “The Countdown Begins”[2], in which great scenarios, which will affect the whole universe have been revealed especially for us on Earth. We do not want to comment on that message because it is already very clear and has opened new horizons. I only want to point to our heart, that is, our spirit and our soul, because from the spiritual path we are walking new paths will open up, enabling us to follow Jesus’ indications and to go through the events that are underway as well as those that await us.

Mary’s royalty is placed in this framework, which Jesus has given us: She is our Mother and Queen. She is glorified in the Heavens and on Earth, but we have to glorify and understand Her Queenship; we have to welcome it to be able to move fast towards the promises Jesus has revealed to us.

In Her message, Our Lady says: “When I crossed the Great Barrier of light, I became Queen.” “I became Queen when I crossed the Great Barrier of Light.” When we were baptised we received the grace to be a royal people; yet, that was a seed placed into us. If we do not have faith and do not move freely in faith, all concepts and graces we have received remain far away from us; they are overshadowed by clouds since we do not fully participate in them. Crossing the Great Barrier of Light means removing everything dirty in us; it means being completely stripped of ourselves. In a way, by participating in the light, our whole being becomes light so that there is nothing left that prevents us from elevating ourselves in soul and body. All our self must be transformed and elevated. It may look difficult to us, even impossible, but it is not so. Our path of faith is simple; simple like our Mother and Queen. Hence, it is very important that we understand the steps to take.

In His message[3], Jesus asks all those who follow these programmes to elevate in prayer, to participate with intense prayer, to renounce all human intentions; as Jesus says, they are worth nothing, they vanish along the path and neither advance nor elevate us. He also asks us to place all our prayers and intentions into His Mother’s Heart. I want to show you two different aspects: on the one hand, we must entrust all our intentions to the Immaculate Mother and leave them there; on the other hand, we must free ourselves of all intentions and trust that God will act according to His Wisdom, Justice and Goodness and that He will not forget our intentions. Then, we will be able to elevate and consecrate ourselves to Mary’s work, which will lead us to Jesus Christ. Then, we will experience a constant elevation.

If in this period, our intentions, our prayers, our ways of participating in the sacraments are not elevated to Mary, it will be difficult for us. Why to Mary? We have announced that the destiny of the humanity of the Earth and of the entire universe, is to become one in God, one apostolic Church in the whole universe. We have announced that all the powers of the universe, including those in Heaven, in Purgatory, in the different universes, are thus participating in this work. We have said that the Archangels and the Angels support us, that the faithful brothers and sisters help us. However, Mary is the only human being that rose to Heaven in soul and body and is immersed in the Trinity, and She presents Herself as our Mother. The whole Church, all people should be like a child in Her womb. How much protection we will have when we are like this!

In these times, Mary Most Holy is sent as Queen among us to pave the way, accompany us and overcome our weaknesses to bring us to Christ, the King of the universe, and He will deliver us to the Father. In this perspective, which Jesus has opened through His instruments in this period, it is necessary to understand the full meaning of Mary’s Queenship for these times. We must not see it as a phrase invoked while reciting prayers, but we have to take part in the power of the Queen, who is the only One who can protect us in these times and whom the great Archangels have defined as: more powerful than the Mystical Body of Christ.

Now, we must understand in our heart how to free ourselves from worries. It is good to be aware that we cannot elevate our spirit by ourselves, but we need to remember that we can lift ourselves up by God’s grace; everything is possible to God, “nothing is impossible to God”.[4] Likewise, it is right to understand that God does not act alone but that He involves all His children so that they may participate in redemption. He wants to bring the Angels and the humans back to the original dimension, where all are His collaborators in ruling the entire universe and where there is no more room for Satan.

First of all, eliminate the conviction that Jesus’ request is arduous. No, it’s easy. If you love Him and believe in these programmes, if you hope, love and are oriented towards Jesus, all the instruments of God will be at your disposal to elevate you more and more. Satan’s ability to hinder you will increasingly diminish. The real impediment is your attachment to the Earth, I mean, by leading a corrupt life, which will end in a few years or decades. The more you are attached to the spirit of this world, the more you will be weak and separated from God, the more you will struggle and be unable to stand up again because you are enveloped by the spirit of evil. If you are open to the Kingdom of God, to this programme, then God’s providence will act with all its power in you and among you, and you will be able to count on all the instruments that God puts at your disposal.

I will leave you alone in these days. For what reason? Because you must not depend only on the words of the priest, or of someone else. Now, you have the task to understand and believe in Jesus’ Word, in the Gospel, in those truths that are fundamental in our faith. Awaken! The most difficult awakening for man is to gain the willingness to always stand before the face of God, just as the Angels do, who listen, perceive and act. You know that throughout the history of salvation many words, many graces, many impulses given by the Holy Spirit have passed without changing us.

This is the time to make a choice that comes from each one’s heart. We pray and offer ourselves for you; know that everyone will be visited by the Angels, who are pure spirits, and all those who are of good will will be given the graces to set off on the path towards the new creation.

The destiny of those who believe in Jesus Christ is not to remain on Earth, rot and end our life like this. Let us lift our eyes to God, who helps us; He truly helps us, and thus we will be able to welcome Jesus Christ at this Christmas with the power of the Holy Spirit.

I bless you and I bless this time, in which we all are now. I bless you in the situations you find yourselves, in the torments, difficulties and daily worries you are experiencing so that you may breathe the grace and feel helped and strengthened. I bless you that you may feel the intervention of God, who provides everything you need to elevate yourselves, to change your life and be happy. I bless you in communion with all the Mystical Body of Christ and today, particularly, with the blessing of the Queen of Heaven, of the Earth and of the whole universe; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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