The Great Testimony of Jesus

Letter to the People of God

8 January 2023, Baptism of the Lord

The Great Testimony of Jesus

Dear Brothers and Sister,

We have entered the third year of JESUS’ INTERMEDIATE PRESENCE on Earth. Our Lady announced His particular presence in spirit to us in Her message of 7 December 2020[1], to which we refer.[2]

For the year 2023, we wish you all and us to enter into a full and authentic communion with Jesus, with His life and work, in favour of the Earth and the whole Universe. Those of you who have followed these programmes and walked with us have been able to broaden their view on the Universe and the dynamism of its history. In all these years, we have always tried to show you the simple and luminous road that leads to the glorious future of humanity, which necessarily passes through the RECAPITULATION OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IN CHRIST.[3] In this way, in silence and prayer, you could develop your own way of thinking and make your choices.

In the past time, we have seen how many events have overlapped on Earth, and now it is time to give answers to God. It is necessary to bear witness to the work that the Father is accomplishing through His Son Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, through the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”, the one that is present on Earth and the one that descends from Heaven.

In recent years, the members of the Central Nucleus[4] have remained silent to stand face to face with God and share with each other the life and the action of God in favour of the people of the whole Universe. Nevertheless, the time has come for us to bear witness to what we see and experience in our mission in order to help God’s people to live united with Christ and bear witness to Him.

From the beginning, we need to tell you clearly that we will not send you any new messages and revelations. Indeed, the Lord has spoken extensively to this people, directly and through His instruments, and what was necessary for us to know for this time has been revealed. All of this provides a solid foundation on which our testimony will be based, in the hope that it will bring you some light in these dark times. We will intervene from time to time on this website, and we are sure of your participation in the grace of this time, which we want to share with all of you.

What testimony are we speaking of? We all say that we bear witness to Jesus Christ, and it is true. However, Jesus states: “I do not accept testimony from a man.”[5] In the light of these words, we understand that in reality the true witness is Jesus Christ Himself, the faithful and truthful witness mentioned in Revelation.[6] Jesus incessantly bears witness to the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit. He conveys what He sees with the Father. Therefore, He says to Nicodemus, Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen; but you do not receive our testimony“ (John 3,11, NIV). It means that we receive His testimony and share it with our brothers and sisters; but what shall we witness if we do not accept it? Consequently, it is necessary to be deeply united with Jesus in order to accept and share with others the testimony He gives to our spirit. This, in turn, makes us authentic witnesses of Christ.

The extraordinary instruments – the Angels, the Central Nucleus and the Brothers and Sisters of the Universe faithful to God – of whom we have spoken to you in depth, are particularly united with Jesus in this time; they follow and support Him in His silent and powerful action. He is here on Earth, particularly present in spirit, but His action has repercussions on the whole Universe. With His INTERMEDIATE COMING, Jesus gives us again His testimony of the work the Father is accomplishing. He asks the extraordinary instruments to accept His testimony and to transmit it to His people, so that the people, in turn, may become faithful witnesses.

As members of the Central Nucleus living on Earth, we respond to the Lord’s invitation and place ourselves at His disposal to communicate to you the great testimony of Jesus for this time and for this humanity.

The Lord awaits our rebirth from above.[7] We have celebrated the Christmas of the Lord in vain if divine life has not been reborn in us, if we have not made ourselves ready to change our existence for the better in order to conform ourselves to Him. Jesus is here, glorious in our midst, with His Most Holy Mother, to take us to His glory. United with Him, His Church of the whole Universe is present – the Angels, the Saints, the humanities faithful to God, the souls in Purgatory – which descends from Heaven to come to the aid of the Earth.

The Lord is waiting for His people to flourish and bear abundant fruit of eternal life. Only Jesus can offer the right solutions to the existential problems that beset our humanity. Those who welcome Him into their life will hear His voice and receive answers to their problems. He is the source of life.

The Church that descends from Heaven will bear witness to the life and action of the One and Triune God. We will do it, together with the other members of the Central Nucleus. The people of God present on Earth will also bear witness; they have decided to belong to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” and have put themselves at the service of those who wish to walk this path in order to help them. All together, we will be the Mystical Body of Christ, and we will give our testimony to the whole Universe.

God is mystery. The FULLNESS OF LIFE is in Him and pours out on all humans and creatures. Without Him, no one will have this fullness. After original sin, the Father sent to Earth His Son Jesus Christ, who became incarnate among us in His first coming. He came to communicate to us His Life and show us the way to fullness. He founded His own Church and, throughout the centuries, He sent us innumerable holy witnesses. From the glory of Heaven, He sent us His Mother, who appeared on Earth many times and in many places to help us. It was particularly Mary, the Immaculate Conception, together with the Church that descends from Heaven, who prepared Jesus’ intermediate coming, again on Earth, again in favour of the whole Universe.

Glorious Jesus, who went through death and overcame it, is here to give us again His great testimony of what He sees with the Father. Those who welcome Him and believe in Him will already experience a life in fullness, even amidst the inevitable daily difficulties and painful trials that humanity is going through.

The Lord will progressively intensify His action, which will unfold faster and faster. He will divide humanity, separating those who will unite with Him in order to be saved from those who choose to be lost without Him.

We have decided to give our interventions the title “Letters to the people of God”. Letters are mainly written to loved ones, and you are dear to us; you are our brothers and sisters with whom we form one people. We will gradually try to help you understand these times and the paths to walk in order to share with you God’s promises, the expectations and hopes of a new humanity on its way towards the New Creation.

The Lord bless you and give you His peace.

Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

[1] In Our Lady’s message of 7 December 2020 “The Messianic Time”, She said: “Over the centuries, many mystics have spoken about the INTERMEDIATE COMING OF JESUS even though they did not clearly know its meaning. The presence of Jesus in spirit among His people, of which I speak, is the intermediate coming of Jesus. It will precede His glorious coming in which Jesus will present Himself in flesh and blood as Son of God and Son of Man. He will come to judge humanity and forever divide light from darkness, the children of God from the children of Satan. He will finally establish the Kingdom of God and offer it to the Father in the Holy Spirit. He will introduce the children of God into the new creation that the Father will have prepared for them.”

[2] Our Lady’s message, of 7 December 2020, has been published in the book, “Towards the New Creation – Vol. VII – Collected Messages 2020”, and in the category, “Messages by Year”,

[3] See Eph 1,10

[4] Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić are members of the Central Nucleus, one of the three extraordinary instruments of these times, of which we have spoken in detail; you can find more information in the category “The Extraordinary Instruments of God” on our website,

[5] See John 5,34, paraphrased

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