The Final Turning Point for Humanity

(Taken from the video conference of 25 February 2012)


Tomislav Vlašić: Good morning! I hope you will be able to watch this video without problems and to clearly understand the content I am going to present. After the video conference Stefania Caterina and I held on February 11 of this year, 2012, we felt that it was necessary to deepen some aspects, especially the six points that St. Michael the Archangel[1] underlines in his message, which we have to follow to be reunited with Christ. All those who desire to follow the path of the recapitulation (of all things) in Christ have to take these points into account.

This is the first part of a series of video conferences that we have entitled, “Progressing in Fullness”. There is a specific reason for this title, which is that each one of us holds the seed of fullness within, and we are all called to reach that fullness, that is, the perfection that will be in eternity. Therefore, our task is to help you understand this path, which is indeed a passage through fullness.

For today’s first video, I have chosen the subtitle, “The Final Turning Point for Humanity”. As we have already said on other occasions,[2] we have gone through the phase of preparation and that of the messages of the past few years, which promised a special and decisive intervention of God; e have reached this year, 2012, in which God has begun to act strongly in the spirit of all men and women.

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[1] See Message of St. Michael the Archangel on September 10, 2010, on the Central Nucleus, published on this site. The six points are: The priesthood of the Archangels; the spiritual motherhood and fatherhood; the new priesthood; the immaculateness; the offering of one’s life through the Most Holy Virgin Mary; the universal communion.

[2] He refers to the video conference of 11 February 2012, see footnote 1