My Name is Mother

Message of Our Lady of 12 September, 2015 – Mary’s Name

Our Lady said:

“My dearest children,

I want to bless you on the day you remember My name. I tell you that not many remember My name today, unfortunately even in the Church; but I wish you understood my name increasingly better. My name is not simply Mary: My name is Mother and you know what a mother is. You know that man always calls the mother until the last day, until the last breath. When in danger, during suffering and death, he invokes his mother. This is the name that always transmits safety, help and love because the mother is the one who is always close to you and accompanies you along your path. If a mother on Earth can be so tender and selfless towards her children, how much more tender will I be towards you!

You do not know how important you are to me and how many tears I shed for the children who get lost when they distance themselves from Me. Those who are mothers understand what it means when a child takes the wrong way and gets lost. Thus, imagine how strong My pain is. However, those who want to stay close to Me give Me joy, and I always try to transmit My joy to you. If you remain close to Me, if you love Me, if you call Me with My real name, which is Mother, the Mother of God and your Mother, then, you will always feel the joy that pours out of My heart for you. That is pure joy, which has nothing to do with the joys of the world. It is the joy that gives life because it is the joy of God.

Dear children, the world knows this joy less and less as it distances itself more and more from its Lord, its God, its Creator. I beg you, children, help Me! Help Me bring the lost children back to God.
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