I Am the Co-Redemptrix of Humanity

22 February 2020, Message of Mary Most Holy, Chair of St. Peter and Anniversary of the Foundation of the “Fortress of the Immaculate”

“Dearest Children,

On this very particular day, I hold all of you in My Heart with immense love, especially those who are ill and those who suffer in spirit; those who are persecuted in their families and at work because of this path. I hold you all in My Heart because I want to be close to you in all your trials.

I have asked you many times to help Me save the souls. Today I say: help Me in My work as Co-Redemptrix. I am the Co-Redemptrix of the entire humanity of the Universe. That is not a title but My Mission; My mission among you. It is the mission that I accepted at the moment of conception. Therefore, I am Mother to you because I have accepted to endure all the pain of the Universe with My Son to snatch you from suffering and death.

I endured all sufferings of the Passion with My Son: the spiritual sufferings caused by the betrayal, the abandonment, the offences and blasphemies as well as the physical pain. All that Jesus suffered in His body I also suffered in Mine…

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