Guarding Grace to Live

Message of St. Joseph, Solemnity of St. Joseph

19 March 2020

“Dearest Children,

I bless you and I thank you for all the path you have done in these years. I bless your fatherhood and motherhood and the whole people entrusted to you. Even though I rarely speak to you, I am always present among you with Mary Most Holy, my Spouse.

I have always been considered the guardian of the Holy Family. Being a guardian means something very broad. Indeed, all of you are guardians of each other, of God’s life and of every grace that has been given to you. Above all, to guard means to live. You have to guard in order to live, to remember, to elevate yourselves. Without guarding the things of God, it is difficult to rise to Heaven. The people of the Earth waste the graces they receive and are surrounded by. They waste them in a superficial way because they do not know how to guard them.

Therefore, your greatest inner commitment must be to guard what you have received. Without custody, there is neither knowledge nor memory. Your first task is to be guardians of what has been revealed to you. Do not worry too much about speaking and preaching to others, because when you guard and remember what you have, grace expands through you; it is not wasted and will spread.

This is what Mary and I did in the house of Nazareth: we guarded every word that came out of Jesus’ mouth.
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