Guarding the Grace to Live

Message of St. Joseph of 19 March 2020 – Solemnity of St. Joseph

“Dearest Children,

I bless you and thank you for the path you have done in these years. I bless your paternity and maternity and the whole people that is entrusted to you. Even though I rarely speak to you, I am always present among you along with Mary Most Holy, my Spouse.

I have always been considered the guardian of the Holy Family. Being a guardian means something very broad; in fact, all of you are guardians of each other, of God’s life and every grace that has been given to you. To guard, first of all, means to live. You have to guard in order to live, to remember, to elevate yourselves. Without guarding the things of God, it is difficult to rise to Heaven. The men of the Earth waste the graces they receive and are surrounded by; they waste them in a superficial way because they do not know how to guard them.

Therefore, your greatest inner commitment must consist in guarding what you have received. Without custody there is no knowledge or even memory. Your first task is that to be guardians of what has been revealed to you. You must not worry too much about speaking and preaching to others, because when you save and remember what you have, grace expands through you; it will not be wasted but spread.

This is what Mary and I did in the house of Nazareth: we guarded every word that came out of Jesus’ mouth. You have read in the Gospel that Jesus, still a child, spoke with teachers in the temple. [1] His wisdom was infinite. That child continuously instructed us with His life, His presence and His word. To work with Him in my workshop meant growing in a continuous catechesis.

Mary and I saved everything that was said to us. Our heart was like a safe. We did not want to keep but guard.  To guard does not mean to keep the reality of God for oneself or take possession of it, but rather to let those realities penetrate deeply into the spirit so that they become a memorial in order to be given little by little.

All of you should be like a bucket placed under the water gushing from the fountain: the bucket fills up and then begins to overflow. The overflowing water pours generously on the ground while the bucket does not empty but continues to fill up. This image represents the kind of custody that I mean. Mary and I guarded everything that Jesus said in our hearts and we grew together with Him. Do as we did. In fact, you are called to guard and wisely administer what the Lord has placed in each one of you from the moment of conception.

It is important that the whole people guard what they have received. You are moving towards a time of great battles on Earth. In these days, you see that the great cosmic battle between Good and Evil, which is to unfold on your planet, has begun.[2] What should the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe do? It will have to give, little by little, to all men of good will the treasure it is guarding within itself. You should not and cannot give everything to everyone, but you will have to recognise with common sense to whom to give and to whom not to give, behaving honestly without ever clashing against any power or authority. It is not your task to overthrow the powerful from their throne because this is up to God. Your task is to live and spread around you the grace you have guarded, of which you have saved the memory to the point of becoming part of you. The word of God has to incarnate in you.

I have already spoken to you about the virginal silence by which you can guard all things within you.[3] I do not mean a dead silence but a living silence. It makes everything that you receive from God, day by day, from outside and mostly from within, become part of you. Therefore, you need the silence of the lips but, even more, the silence of the heart. Do not think you have to preach to the whole world. Your action in spirit must be prevalent; it is the backbone of your mission, as it was for Mary and me.

The memory of the events did not remain closed in Mary and in me:  everything you read in the Gospel about Jesus childhood, not much, in fact, because a lot was cancelled; who could tell those things if not the two of us? We gave the people the fruit of our experience, in the right way and at the right time. This is how memory becomes knowledge and knowledge spreads, for it is made to be shared. If it is not shared in the right way, knowledge turns into imposition, into a superficial display of oneself. Unfortunately, many Christians use their knowledge, which is often rational, as a source for privileges and an instrument of power, but that should not be so.

My figure has often been marginalised, but only by those who wanted to marginalise it. Through history, the saints have always invoked Me, and I have been particularly close to them. No saint has ever neglected me. However, this is not so important. What is important, though, is that the whole Mystical Body of Christ is alive in you. In fact, it is not enough to remember the saints, but it is necessary to guard and keep memory of the experience of holiness of the Church through the millennia. Today it is enriched and increased by the experience of the faithful humanity and those who, in the whole universe, invoke the Name of Jesus. The experience of the saints belongs to you; it is an enormous wealth of knowledge you have within you, because the experiences of the saints are not lost but pour on all of you.

The knowledge of God is shared among the members of the people; it is not owned only by someone and made an instrument of power. That is what Satan does: the knowledge he owns is the instrument of power with which he crushes everyone. In God, however, knowledge is shared among the people and becomes memory and memorial, elevation and true wisdom.

My spouse and I are with you and will always be there to help you, but you have to accept the difficulties and the obstacles caused by the disintegrating energy, present on Earth. Do you really think that the disintegrating energy of Herod did not touch us? Can you imagine the persecutions Mary and I suffered? Even though, we were protected by extraordinary grace, we were still a man and a woman, just as Jesus was true God and true man. We suffered, overcame and won over everything in the name of Jesus.

The Antichrist wants to take over all power on Earth. Whether he uses a virus, a nuclear weapon or any other means makes no difference. What matters is that you know that you are moving towards the battle, but it is God who holds the reins of history in His hands.

The Antichrist cannot go beyond the limit imposed by God; he does not have unlimited power, as Satan deludes himself. He has the power that is given to him by the humanity of the Earth and nothing more, whereas you, on the other hand, are at the service of God and His omnipotence.

Now you have to act in silence, with simplicity, as Mary and I did, without beginning discussions with anyone. Treasure what you have received and allow the primary energy, which is in each of you and in the whole people, to act and counter the disintegrating energy. You are not alone in this battle: the whole Church of the Universe acts together with you. You may suffer and carry the pain of the world, but you will never be overwhelmed, nor persecuted more than necessary, because God now must prevail with his armies.

In the trial that the Earth is going through now, because of the coronavirus pandemic[4], your victory is certain, because if you have faith, nothing is impossible to you as Jesus said.[5] You, fight with the weapons of faith, hope and love. Nevertheless, you must be cautious like I was when I had to flee to Egypt even though I was protected by God. Yet, you don’t have to be afraid because faith does not allow you to be scared. You are protected, but do what you are asked to do. I also set out to fulfill the census duty. It cost me trouble and pain for my pregnant Spouse, for all that we suffered, but we both behaved like good citizens. You, too, have to be good Christians, good citizens, honest people.

I bless you together with Mary and the whole Mystical Body of Christ; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.“

[1] See Lk 2,41-51

[2] These days a serious pandemic, caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus, is reaping many victims, obliging citizens of many nations to stay at home in order to limit infections.

[3]  See Stefania Caterina “Beyond the Great Barrier”, Luci dell’Esodo, 2008, pp. 220-221

[4] See footnote 2

[5] See Mk 9,23

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