With John Paul II towards the Third Millennium

(taken from: Stefania Caterina I Tomislav Vlašić “Rewriting History – vol. II – The Universe and Its Inhabitants”, Part 4, chapter 3)

1. The Polish Pope

The Polish people are particularly dear to God. In reality, God loves all peoples in the universe without preferences because He is the Father of all. However, on Earth, the planet where Jesus incarnated and where the satanic presence is stronger, God has chosen some peoples whom He has entrusted with the mission of keeping the faith, hope and love for Jesus Christ alive in these times. These nations are called to be the yeast of Christian holiness, not only for the Church but also for entire continents and the whole Earth. They are the beloved peoples of God; however, divine predilection always requires to be responded with faithfulness, purification and responsibility. Therefore, these peoples have endured much suffering and great saints have emerged from them. These are the Croatian, the Italian and the Polish people. Today more than ever, as the Christian faith is generally weakening in many countries, these three nations are called to live and save the authentic values of Christianity.

John Paul II came from the Polish people and was one of the greatest and most loved Popes in history. Much has been written about his life; hence, I will not tell you what you already know, but rather what you do not know. This is the purpose of this story: to show you what human eyes have not seen, but what God has read in the hearts of men and between the lines of history.

John Paul II was elected towards the end of 1978; not only a year but also an era was ending. In fact, God was about to intervene in order to give your history a decisive turn. Lucifer was raging in the low universe with the Confederation of the Light which was working at full power. The attack that began in 1966 had produced good results for Lucifer: social unrest, turmoil, confusion, immorality and perversion were spreading throughout the Earth. Particularly the seventies witnessed the rise and fall of fierce dictatorships; the tensions between the East and West of Europe exacerbated due to the installation of dangerous missiles on both sides.

Lucifer and his fellows were planning a third world war in the eighties, which was to erupt between the two superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union, to expand to the rest of the world. The allies of the low universe would have been involved in this conflict. They were to help the Illuminati to establish the well-known New World Order. Therefore, besides a disastrous nuclear war with the usual purpose of eliminating people they considered worthless, enriching the Illuminati and reshaping the geopolitical structure of the Earth, your humanity was to expect an invasion by other humanities of the universe who certainly had no friendly intentions.

Moreover, in 1976 Mao Tse Tung died, the fierce dictator of communist China. Little has been said about him and little is known; he was seen as a revolutionary hero and a friend of the people. There is not much to say about him from our point of view: he was one of the many servants of Lucifer and the Illuminati, no different from Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc. Your history is full of sinister figures like him. Once you know one, you know all of them. Evil always acts in the same manner, for it is not creative but destructive. The methods change but the purposes are always the same: corrupt, deceive, destroy and command.

2. Totus Tuus

In this bleak situation God intervened with a surprise move: the Polish Pope who had known Nazism and Communism; a child of a people chosen by God. A Pope who had offered himself totally to Mary Most Holy and who would adopt the motto “Totus Tuus”[1]; a true shepherd, a great mystic, an exceptional communicator. His pontificate was guided in an extraordinary way by God through the events of history.

God was particularly close to this Pope but not because God prefers this or that individual. The Holy Spirit has always watched over the Popes even when they, in their human weakness, were not worthy of their tasks. In fact, there have been pontiffs in history that did not deserve this title; and yet, God acted even through them for the good of the people; not because He did not see their shortcomings, but to protect the faithful from suffering and scandal. This does not mean that God justifies the sins of bad shepherds: it means that God exceeds human misery, and His action goes far beyond man. Were it not so, the Church would not have survived. However, since the Church is not man’s work, it survives man and his wickedness. Never confuse the structure of the Church made of men with the Church as the Body of Christ. They are two entirely different things.

In history there have been particular Popes, chosen and guided by God to be Shepherds not only of the Church but the whole of humanity; they were beams of light for everyone, believers or non-believers. John Paul II was one of them. As a beloved child of Mary Most Holy, to whom he had entrusted himself since his youth, he was able to combine strength and tenderness. His profound intelligence was linked to special graces of his soul. He was faithful to God and a friend of humanity; however, he did not bend before the powerful, much less before the arrogant. And he proved it to you.

The pontificate of John Paul II followed precise guidelines: God’s mercy, the entrustment to Mary, the love for humanity. Some considered him hard and conservative; he was just righteous and inflexible in regard to the basic values of human coexistence. With His firm hand He guided the Church and humanity towards a delicate and extremely important target: the third millennium.

3. The failed consecration of Russia

From the very first days of His pontificate John Paul II felt the urgency to consecrate Russia to Mary Most Holy according to the request of Our Lady of Fatima. As a child of the East he had closely experienced Russia’s errors of which the Holy Mother had spoken.

He decided to proceed to the consecration without further delays, but he met a wall of resistance caused by the fear of provoking the Soviet regime and rendering the relationship of the Holy See with Russia even more difficult. These were the human reasons. However, the human reasons are only the reflection of what takes place in the spiritual dimension: Lucifer and the Illuminati could not allow Russia, such an important player in their game, to be consecrated to Our Lady. Therefore, they opposed the Pope in every way especially through their colleagues who had infiltrated into the Vatican.

Unfortunately, men do not fully understand the meaning of the consecration of a people to Our Lady. Yet, the demons and their cronies know it. When a nation is consecrated to Mary, it is under her special protection. The Mother of God leads it to Her Son and intercedes with the Holy Trinity for its needs. She generates children of God within that people, protects it from Lucifer’s devastations, preserving its integrity and keeping away the snares of evil. History is full of episodes in which entire populations were spared from wars or epidemics thanks to the intervention of Our Lady when invoked as Patroness. The more a people entrusts itself to Mary, the more it will be preserved from evil. This is one of the reasons why God has especially chosen the Croatian, the Italian and the Polish nations: for their people’s special devotion to Our Lady that endured throughout the centuries. Despite the fact that atheism is now spreading even among the Croatians, Italians and Poles, the faith of these three peoples is still alive and has maintained its strong Marian devotion, enabling them to continue to nourish Europe’s faith.

Nevertheless, the more a people is consecrated to Mary, the more it is targeted by Lucifer and his allies; this is evident in the case of the three mentioned countries which have experienced many trials; God has allowed this to happen in order to strengthen their faith in God and the love for Mary Most Holy.

Realising the determination of John Paul II to proceed to the consecration of Russia, Lucifer took remedial action. In fact, he knew that the Pope was not easy to discourage. So, the action of the most powerful mediums of the Earth and other planets against John Paul II began: evil spells of all kinds, black masses, satanic rituals and black magic against his person and his work; a real assault that would not end until his death. But the Mother of God spread Her cloak to cover and protect this very special child who had consecrated himself and his pontificate to Her. All the trials that God allowed did not bend this Pope; on the contrary, they made him stronger until he became a giant in faith. God spoke in a special way to his heart; he was a true mystic, but he lived his experiences in secrecy; he kept the secret of the king (Tob 12,7).

Our Lady of Fatima had requested the solemn consecration of Russia by the Pope together with all the bishops of the Earth. Many of them refused to do it for the most various reasons. The union between the Pope and the Bishops as a force within the Church was weakened. This prevented the consecration from taking place according to the procedure indicated by Our Lady. That gave John Paul II great sorrow, and from that moment he offered himself in sacrifice of atonement for the grave disobedience of many Bishops towards Our Lady, towards God and towards the Pope.

After this act of sacrifice, the evil forces multiplied their attacks. Lucifer could not bear the presence of this disturbing Pope who, in the meantime, worked with all his power to support the liberation of the people of Eastern Europe from the communist dictatorship. The anger of Lucifer and the Illuminati reached its peak.

4. The assassination attempt on the Pope

On 13 May, 1981, the day the apparitions of Fatima are remembered, an unprecedented event made the whole world hold its breath: an assassin shot John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square. The infernal forces struck the Church of the Earth at her heart. The Pope’s life was in danger. As you are well informed about the official history of this event, I will not dwell on the chronicle of that day.

However, God was watching over the Pope and prevented Lucifer’s allies from accomplishing their plan to kill the Pontiff. The Christians would have suffered too great a trauma, making them feel abandoned. The prayers of Our Lady, the Saints and the humanities faithful to God prevented the worst. The Mother of God asked Her Son for the presence of the angels and the faithful brothers during the attack to intervene each on their level, and He allowed it. The bullet was miraculously diverted; the Pope suffered a lot but he survived.

After this event John Paul II definitively matured the decision to consecrate Russia and to reveal the third secret of Fatima. He thought that the coincidence between the day of the attack and that of the apparitions of Fatima was not accidental. He was certain that Our Lady had saved him not only for the sake of the Church, but because he had declared himself Her beloved son from whom the Mother of God expected the fulfilment of Her wishes.

Lucifer was extremely furious: the attack had failed, and the only result was that the Pope was even more motivated. The Illuminati and the allies of the Confederation of the Light were bewildered and had to suffer the wrath of Lucifer who punished them severely.

Lucifer does not act like God who forgives His children and understands their weaknesses. On the contrary, he is inflexible and vindictive and accepts no mistakes from those who have given themselves over to him. This is the reason why the kingdom of darkness advances faster on Earth than the kingdom of God: he who makes a pact with Lucifer knows that in case of disobedience or failure he will be abandoned to his fate, or even worse, killed or forced to commit suicide. This is how many men end who have consecrated themselves to the devil. God, however, never acts against the freedom of man and waits until he matures the decision to live according to the laws of the Spirit. While the children of Lucifer work relentlessly under the threat of severe punishments, the Christians sleep, believing that God‘s patience is infinite, always putting off their commitment to Him to the next day. This is how the majority of the humanity of the Earth behaves: it starts to work only if forced by a master; left free it wanders around aimlessly and becomes passive.

Under Lucifer’s pressure the Illuminati decided to speed up their programme and unleash the third world war as soon as possible before the consecration of Russia occurred and the presence of life in the universe was revealed. God, however, had another thing in mind: peace.

Therefore, on the day the Church remembers the Visitation of Mary, 31 May, St. Michael descended to hell on God’s order to announce to Lucifer and all his court that God would send His Mother, the Queen of Peace, to Earth one more time.

5. The apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje

Our Lady appeared on 25 June, 1981, to six youngsters in Medjugorje, a village of Bosnia Herzegovina. That was a heavy blow for Lucifer and the Illuminati: the Mother of God appeared in the East of Europe, exactly where a new world war was to spark; She introduced herself as the Queen of Peace; the heavenly message was very clear.

The Mother of God chose that village, almost unknown to the world, to appear one more time on Earth. She chose it for the faith in God and in Her that the ethnic Croatian inhabitants had always demonstrated. Those people had stood up to the Turks and then the communists without recoiling or abandoning their faith in Jesus Christ; on the contrary, first they shielded Eastern Europe against the advance of the Ottomans, and then against the atheist communists. Therefore, the Croatian people are dear to God.

Our Lady appeared to warn Her children of the impending dangers, inviting them to revive their faith through conversion, fasting and prayer; so far nothing new compared to other apparitions. In reality, the apparitions of Medjugorje represented an extraordinary intervention of the Virgin Mary from various aspects.

Primarily, because of the duration of the apparitions. God determined that there should be no limit to the duration of these apparitions. In fact, they were meant to accompany the path of humanity towards certain events that would occur as soon as the Church revealed the existence of life in the universe, according to the intention of the Pope. Therefore, the Mother of God came to help the Pope and the Church by preparing the people to understand the reality of the universe.

Secondly, Our Lady appeared to six children of different ages, but through them she wanted to call the whole parish of Medjugorje. She wanted, in fact, to guide the parishioners directly through Her messages to form a nucleus, namely that of the parish, which was compact and eager to understand the reality as it is in God. That nucleus was to give testimony of Our Lady’s revelations to the whole of humanity; many more of her children would join the nucleus in order to form other living cells of the Church.

Consequently, the message of Medjugorje was not intended for humanity in general, but rather for the parish which was to give a great testimony. For the first time, Our Lady addressed one particular parish, entrusting it with a mission. Also for this reason God had set no time limit, to give His children the time needed to understand and give testimony. The event of Medjugorje was meant to give a far-reaching message. The initial calls to conversion and prayer constituted the necessary basis for the preparation and purification of the parishioners. Only on this basis would she have founded her teachings.

The third particular aspect of the apparitions consists of the fact that these are the last apparitions of Mary Most Holy on Earth. They are, in fact, linked to the decisions taken by the Church of the Earth in regard to the revelation of life in the universe: if the Church reveals what she knows, the apparitions will end because they will have fulfilled their function; in case she fails to do it within the time limit set by God, the messages will still end, for God will seek other ways.

Finally, the apparitions of Medjugorje are doubly linked to those of Fatima as they are their natural continuation and completion. After the attack on John Paul II, which was a challenge to God by hell of unheard gravity, God sped up His plans by sending Our Lady, foreseeing that the Church and humanity were in danger.

The pontificate of John Paul II was particularly linked to the apparitions of Medjugorje, which began only a few years after his election to Pope. He believed from the beginning that the messages of Medjugorje were true and understood the importance for these times. He did not lack the light of the Holy Spirit, for when God involves several subjects in a mission, He acts on all subjects in a harmonious way. In this case, not only the visionaries and the parishioners of Medjugorje were called to understand this great supernatural event, but also the Pope who had the responsibility to lead the whole Church towards the position indicated by Our Lady.

Therefore, the Pope had understood very well what was taking place in Medjugorje, regardless of the official recognition of the Church, which God however, does not need; it is the people who need it because their faith is weak. This is proven by the many great interventions of God on Earth that have never been officially recognised by the Church, and yet God has never stopped acting through them. The recognition of the apparitions by the Church is therefore not necessary for the apparitions to be effective. That does not mean that the recognition has no importance; it is useful, in fact, for the people of God to be encouraged to follow the invitations of Heaven to convert. Therefore, the failure of the official Church to acknowledge such events has often been tragic for the whole Church. The people of God have not been helped to recognise the times of grace (Luke 19,44); consequently, many of the faithful have not paid any attention to the signs from Heaven.

In the moment when the apparitions began, everything was ready according to the plans of God. Medjugorje represented the peak of all interventions of God and Our Lady in favour of the Church and the humanity of the Earth. In the meantime it meant the last call of Our Lady for Her people of the Earth.

What Our Lady wanted to do in Medjugorje was extraordinary: it was meant to be a direct intervention on the parish and the parishioners through Her personal teachings.[2] Gradually and patiently the Mother of God was to guide the people to an understanding of the creative, redemptive and sanctifying work of God in the whole universe. God’s plan was for a large number of pilgrims to gather in Medjugorje to receive the testimony of the parishioners, helping them enter the reality of God. From Medjugorje a river of grace would then flow over the whole Church, cascading over all humanity.

That was thus God’s great plan, to be realised through Mary Most Holy and to which everyone was to give his contribution: visionaries, priests, parishioners, pilgrims. From the tree of Medjugorje many shoots were to come forth: in fact, from the teachings of the Mother of God many ordinary and extraordinary gifts were to blossom within the believers and in the whole world in order to profoundly renew the Church.

In exchange for all this God requested faithfulness, the abandonment of personal interests and spiritual ambitions. Everyone was asked to consecrate his life to God through the hands of the Blessed Mother; yet, not in the way men think, that is, by embracing a religious life, but in a docile abandonment to the hands of Mary Most Holy putting God first, above every other good and affection.

Our Lady was to entrust the visionaries with some secrets. They were to be revealed at the right time and in the appropriate way, but She was to explain them Herself to the parishioners as they progressed on their path. In the meantime, God was to send the angels and the brothers of the universe faithful to Him to visit the parish of Medjugorje to support the teachings of Mary Most Holy through their action on a spiritual and physical level. Medjugorje was to become the scene of an unprecedented choral action of the Mystical Body of Christ on Earth.

Given the importance of such an event Lucifer trembled and unleashed a large-scale offensive against Medjugorje, the Church, the Pope and the Croatian people.

[1] The expression derives from St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort. It is the abbreviation of the entrustment to Mary: “Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt. Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi Cor tuum, Maria”. In English: “I belong entirely to you, and all that I have is yours. I take you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart.”

[2] See Message of Our Lady of 25 May, 2013, “The plan of Our Lady in Medjugorje”, on the website “Towards the New Creation”, https://towardsthenewcreation.com/