God’s Mercy and Justice

(taken from “Towards the New Creation – vol. 7, 2020”, p. 61)

Message of Jesus of 19 April 2020, Divine Mercy Sunday

“Dearest Children,

I bless you with all My Love so that you may be replenished with God’s mercy. Some time ago, I told you that I have to return to complete Redemption.[1] I want to explain this to you.

The Father sent Me to the Earth for the good of the whole Universe and for all humanity to obtain mercy. Mercy is the possibility, granted to man by God, to overcome sin and every obstacle with the aim of returning to a profound relationship with God, which was compromised by original sin.

Mercy was particularly necessary for the rebellious and the undecided humanities, but also for the faithful humanities who, despite not having committed original sin, were waiting for the remaining humanity to return to a living relationship with God. Otherwise, the faithful humanities would not have accepted to live in communion with those who rebel against God, reject Him and build walls against Him.

Therefore, mercy constitutes a large part of the work of Redemption. It allows you, if you want it and decide freely, to live a true and profound relationship with the Most Holy Trinity. However, Redemption also involves another important part: justice. I came among you to obtain mercy for you and to accomplish all justice.[2] Justice consists in separating definitively light from darkness and in dividing the children of God from the children of Lucifer.
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