Elevating Ourselves to The Father

Message of the Holy Spirit of 16 May 1999 – Ascension Day


“It is necessary that you open yourselves to the newness of God; however, this newness requires a second step: your elevation to God. The Ascension of Jesus is not only the example of this elevation but also the anticipation of your elevation in body and soul at the end of time.

Nevertheless, now that you are living in your body, you are already asked to elevate your whole self to God. If you are new human beings, open to God’s Love that renews you continuously, gives itself to you and enables you to give yourselves fully to Him, you are no longer attached to the Earth, but you live already in a new dimension beyond space and time. Indeed, those who live immersed in Me can no longer be chained to the Earth.

Therefore, if you have to live in the body and follow the physical laws of the Earth, you have also gone beyond them. You have to experience them, but your soul has already gone beyond them, which means that it has already touched a new dimension of life. This new dimension is eternity. Your soul is created for eternity, and it is itself eternal. The time that God allows for you to spend in the body is meant for your mission because, in this way, the dimension of eternity can also touch, through your body, the reality that surrounds you, for reality, too, must be elevated together with you. Continue reading…