The Central Nucleus

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following the publication of our last text we received a lot of requests for prayers and further explanations about what the Central Nucleus is.

We therefore consider it important to present part of the message of Saint Michael the Archangel which Stefania Caterina received on September 10, 2010, because it develops some very important aspects to understand what the Central Nucleus is. We would like to share this with you in the light of the project already presented by Jesus in the last messages; we would like to recommend you to read the two fundamental messages: “The future of my people” and “The instruments of God in this time” according to which the formation of new nuclei in the whole of universe is foreseen exactly based on the communion in spirit with the Central Nucleus.

We already communicated this message to groups of people who have decided to offer their lives to Jesus through the Virgin Mary, now we communicate it to all of you to invite all of you to assume this responsibility.


Message of Saint Michael the Archangel – September 10, 2010

The Central Nucleus

“I bless you and greet you; I speak to you today because God orders me to tell you some very important things for your journey.

The moments humanity is going through now are very serious moments, very grave and decisive.They are final as regards the choice of each individual and the realization of God’s plan to recapitulate all things in Christ.

‪Jesus himself defined this message as “a prophetic message” because it opens the only possible way to salvation for the humanities of the entire universe. He who does not accept to be recapitulated in Christ by offering his life to him, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, cannot walk on this way. The message we are speaking about is not just a book or a revelation among many others that passes through a seer or a charismatic. ‪It is a universal message, with which all of humanity, sooner or later, will have to cope with.

With the apparitions of Medjugorje, a time started in which God no longer allows for his plan to be slowed down, as unfortunately happened over the centuries. You must know, in fact, that God’s plan to recapitulate all things in Christ was to start already with the apostles, in order to transform all of humanity. This did not happen. Thus, ‪God permitted his people to mature slowly by means of many trials and persecutions.

‪For the time in which you are living now, God has provided a powerful instrument, capable of operating in these times to encourage the renewal of God’s people and facilitate the realization of the plan of salvation.

We are talking about a nucleus that can be called “Central Nucleus” in the midst of God’s people which is gradually aggregating and will aggregate to itself other nuclei that are being formed everywhere in the universe.In this Central Nucleus the priesthood of the archangels and the universal communion are fully operating.

With the words I am addressing to you today, I assume the responsibility before God and all of humanity to announce to you the existence and the work of this Central Nucleus, of which God has placed me at the head. The Earth, for justice’s sake, is the last planet to receive this announcement. ‪In fact, men of Earth were the first to receive the proclamation of salvation, but their hardened hearts rejected Jesus Christ and even today most of humanity on Earth is far from the true God; consequently the Earth is the last one to receive this announcement. With this announcement a preparation phase for the whole of humanity comes to an end, and a new, serious one begins. That means that the phase of the definite realization of God’s plan is about to start. The final battle between light and darkness is also about to start. The decisive moment has arrived as well for each of you to make your choice. ‪The time now is short and big events are rushing in. ‪God is asking each one if he is ready or not to adhere to his plan; He will not wait forever for a response.

God wants you to know a few things about the Central Nucleus I am talking about.

‪First of all, those who are part of it are perfectly united together in the Spirit. ‪They are taken from different humanities including the Earth; among them there are both living and dead because the spirit is immortal and the Central Nucleus is called to work primarily in spirit. I have to testify that God has called many to be part of it, starting from Earth, but many have rejected this call. ‪Those who were chosen were “sifted like wheat” from God, and subjected to many trials, even hard ones. ‪God found them faithful and sincere. ‪He did not look at merits or personal skills, but only at the faithfulness to his plan of salvation and the ability not to compromise about the truth. ‪Besides, this is what God will ask all those who want to join this plan.

Those who agreed to be part of the Central Nucleus have also agreed to bear the crosses of humanity, in order to transform every cross in resurrection, through absolute discipleship with Christ whose Easter transition they retrace continuously. Their offer also includes a direct confrontation with the forces of hell in order to protect humanity.Therefore God has granted to the members of the Central Nucleus a very special protection.Their offering, combined with that of the seven archangels, works in favour of all mankind, living and dead.

The Central Nucleus brings the message of the recapitulation in Christ to the whole universe with the power of the Holy Spirit and with the authority that comes from God. The moment has come for humanity to know about its existence and to accept its authority coming from God. ‪If this does not happen, the message cannot bear its fruits, it cannot penetrate deeply into the souls.

‪The full adhesion to the plan of God passes through the acceptance of six points that are the cornerstones of the recapitulation in Christ. ‪They are:

1) the priesthood of the archangels;

2) the spiritual paternity and maternity;

3) the new priesthood;

4) the state of being immaculate;

5) the offering of life through Mary Most Holy.;

6) the universal communion.

The Central Nucleus has been called first to know, accept, and bear witness to the plan of recapitulation in order to open the road to humanity. Now it is up to each individual, wherever he happens to be in the universe, to accept and live these six points, which are indispensable steps to adhere fully to God’s plan. The members of the Central Nucleus work in spirit in favour of all people of good will all over the universe. If they are living, in addition to acting in spirit, they also work physically where they are called to live, announcing, witnessing, and supporting God’s people; they are, so to speak, representatives of the Central Nucleus, points of reference for all those who want to adhere to God’s plan. The members of the Central Nucleus that belong to the Earth are bound in a special way to three places on Earth, which are fundamental for the work of God and they are: Jerusalem, the Basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome, and Medjugorje. In all the places in the universe that are important for God’s plan, as these three, the Central Nucleus acts in spirit, in a direct and specific manner. ‪Moreover, these places are entrusted in a special way to the prayer and the offering of the members of the Central Nucleus.

The Central Nucleus is not a structure like you conceive it on Earth.It was formed and lives according to the laws of the Spirit, it is an instrument in the hands of God. It is also the model for all other nuclei that are being formed in God’s people; every nucleus will live according to the laws of the Spirit and will not be comparable to any structure you know. Those who are willing to live according to the laws of God without compromise, cunning, and ambition will be part of it.

No nucleus, not even the central one is at the centre of attention. In fact, all nuclei, including the central one, are gradually destined to disappear in order to make way for God’s people that will be one in the whole universe and will have no distinctions anymore: this will be the true Church of God: one flock, one shepherd. ‪As of now, humanity is still in need of instruments, which are a kind of “crutches”; humanity will throw them away the moment it will be able to walk perfectly.

The Central Nucleus is called to live before God without compromise or hesitation, in absolute fidelity.It must welcome, live, and transmit to all other nuclei the graces prepared by God; it is at the forefront in the battle against evil and has the task of breaking through all adverse barriers.The other nuclei, which gradually aggregate in spirit to the Central Nucleus, pass immediately after, and finish the work, creating and nurturing on their turn other nuclei.The powerful action of God in the Central Nucleus is poured out cascading upon all the nuclei operating in the universe.

The members of the Central Nucleus are called to be fathers and mothers of humanity.Therefore they have Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph as protectors, by whom they must be constantly inspired.

They are called to the new priesthood.For this reason they live a special communion with the priesthood of the seven archangels.

Being a member of the Central Nucleus is in no way a privilege but a service. The same must happen in all other nuclei. ‪It is not belonging to this or that nucleus that makes you better than others, but your service to God and to your neighbour through that nucleus. ‪The nucleus is only an instrument. ‪God did not allow for ambitious people, eager for power, to be part of the Central Nucleus. ‪The same will be for all the nuclei that are being formed. ‪You can see how important your decision is.

‪God has provided the presence of nuclei all over the universe, that is, of people who come together to live among themselves the universal communion, a communion open to the different spiritual dimensions operating throughout the entire universe (Mary Most Holy, the archangels, the angels, the saints, the faithful brothers, the souls in purgatory). ‪The nuclei are cells that will form a single body.The Central Nucleus is the first cell from which all others are formed.The Central Nucleus and the other nuclei will have to live the universal communion among themselves.

The Central Nucleus retains absolute autonomy regarding all other nuclei.

Each nucleus will have to be autonomous and independent of other nuclei.Autonomy in God is always synonymous with originality, integrity, and fullness. Thus, as each cell retains its originality and functionality, while forming one body, so it will be for each nucleus of God’s people. Each nucleus will have to be autonomous and functioning so that the body might not corrupt.

The Central Nucleus is a gift from God to humanity, fruit of the prayers and the offerings of many holy people throughout the centuries.God decided to reveal its existence to boost the formation of other nuclei.

Those who, while claiming to believe in God, refuse to adhere to the recapitulation in Christ, and do not want to take the steps I mentioned to you, will be left aside. ‪They will not be abandoned by God but they will struggle a lot in order to progress. ‪They will end up cramping themselves to old forms and old structures, remaining trapped in them. ‪They will have to wait and work hard to understand the plan of salvation.

‪Nevertheless, God’s plan will keep going ahead. ‪The Lord will grant to those who are of good will, the light to understand and accept his plan, which also necessarily passes through the acceptance of the Central Nucleus and God’s action which is linked to it. ‪God will not allow in any way that the action of the Central Nucleus and of the nuclei that will be formed, be prevented. ‪Neither will He leave room for endless discussions. ‪Each individual will have to pronounce a yes or a no, because everything else, as you well know, belongs to the evil.

‪I bless you with the power of God. I offer myself and pray for each of you, so that you may arrive at a clear and strong decision.”

‪It is important now to open inwardly in order to perceive in spirit the presence and the action of the Central Nucleus and to be in communion with this great gift of God. From this communion, in fact, a formation program starts for each individual and for every nucleus. ‪It is from this formation in spirit that every one of us will be helped to attain to the thought of Christ present in the spirit of each of us. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult for us to stay in the depths of our spirit without the help that comes from the Central Nucleus. ‪In this way we will recognize our place and our service within God’s plan.

‪We will be committed to offer ourselves for all of those who recognize this divine plan. We pray for you and we remain completely available for you and in dialogue for all your needs.

‪We greet you and bless you.

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