Message of St. Michael “The gates of Hades will not prevail…” (Mt 16:18)

Dear Readers,

‪In the message that we present to you, St. Michael the Archangel is clear and radiant, but also firm and demanding. His message fits  into the events he himself announced for this year. He reminds us that he is the Precursor of the glorious coming of Christ; therefore, he will lead the people of God in all the events that await humanity.

The service of St. Michael does not replace the regular service in the Church, but works alongside with it with the higher power that comes to him from God. It is up to him to face, on behalf of the Mystical Body of Christ, Lucifer and his followers before the glorious coming of the Lord.

The message is simple and close to anyone who wants to accept his words. For our part, we will be at the complete disposal of San Michele to do everything he will ask of us on behalf of God’s people.

We are with you with our prayer and we bless you in the name of the One and Triune God.

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlasic

Message of St. Michael
“The gates of Hades will not prevail…” (Mt 16:18)

“I greet you, holy people of the Earth, Church of the Lord! I bless, in the name of the One and Triune God, all those who have seriously decided to belong to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the burning Heart of St. Joseph. I bless the nuclei that have formed and those that are forming; I bless all Christians of the Earth.

The Almighty has sent me to you to speak to you and encourage you in this time, full of grace but also of trials. As you know, these days the Catholic Church, which includes a large proportion of Christians of the Earth is experiencing the great anguish of the resignation of the Pope and the forthcoming election of the new Pontiff. These events involve the entire humanity of your planet, since Christians, according to the word of Jesus, are or should be the salt of the Earth, the light of the world (Mt 5, 13-14) the yeast that leavens humanity (Mt 13, 33). Therefore, whatever happens to the Christian people has inevitable repercussions upon all men.

Therefore these words are addressed today, in particular, to the Catholic Church; they are not my words but those of Him who is sending me, my God and your God, the Almighty Lord of the Universe. May everyone then, listen to them, from the smallest to the biggest in the Church, because the words and admonitions of the Lord are addressed to all the faithful. In fact, it is the responsibility of all that the kingdom of God may soon come and the Church is the first cell of this kingdom.

The resignation of the Pope was a painful  gesture for the Church, but God has appreciated this gesture as a burnt offering, as the humble ability of the Pope to step aside in the face of a task beyond his strength, in order to leave space for the action of God, to the newness of the Spirit that his soul had perceived. I therefore bless the Pope Benedict XVI. This blessing, which descends directly from Heaven, may accompany him in his life of silence, seclusion and prayer; his sacrifice will be very fruitful for the whole people of God, if he will make of his life a ‘ living offering for every child of God. Therefore, Peace to you, Pope Benedict, may you be blessed in your name and in your life!

As you know, the Church was called, from the beginning, to bring the message of salvation to all peoples, not only on Earth but throughout the universe;  we have spoken at length about this and I will not repeat myself. [1]  You also know that as of this year 2013, the task to travelling the universe to evangelize the humanities of other planets, has been entrusted to the brothers of the universe faithful to God, because your humanity has not accepted the presence of life in the universe, and therefore has not been able to carry the weight of such a mission.

Despite the many signs of the presence of life in the universe on  God’s part, given to the Church as well, neither political leaders, nor the religious ones, have given information  of this presence to the  Earth’s inhabitants. This is a heavy responsibility that weighs on the conscience of many, even and especially in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has received from God the grace to guide consciences to the truth continually revealed by God, because the Holy Spirit has the task of bringing you the truth, at the right time and in the right ways. He sustains the whole Church and shows her the best way to make the truth known.

Thus, it is useless to justify oneself by saying that the revelation of life on other planets would create panic among the faithful. This statement diminishes the action of the Holy Spirit, who prepares hearts to the truth of the events, inside and outside of the human soul. The Holy Spirit does not allow the children of God to remain confused; today you have the proof of this, in the face of the papal resignation: the faithful have understood and participated in the correct way, because the Holy Spirit acted in their hearts.

I will say no more, but I strongly recall all the ecclesiastical hierarchy, beginning with the Catholic ones, to an honest awareness about the presence of life in the universe, and to give to the faithful a likewise clear information. This requires a radical rethinking of the universal mission of the Church, which can not be delayed any further. It also requires an appropriate amplification of theology, which must be set up with the times and with the new requirements of the knowledge of the truth.

I invite all the faithful who for years have known and experienced the existence of the humanities of  other planets, to pray a lot, so that room be made for this truth in the consciences of people, and the power of the communion with our brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to God, may become known. A courageous witnessing is requiered of you.

What will happen now in the Catholic Church?  A new phase will open up, the beginning of which will be marked exactley by the election of the Pope. This event will be a watershed in the history of mankind, because it will be followed by many other events. In view of all this, God has ordained that, as of today, I be particularly present, with my angelic hosts, inside the Vatican.  In this task I will be supported, besides  the angels, by the Central Nucleus and by the brethren faithful to God who will act primarily in the spirit. In fact, a tough and definitive match is about to take place, between the forces of good and evil, both present inside the Church ever since her foundation. God decided to put some order in all the Churches who claim to be Christian, beginning with the Catholic Church, which represents the majority of Christianity on your planet. Prayer and action of the Catholic Church are very important to your humanity. The words that follow, therefore, are addressed to the Catholic Church, at this particular time, but apply, of course, to all communities who call themselves Christian.

God has therefore decided to put some order in the Church. The order of God has nothing to do with human impositions, it always starts from HOLINESS. The Church then, is called to holiness; not the holiness of a few but of  all. It is no longer sufficient the heroism of some of the faithful, and there are many: the holiness of the whole people of God is needed. Above all, the sanctity of pastors and of those who have the task of showing  others the way, is needed. To them I say to have courage and to not hesitate to offer themselves to God; this way only, will they be able to  show the people the way to holiness.

Holiness is the life of God flowing in the spirit of the believer and among the believers. It is pure and immaculate and manifests itself in the integrity of human life.  Corruption is the opposite of holiness. God wants to free the Church from corruption, so that the holiness of its people might freely grow; His own hand will do this. I assure you that God has raised His hand to separate the light from the darkness in His Church. God needs a holy people to whom the mission to snatch other brothers to sin and death can be entrusted.

God desires to recover the immense treasure of holiness, truth, doctrine and charity that the Church has accumulated over the centuries, thanks to the relentless action of the Holy Spirit and to the holiness of many.  He will not allow such a treasure to be squandered by corrupt hands. The vineyard of the Lord, which is the Church, is full of fruits: the Son of God will collect and will distribute them to the children of God, His brothers. The inheritance of God will go to the children of God and not the children of darkness.  Therefore, may the unfaithful vine keepers know that they will not acquire the inheritance and that they will no longer be allowed to kill the true heirs (Mt 21, 38-40). Pray therefore, Christians of the Earth, so that the owner of the vineyard hasten to accomplish what He set out to do, freeing the Church from the infidelity of evil administrators.

I will be present inside the Vatican until God will say so; I will act with the power given to me by Him. He who would want to take the place of God, will have to face me head on. My cry, addressed to Lucifer at the beginning of creation: “Who is like God?” Will continue to resonate until the end of time; I will always fight against the false gods. May he who can understand, understand. My angels are already lined up around the walls of the Vatican, according to the order received from God. For sure, I will be present at the Conclave, nothing will escape my watchful eye.

I now turn directly to the Cardinals that will be gathered in conclave to elect the new Pope. I transmit to them God’s desires for His Church in this time and I summarize them in some points that can be useful to their discerning. God does not impose but desires; His desires are for the best for His people. Thus is the Church seen through the eyes of his Lord:

.) The Church ought to put at the center of Her life and of Her actions, not Herself, but the life of the Most Holy Trinity, not in words but in deeds;

.) (The Church ought) to rely on Providence as the source and means of Her livelihood, and use the money with detachment and poverty of spirit, according to the laws of God and for the good of all and not according human  ambitions and selfishness. She must know how to choose between God and mammon;

.) those who have responsibility in the Church, ought to be persons of integrity: they may not hide the truth nor cover up lies.  May they serve the faithful treating them as adults, while respecting their conscience. Like a father does, not like masters, may they correct those who do wrong, because the faithful are not subjects, but children of God and must be helped to reach full spiritual and human maturity;

.) all Christians, especially those who are at the top of the Church, are to accept every person as a brother, regardless of his origin or his social status. The Church must be close to those who suffer.  Being faithful to God means to be faithful to man as well: to his dignity as a child of God, to his freedom of thought and opinion, respecting his  experiences and by giving the proper consideration to his originality and of the time of his growth and development. The Church must know how to discern without ever making a judgment, because She is called to be merciful.

.) The Church must always on the side of the poor and never on the side of the powerful. She may not expect  favors from anyone and must be ready to serve all. He who governs the Church must be the first servant of his brothers and sisiters, and must not aspire to positions of prestige, nor to an ecclesiastical career. May he consider the greatest prestige that of being able to serve. The shepherds ought to have a free heart, only then can they oppose the arrogance of the powerful and stand up in  defence of the weakest. The shepherds should have no fear of losing something, not even their lives; they must be firmly grounded on the rock that is Christ; may they not flee before the enemy. The Lord desires such shepherds;

.) The Church must humbly acknowledge Her mistakes and Her unfaithfulness, and ask God for forgiveness without hiding behind useless  excuses; on the contrary, She ought to be commited in placing a remedy to Her  mistakes and in repairing the harm done. The Church must be commited not to despise prophecies in order not to grieve the Holy Spirit. Her heart must be open to receive the newness of God which is alive and pulsating, especially at this time;

.) The Church finally ought to open Her eyes on the universe and on the life contained in it, without no longer hiding this truth, accepting  with love all people of other planets as children of God, investigating and promoting communion among all humanities of the universe. The Church must be aware of the fact  that the people of the Earth are not the only one in the universe and that they, on their own, will not be saved;

.) May the Church deeply esteem the work of Her Creator, and therefore teach the faithful to respect and protect nature and the creatures who differ from man. The Church must always be aware of the fact that creation walks with man toward the fullness of life;

.) the Church must help the souls of the dead through prayer, celebration of the Holy Mass and by the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire [2] . May She descends in spirit even into the depths of purgatory in order to free the prisoners, following the example of Her Lord that descended into hell to free man;

.) The Church must offer on Her altars  the suffering of the entire humanity  in union with the sacrifice of Christ; She ought to aid the suffering to offer  themselves to God;

.) The Church has to forgive Her enemies and love them, without falling into compromising the truth, because of it.  She must never seek  revenge; Her heart must be meek ​​and humble like that of Her Lord, who loved His own to the end (Jn 13, 1);

.) The Church must never forget She is a pilgrim Church until the end of times; Her heart must not be tied to the Earth, but must walk decidedly to the new creation promised by Jesus; Must be committed to transform Herself, daily, in order to please Her Lord and be found worthy of being part of the kingdom of God, together with the other brothers of the universe.

From these words you can understand what challenges await the Christians on Earth.  These are not new words, but the spirit of the people of God called to put them into practice must be new. Understand the importance of the Church’s role in the change of humanity! God is awaiting for the commitment of His Church on Earth, whose action must accompany the action undertaken by the faithful humanities in order to come to a true universal evangelization.

The Lord is calling me to watch over the Church of the Earth to protect Her from harm.  I am the Precursor of His glorious coming and I will always call all of you, so that you might  prepare, together with me, the way to Him who will come, to the Holy of Holies, Lord of the universe. I will not cease watching over you and I will act according to the orders of God, until everything will be done according to His wishes. The Lord will snatch every little lamb of His from the teeth of the wolf, none of His children will be lost, according to what He promised to the Apostle Peter: “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mt 16, 18).

I ask you all to consecrate yourselves in particular, at this time, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the Church. Turn also to St. Joseph who is the guardian of God’s people. With the approaching of his solemnity, that the Church of the Earth celebrates on March 19, I invite you to pray the prayer below.

I bless you with the strength and the light of God, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit “

Prayer to Saint Joseph


Saint Joseph

Just one among the just,

protector of God’s family all over the


protect the Church of the Earth at

 this important and delicate time.


Intercede with God

So that the Church might always

 choose the right path,

overcoming with peace,

difficulties, provocations and

 obstacles the spirit of the world

  places in  front of Her.


May the burning fire of your heart

 put us aflame with true faith,

 sure hope and sublime love,


 that we might walk with you and

  Mary, your Vergin Spouse,

the difficult roads of our time.


Guide us as you guided Little Jesus,


holding Him by the hand.


You helped Him to grow

and to become a man.


Help us as well to become true

 children of God

To the glory and honor of the Most

 Blessed Trinity.



‪[1]‪ This argument is present in many posts on this site, and in several chapters of the books published by the publishing house lights Exodus [2] By this baptism we have extensively covered in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier” in chap.9