New Priests for a New People

Dear Readers,

We would like to present you a message from the book 2012 The Decisive Choice of Mankind (from Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić, published in Italian by Luci dell’Esodo) that we consider to be important for this time.

We invite you to pray together with us for the imminent election of the Pope. In this time the new people is born from the bosom of the Father and a radiant future arises for the children of God.

We wish you all the best.


Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Message of Jesus of April 5, 2012, Holy Thursday

New Priests for a New People


 “I bless you, children! Today you stand in front of a new passage: I would say the passage of the millennium. Today, in fact, begins the final stage of preparation towards the new creation because, as of today, the prince of evil, Lucifer, will definitely be chased away from my people. From the beginning, the Evil has crept in all the work of God. The same way as it infiltrated in the work of creation through Lucifer, it infiltrated in the work of redemption through Judas Iscariot who was possessed by Lucifer. Judas was really possessed by Lucifer to whom he had consecrated himself. For a certain time, pushed by personal interest, he was at My side showing even some fanaticism: he wanted to take part of My kingdom by achieving a place of honour. He was inebriated by the power of the miracles he saw Me perform and that he himself performed when I sent him on a mission along with the apostles and disciples in order to precede Me to the places that I was going to visit[1].


Later, when he realized that he could not obtain the kingdom of God as he had hoped, when he understood what the task of an apostle really was and when he started hearing Me speak openly about My death on the cross, he rebelled like his father, Lucifer, had done before. At the Last Supper, I gave him a piece of bread as I did with the other apostles. For the latter, the piece of bread dipped in wine, was the seal of the new and ultimate alliance with Me; for Judas it was the seal of his alliance with Satan against Me[2]: Judas received My body and My blood while cursing Me. Many others after him did and still do the same thing.


Judas Iscariot was a dark figure in Christianity; his shadow extended over the Church throughout the centuries: his betrayal paved the way for the betrayals of other apostles and priests that came after him. Judas was the precursor of the Antichrist; he prepared him the way inside My Church. After him, many antichrists have occurred in the midst of My people and continued the demolishing work begun by Judas. At the end, the Antichrist will manifest himself; he will come to collect everything that the antichrists have sown along the history.


Judas was called to the new priesthood that I had set up on Earth; new, because completely different from the priesthood that had been operating until then in the chosen people. From the Last Supper on the priest would no longer have been the one who sacrificed animals, but the one who offered himself, united to My sacrifice, for the salvation of all mankind, not just for the men on the Earth. The priest would have been the “recapitulator” of the whole creation in Me. Judas escaped this task by deciding freely to betray Me and hand Me over to the Sanhedrin. Judas sold Me, however, by selling Me he sold all the gifts that I had given to him, including the gift of the new priesthood. An enormous wound opened up within the Church and you can still see the consequences today: along the centuries, many priests sold and sell themselves and their priesthood hoping to obtain power and privileges. They are looking for a human kingdom like Judas.


Why did I call Judas to be part of the apostles? For Justice! Because the Father, once again, wanted to test the early Church as he had tested the newly created humanity. Know that the Father will always try you because He gives you complete freedom. Yes, your freedom is inviolable in the eyes of the Father, but in return he demands loyalty. For this reason, he tests you as He did with your progenitors. He will continue to try you until the end of times until this perverse generation, who demands freedom but rejects to be faithful to God, will have passed. Then a new generation will rise; I tell you that it is already being born!


Could Judas have saved himself? Could he have repented? Yes, he could but he did not want to. After My death, when he became aware of what he had done, instead of repenting and appealing for the Mercy of God, who is always at the disposal of those who repent, he rejected life and killed himself. With this last gesture, he showed once again his contempt toward God. Besides, who sells himself to Lucifer must know the risks he may be confronted with: Lucifer takes the freedom away from those who offer themselves to him, and leads those into despair who are not faithful to him; on the contrary to God, who always leaves you free and forgives you if you repent. Judas sank into the darkness of his soul; it was night also when he betrayed Me. It is always night for those who betray the life of God.


Judas was a dark figure; all the attempts to rehabilitate him by saying that “he had to” betray Me to render possible My death and hence your salvation are worth nothing. Oh, you foolish men! Who has forced you to crucify Me? Could you not have welcomed Me as the Son of God and let me guide you to the truth? All the more, you would have been saved, if you had welcomed and honoured Me as the true God that I am. However, your perverse nature could not do anything else than repeat the guilt of your progenitors who denied God and preferred to live their miserable life far away from Him. God did not invent the cross; you did, and you crucified Me. Do not repeat the same mistake and receive Me now as your Saviour! There is still time to change your life before the Father puts an end to this time. 


Let us return to the issue of the new priesthood, which I came to set up on Earth to the benefit of the entire humankind in the universe. This priesthood has not fully developed on Earth, despite the holiness of many, because of the hostility of your humanity towards God and the infiltration of evil in the Church through the betrayal of Judas and others after him. The new priesthood is acting fully in the Central Nucleus and is meant to reach its fullness in the entire universe.


As I have already explained to you[3], the priesthood of God expresses itself through two specific components; the common priesthood that every faithful person has, and the priesthood of the servants, or pastors, that is, of those who practice their priesthood as a specific service in order to accompany the people on their path to sanctification. The priest-servants offer themselves and all those who are entrusted to them to God and join My sacrifice totally. In this way, they recapitulate all things in Me: themselves, the community they serve, the whole humanity and the creation. United to Me, the High Priest, the priest-servants rise to the Father in the Holy Spirit along with all the people.


From the moment of conception the priest-servants are called to their mission; they are anointed priests from the womb. Nevertheless, God does not force them to accept the gift of priesthood: they are free to decide whether or not they want to nurture the gift they carry inside and let it grow with the support of God’s grace. When I called My apostles, I did not choose them randomly: I chose those who were anointed priests from the conception. Judas was one of them too, yet, he muddied the gift of God, he tried to use it for his own ends. He could have been a good priest if he had renounced his selfishness. His priesthood could have risen again despite the betrayal if he had repented: he was given the possibility to change until the last moment, but he did not do so. Judas did not repent, he was only frightened by what he had done. He was afraid of God because he did not love Him; he loved himself and feared for himself.


Judas is still at work in the Church: his infernal spirit acts directly and indirectly through his successors. He harasses mainly priests trying to seduce them and hand them over to Lucifer. Judas is a potent spirit and stands at the head of a church parallel to My Church which operates from inside My people to destroy them. It is a “black church”; as black as the soul of Judas. As I told you, the successors of Judas are the antichrists. They are paving the way for the Antichrist.


Who will be the Antichrist and where will he come from? Lucifer will choose him because the Father has allowed it. God does not choose antichrists. God cannot choose the evil because he is the supreme Good. Nevertheless, even the Antichrist will be given the opportunity to convert if he wants because God is good to all.


The Antichrist will manifest himself at the end when Lucifer will have to give a large part of his power to a man. Lucifer knows that he will lose his useless battle against God, however, in his insane selfishness he will not give up and he will try to eliminate from the face of the Earth the true Christians. He promised to his followers that at the end of times he would send one of his envoys, who will be able to remove any memory of Me forever, and establish on the Earth his kingdom of darkness, which will then extend across the whole universe. The son of God incarnated on Earth in order to bring the word of salvation, he worked miracles and showed the work of the Father. Lucifer is a pure spirit and cannot incarnate directly; therefore, he needs a man. The Antichrist will be his last card to play: it will be a man of the Earth who will be the incarnation of evil and he will seduce the people with persuasive words, wonders and miracles through the power that Lucifer will give him. His war is against Me, and he tries everything to ruin My work. He considers himself more powerful than God and wants to eliminate God; this is his tremendous guilt.


At this time, the humanity and the Church have arrived at a turning point: God is raising a new people; He is preparing his children Himself. In this time, the work of the Holy Spirit is great and ceaseless in those who are faithful to God: He is leading them to the fullness of truth. No one can stop this silent work inside the souls, no power can oppose the true children of God.


This new people must be freed forever from the spirit of Judas and from corruption. For this reason, I told you that on this Holy Thursday a millenary passage would occur: today, with the power I have received from My Father, I expel the spirit of Judas from My people once and forever. I will not allow that what happened in the early Church will reoccur. No traitor will be part of my new people who will be renewed from above, renewed in the spirit.


From now on I will attract more and more the priests that I have chosen from the womb to be the servants of a new people. They will be new priests who will serve a new people; priests that are fully united with Me; persons of integrity who are capable of living in true communion with My people. I will call them, awaken them, heal them, send them to My people. A new and holy people will have priests according to My heart. Those who prefer to remain passive, those who will be afraid of accepting the newness of these times and cling to what is old and bound to end, those who cannot let go of their selfish interests will be left aside.


The “old” people will be separated from the new people. No “old” priests will serve the new people who equally will not accept any “old” priests any longer. The new wine will finally be poured into new wineskins.


Today a new priestly service starts to operate, which arises from the new people; it is a seed sown by God that will sprout at the proper time, for now it grows in silence; however, it will be clearly visible. When I say “new”, I do not refer to something different from the priesthood that I have set up on Earth: I call it “new” as it will possess a new power for it will be placed in a new people. The times you are living in are the times of fullness: everything will have to be brought to completion, even the priesthood that could not operate fully until now due to the corruption of much of the Church. In fact, God could not fill His priests with the foreseen power, because they would have sold that power to Lucifer.


The new priest will rise from the people and will be recognized by the people. It will be a priest anointed by Me at the moment of conception. The Father ordered Me to anoint the priests as I am the High Priest. At the time of anointing, the Holy Spirit takes over and begins to act in the person who has been anointed: it guides and instructs him and at the same time the people among whom the priest will work. Therefore, the priestly anointing will manifest itself with all its power in the chosen person if he accepts the gift of priesthood and decides to offer his life for the people. The people, on their part, accompany the future priest in his growth with their prayer and offering. At the right time, the Holy Spirit will make known his work in that person; the people will recognize the priesthood, it will confirm it and accept the new priest’s service. In this manner, priest and people will understand the will of God together in unison. The new priesthood will thus be the result of the action of God and the response of the priest and the people. Everything will be guided by the Holy Spirit.


Do not be surprised when you see the wonders that the Holy Spirit will work in the faithful people. For this reason, the spirit of Judas must be thrown out; otherwise, you will not see these wonders. Judas was and is an important player in the hands of Lucifer, but he will no longer be able to torment My people.


The new priest will no longer need hierarchical investiture, because recognition will take place from below, from the people themselves. Moreover, the bishop who imposes his hands on the candidate at the time of ordination should do so on behalf of the Church, which is the people. Unfortunately, he often does it in the name of a structure that is called the Church. The new priest will be the expression of a living people, not a structure.


In this way, the people will walk towards the new creation. At the end of times, My priesthood will remain the only one in the whole universe. I will be the one and only Shepherd of one immense people, which will gather from every part of the universe. For now, it is still necessary to have priests among you. I repeat: new times will come that are prepared for a new people who will breathe freely, and from which will emerge new and powerful priests in the Holy Spirit.


I bless you and I assure you My protection. I follow you with love along the path. Do not worry about anything except to be faithful to Me. I will complete My work.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. “

[1] Cf  Lc 10, 1-12

[2] Cf  Jn 13, 21-30

[3] Cf  Message of Jesus of 12 November, 2010, with the title “You are my saint people” already published on the site


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