“I have not come to abolish but to fulfill” (Mt 5:17)

Dearest Readers,

All we have spoken about and announced you is becoming more and more concrete. Those who have committed themselves to put it into practice have experienced its truth. The powerful action of the Trinitarian God involves everything. The events have begun; they follow one another and touch everyone and everything. The believers can experience the graces and observe the fulfilment of the promises of God.

St. Michael is very close to us with his angels and God has fully committed his saints and the instruments He has given to us in this time. Just think about the last messages of St. Michael, the one of 1 March, 2013, and the one we share with you today in which St. Michael clearly appears to be in our midst. He has been close to the people of God during the election of Pope Francis, and now he is at the head of the people of God paving the way for other events. Let us follow him readily and rapidly!

We wish you to enjoy the powerful presence of Jesus Christ among us. He opens the immense horizons in front of us to lead us towards the new creation. We are with you with the offering of ourselves to Christ and with our intense prayer for you and your families.

Happy Easter to you all!

Stefania Caterina e Tomislav Vlašić

Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 17 March, 2013

“I greet you, Church of the Earth, holy people of God who believe in the One and Triune God, who welcome and testify with your life the Lord Jesus. I turn especially to Pope Francis, chosen by God to be the Shepherd of a multitude of Christians.

Today a great path of spiritual renewal begins according to the wish of the Most Holy Trinity. After the long phase of preparation of the last years, in 2013 we have entered, as has been explained to you[1], the time of the great Trinitarian action through which God will introduce the whole humanity and all creatures into the new creation. All the realities alive and operating in the universe are and will always be involved in this action: angels and men of all planets, the living and the dead. This involvement will take place through the total offering of oneself to God and the prayer, faith, hope and love of the people of God, the holy Church of the Lord, One in the whole universe.

In the Trinitarian action especially the three extraordinary instruments of this time cooperate with each other: the angels, the Central Nucleus and the faithful brothers and sisters to God. They precede with their action the people of God to pave them the way and to support them on their path towards the new creation; this too has been explained to you.[2] However, the action of these instruments cannot substitute at all the people of God, that is, His Church, which is the essential instrument God makes use of to realise His plans. The people are the receivers of the gifts of God but, at the same time, they are called to collaborate fully in the divine action through which all good comes. Our God wishes, indeed, that His most sublime creatures, that is, angels and men, should be His collaborators; they are destined to act at His side with respect for His laws, with intelligence and in full freedom.

The people of God is large and present in the whole universe. The humanities who have not rebelled against God are part of it; you have received many explanations about this point; therefore I will not dwell on it. I want to highlight only that these brothers and sisters have collaborated with the divine action from the beginning. They are waiting for the humanity of the whole universe to be finally recapitulated in Christ to form a single Body and to be introduced in the new creation. Their help for the weak humanities like yours has been discreet and silent along the history. God called them from the very beginning to help you, and they have done a precious service to you: even today they continue to help you gently and silently. They are waiting for God’s order to appear openly to your humanity, and then you will see them.

God is waiting for the Church, His people on Earth, to be ready to welcome them in the right way; for that reason, He has not allowed their full manifestation until now. Nevertheless, He will not allow too much time to pass because He wants to lead all peoples of the universe back to unity, as it was in the beginning before original sin infringed the harmony of the creation. Furthermore, the Church of the Earth extremely needs the help of the faithful brothers and sisters for the evangelisation of your humanity.

The powerful of the Earth, the heads of the religions and the ecclesial hierarchies, even of the Catholic Church, have hindered the proclamation of the existence of other humanities in the universe up to now. I will not explain here the reasons for such behaviour. I think you may well understand what it would mean to acknowledge the existence of better humanities than yours, better leaders, better humanities, better believers: that would require much humbleness and meekness; qualities that are rare on your planet.

God is good and patient: He continues to wait for a brave act by those, especially within the Church, who know that reality; believe me, they are not few. A clear announcement of this reality by the Pope would be worth more than that of all leaders put together; therefore, God is waiting for the Church to come out in the open. Know, though, that He will not wait endlessly because your slowness delays His plans and generates much suffering in the whole universe. He will therefore order His faithful children to manifest themselves openly. Those who hold positions of great responsibility within the Church shall reflect well on this point.

Let us return to the people of God. On Earth it is the Catholic Church that gathers the highest number of Christians. For this reason, her action is important and irreplaceable in the plans of God for your humanity. My words are therefore turned to the Church in particular; nevertheless, they are also turned to the faithful of all other Christian confessions called to live according to the Gospel which is one for all and commits all to the evangelisation of the Earth; they are also turned to those who belong to other religions or profess to be atheists but are honest and of good will.

All those who desire the good and seek the truth are called in this time to a path of profound spiritual rebirth. It will necessarily lead to the recapitulation in Christ; this means that all will have to welcome, know and love Jesus and be part of His holy people.

The recapitulation in Christ concerns the whole creation; it is a unique path for all humans of the universe. The humanity of each planet lives and realises it according to its originality and experience but the goal is the same: to form one single Body with Jesus Christ as the Head; that Body will be God’s Church, One in the whole universe. Jesus Christ will also call the dead back to life who passed away in the faith in Him to join them to the living; it will be an immense people, the people of the Living.[3]  He will separate good from evil forever.

When all is recapitulated in Christ, the Father will create new heavens and a new Earth to give it to His children; that will be the new creation. Nothing impure will be able to enter it. Jesus will introduce His people in the new creation and offer them to the Father. He Himself will submit to the Father and with Him He will reign forever in the power of the Holy Spirit. Only One God and one people; God will dwell among His people forever.[4]

This is the marvellous plan of the Most Holy Trinity for every one of you and for the whole humanity. It is already fully under way. God is increasing His action in this time to help His children who are groaning in the whole universe waiting for the fulfilment of the divine promises and the final liberation from evil.

Jesus has come to Earth to fulfil every promise of the Father in favour of all the men in the universe. In Jesus, the Son of God, all has fulfilled. The way to salvation has been opened to every man, child of God. Now, all has to be fulfilled also within every one of you and in His people. There will be no total fulfilment of salvation until humanity is not recapitulated in Christ and even the last man of good will has decided to belong to Christ. Only then all will be fulfilled!

Christ will return gloriously to the Earth where His mission as the Redeemer began. His return will be the sign of the accomplishment of the salvation for the whole universe.  It will also be the sign for Lucifer that his kingdom is destroyed forever.

God has called me to be the Precursor of the glorious return of Christ. It is my task to combat the infernal forces and separate the wheat from the chaff, as it is written (Mt 13:41). God sends me to gather His people from every corner of the universe to offer them to Jesus. Be united to me in this work; your prayer is precious and supports me in my mission. Let us proceed together according to the will of God; we will not lack anything.

Be humble and meek and I will help you understand what the Lord expects from His Church in this time so that she becomes the holy temple, the house of prayer for all peoples (Isa 56:7) in accordance with Jesus’ Heart.

I will speak to you repeatedly to indicate you the way to follow; then other instruments chosen by God will deepen various matters by looking at them from different angles. In this manner you will get a wide and complete vision of the action of God and of the steps that you have to take.

So, let us then begin our path of spiritual rebirth. But first I would like to invite you to stop for a moment to invoke the Holy Spirit that He may open your intelligence to understand what I will tell you from today on; you need to be born from heaven (Jn 3:3); for this you need the Light of the Holy Spirit to speak to your spirit. Consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the burning Heart of St. Joseph; their presence and their prayer are essential for you.

I will start from an event that occurred in the last few days on Earth and which is of extreme importance for the whole universe: the election of Pope Francis. The Lord strongly wanted this Pope. During the Conclave the angels and I were continuously present, as I told you [5], but many saints were present too. While my angelic hosts rejected the forces of darkness, the saints were praying and blessing the cardinals who had to choose the Pope. One saint in particular was watching and praying: St. Francis of Assisi. He asked God to forgive the sins of His people and implored mercy and peace for the whole Church of God. His presence was alive and palpable. No wonder that the Pope chose to be named Francis.

Health and peace to you, Pope Francis! The Lord who has chosen you gives you His blessing. My angels and I assure you prayer and protection. The Lord asks me to be present among the walls of the Vatican to guard your mission.  May Lucifer and his followers know that the time of their dark plots is coming to an end: the Church belongs to God and to no-one else; God will defend her.

What does the figure of the Pope represent for you? I tell you that today on Earth there is no voice more authoritative than that of the Pope.  Believers and non-believers look up to him, confused and lost as they are in the jungle of the empty discussions and false promises of your leaders. Your humanity expects from the Pope words of hope and burning love aroused by faith; it expects especially that the Pope proclaims and lives the most authentic values of the human life, so unknown to many men and women today.

Where does the authority of the Pope come from? Neither from codes nor from temporary power, nor from a human investiture; it comes from the action of the Holy Spirit united with the faith of the people of God. That is the basis of all the authority of the Church. In the Church authority is expressed through service; it never acts for its own sake because it is given by God on grounds of service. Therefore it is the fidelity to the service that makes every authority credible. Hence, in the Church no authority can exist detached from God and the people as that would be false authority without foundation.

The people should gather round the Pope like a flock round its shepherd. Every faithful is called to offer himself for the Pope and with the Pope so that the Holy Spirit may sanctify the path of the whole Church. The Pope should be tightly united to Christ, the supreme Shepherd, and in Christ united to His people.  Like a Father he should watch over his children of God, paving the way for them towards Christ in truth: truth of doctrine and life. What does it mean? It means that the Pope is the first servant among the servants of God, the one who offers himself to Christ as Christ offered himself to the Father out of love for the people. His life should be holy and irreprehensible beyond and above any human interest and any calculations and vainglory. That does not means that he ought to be perfect, he is still a man with his weaknesses: in God immaculateness does not mean perfection but honesty, sincerity, meekness towards God and His laws, obedience to the Spouse. God forgives human miseries, but He does not bear hypocrisy.

Much work needs to be done, brothers and sisters of the Earth, because not always the behaviour of the shepherds and the faithful has been holy and irreprehensible: the history of the Church is made of light and shade. Do not be appalled by this as you are all men, week creatures. Every fault shall be a positive impulse to change, repair and sanctify the life of the people you belong to. Every one of you is responsible for the path of the people of God in the moment he accepts to join it. Hence, I call on you to take great responsibility: stop criticising and start from yourselves. God is waiting for your response.

I turn to the Pope and every shepherd: remember that the people belong to the Lord! Jesus sends you to take care of His flock but the flock does not belong to you: you have to guard not possess it. By entrusting you His people He gives you a field to sow the seed of the life of God, but neither the field nor the seed belong to you.

I turn to you, the faithful: love and support your shepherds; they are a gift of God’s goodness, but do not make idols out of them: do not put them in the place of God; that would hurt both them and you. Neither the Pope, nor the Bishops or the Cardinals can substitute God. You are called to watch over the shepherds in the same way as they watch over you. If you notice a fault, do not turn your face away but correct them with love. Remember that the faith of the people is the ultimate decisive factor of spiritual discernment. When the shepherds’ behaviour is source of outrage and harms the faith of the people, you have to raise important questions; do not act as if nothing happened in the name of obedience. Do not act like the hypocrites who praise with their mouth but criticise in their heart; if you are false, your obedience will be false, too. If the people are hypocrites, those who rule you will be hypocrites, too. I told you that the shepherds and the people have to walk united together; therefore there is mutual conditioning. Mature people in God behave in a mature way and have the right to expect from the shepherds a conduct worthy of the authority they have received. Obedience is mutual when it is real obedience. It is first of all mutual trust, respect for God’s action in every one, both in the faithful and in the shepherds.

God has given you a new Pope whose task it is to pave the way for the people of God in these difficult times which are also full of graces. He cannot do it without you if you do not proceed with determination.  God expects certain things from the Pope and His people on Earth, which I invite you to think about:

  1. God asks the Christians of the Earth to be finally united among each other. The Lord is waiting to see that His commandment is realised: to love one another as He has loved you. I strongly call on you to chase away from your hearts the demon of division which feeds your egoism, your fears and ambitions. Repent and ask God to give you the strength to be instruments of peace and unity.
  2. God wants the Church of Christ to speak to humanity and descend into the abyss of each man. This is what Jesus did for you: He came down to your misery not to condemn you but to save you; He expects that you do the same for your brothers and sisters.
  3. God expects that the witnesses of Christ bring no theories but the living Christ. He expects from His people, from the Pope to the least among the faithful, to have Jesus alive and operating in you and among you. This can occur only if every one of you and all together offer their life to Him for one another.
  4. God expects His people to be a praying people. In your deep and continuous prayer you meet God and receive God’s response to each of your problems and to those of humanity. It is time to pray more and speak less.
  5. God expects His people to bless and be themselves a blessing. The humanity of the Earth, fragile and desperate, needs to meet in every one of you the blessing, healing and lifting hand of God. Be a blessing for others! Be it also for creation which is oppressed by infernal cursing! You can give your blessing only if you seek, welcome and guard God’s blessing within you, which is constantly given to all of you. You can give others only what you are ready to receive from God. The Christians of the Earth have lost the meaning of the blessing; they neither ask for it nor do they give it.
  6. God wants His people to baptise all peoples. Baptism is not a ritual but an essential condition to enter the life of God. Every Christian is called to baptise also in spirit in the way that has been taught to you.[6]
  7. God expects the Church of the Earth to finally feel part of the immense people of God present in the whole universe. The Church of the Earth will not be able to progress fully if she does not understand completely the reality of the life in the universe and if she does not live the universal communion. This is no more the time to hide this truth from the world. If the Church refuses to proclaim this truth, who else will do it? Perhaps the powerful of this world?
  8. God wants the Church to proclaim with conviction that Christ is Lord. She must announce this truth even though it is uncomfortable. There is no salvation without Jesus Christ, and the whole creation must be recapitulated in Him. Without being basically clear about this, there will never be a dialogue with other religions or with the non-believers. Every true dialogue arises from the humble testimony of the truth and not from compromises.

Think about these points and put into practice what I am saying even though some points might seem new. In God all is continuous novelty, but a novelty that enables to grow and never crushes what already exists. God is a tireless builder and the Church is His building: He adds new things without overthrowing; He embellishes without overloading. Jesus said: “I did not come to abolish but to fulfil” (Mt 5:17) and so it is. Therefore, be ready for the novelty of God! It will amaze but not shock you, on the contrary: if you are of good will, He will render you new creatures. Then you will see day by day the marvellous fulfilment of God’s designs. You will know that He is the Father of every marvel.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. “

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