Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The Help of the Faithful Brothers and Sisters


 By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


After original sin, humanity on Earth regressed significantly. The other humanities of the low universe also regressed whereas the faithful people to God progressed a lot. In His goodness God wanted all humans to progress; whilst respecting the freedom of man, He tried every way to bring his children, his creatures, back to the glory He had foreseen for them. One important way of supporting us, was by sending the brothers and sisters, who had been faithful to Him from the beginning, in order to help us by communicating us life.

This evening we will listen to the story of the first coming of the faithful brothers and sisters to Earth. We will read a passage of the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” on page 68.

As soon as the brothers and sisters landed on Earth, they blessed your planet and kissed the ground; then they thanked God for the good outcome of the journey. Finally, they went towards the terrestrial men, who were frightened of them, by giving them their right hand as a sign of greeting and peace. This behaviour partly calmed the men of Earth; some of them tried to attack the visitors, however, they were easily blocked by paralyzing them temporarily. That is how they neutralize enemies since they never use force. However, they managed to make clear to the terrestrials that their intentions were good. They realized immediately the immense amount of work ahead of them: the men of the Earth did not even have a real language; they communicated with each other with disarticulated sounds and behaved like animals. Their body was well developed but showed obvious abnormalities; many were hardly able to stand upright and also their intelligence was limited.

In the various places where they landed the brothers and sisters of space began to draw together the various tribes living there to teach them the most basic things for survival. They dressed them since they were almost naked and began to teach them how to communicate by using their sounds in an articulated language. The first school was established on Earth: a school that taught how to live. The Earth has not had again either schools or masters of such a high level, able not only to light the divine spark in the spirit of the pupils, but also to communicate the life of God. That was also part of God’s extraordinary intervention in favour of the weakest of His children.

So does a true master: he leads the individual to the true knowledge that dwells in the Spirit.

The true master is someone who first of all listens to the wisdom of God within himself and then to the wisdom in his disciple; the wisdom of God speaks to every man of good will. Therefore, his first task is to guide the intelligence of the person towards the Spirit of God, who is the source of all knowledge, so that the Spirit awakens in the disciple what is already present in him as a seed. The teacher accompanies the disciple on the path of a progressive discovery of the truth that blossoms in every one if he has given himself over to God. The true master is therefore the one who has already walked that path and is now humbly at the side of the disciple to retrace the steps with him supporting him and warning him of the dangers. He will not block his way, oppress him with his presence or humiliate him with his superiority. He will never draw the disciple to himself; instead, he will guide him to discover his own identity and originality in God; he will not allow the disciple to imitate him fanatically because he wants him to walk in freedom. 

The bad master, on the contrary, imposes himself on the disciple, suffocates him with his knowledge, shames him for his ignorance, competes with him to be the best; he is envious if the disciple surpasses him. He wants to be at the centre of attention and demands to be worshipped; he draws the disciple to himself and not towards God. In this manner he transforms his knowledge into power, and so, instead of teaching the disciple he spoils him. Your world is full of this kind of teachers; without God there can be neither learning nor teaching. Human teaching and knowledge become, when separated from God, an empty exercise of words and theories which start from nowhere and lead to nowhere. Separated from the Master, the masters fail and corrupt in the same way as they were corrupted. Stay away from the bad masters in order not to end up with empty hands at the end of your life.

With love and patience the brothers and sisters of the universe taught all that the intelligence of those men could understand, thus giving way to civilization and progress. The men of the Earth began to take their first steps towards knowledge guided and sustained by the love, faith, and prayer of the faithful brothers to God. They took special care of the children of the Earth by beginning to heal them from an early age to correct impairments and diseases which were very common among newborns. It was absolutely necessary to enrich and improve the genetic heritage of the terrestrial men in order to help the new generations to live better and longer, given that individuals had very short life expectancy. Scientists and doctors of the highest spiritual and scientific levels engaged in this delicate and laborious process of intervening on adults, children and foetuses. You owe it to these brothers if you can walk properly today, if you have developed a learning system, if you have learned how to feed well and treat the most common diseases of your race. The seed of knowledge placed in the spirit of those early men would have developed over the centuries, however, without the intervention of the brothers and sisters of the high universe it would have taken much longer.

The brothers and sisters did not make any experiments on your ancestors because they had no need for them; they knew and know very well how to intervene on the genetic heritage of the individuals by acting on the spirit of man as it is from there that all life regulating processes begin.

Think about it, men and women! Who guides that wonderful and mysterious process that forms you in the maternal womb? What intelligence knows how to arrange the cells in order to form a human being healthy and alive, able to face the trials of life, able to breathe, eat, reproduce, think, act, etc.? And where is this intelligence situated when you are nothing but an embryo? This sublime intelligence is the Holy Spirit who is in your spirit, who, in turn, is contained in the soul. Around your soul the body is formed. Spirit and soul are the very core of your being which remains forever. The divine intelligence, present and active in this very core, causes the genetic information found in the DNA to be fully implemented and the process of formation of your being to be accomplished.

Your brothers faithful to God live in harmony with the Spirit of God and know the laws; therefore, they do not need laboratories and test tubes to continuously improve the life of man. They know how to awaken the spirit of man, which contains in itself the creative power of God in order to put into action the enormous potential that each of you has within. Why can you on Earth not do the same? Because you would use that knowledge for your selfish purposes and end up doing more harm than good. You would like to manipulate the laws of life to satisfy your immense thirst for profit and power; therefore you are not allowed to do so and that is why diseases infest your planet. If you lived united to God, you could greatly improve your existence. But you have chosen to do it all by yourselves; the trouble is that, by yourselves you can do very little. This is most obviously confirmed by the sad conditions you are living in.

The point that the Trinitarian Spirit has explained to us is very important and hence emphasized in this book. Everything that God wants to accomplish in these times through the faithful brothers to God will be similar to what Jesus did with the Apostles particularly at Pentecost. For the Christians it should not be difficult to understand this. All children of God in the universe converge in the Holy Spirit; some have remained faithful and their potential of life and the skills of their souls are very developed. Yet, we are very limited because of our egoism. On the last time but one we mentioned the issue of the disintegrating energy which we can see here on Earth: we have reached the point where we can destroy everything, even the planet. I want to bear witness to what we know: the faithful brothers to God have prevented destruction many times as they know how to do it; many times they have dematerialized weapons and made poison ineffective; many times they have prevented the third world war from happening. They act in our spirit to communicate the life of God to us; they promote our identity and integrity; that is what we Christians need to understand because the Risen Christ has communicated to us the risen life, the first resurrection, the first victory over death which is the victory over the roots of evil within us.

As we proceed in the book we shall see how the faithful brothers have helped Abraham, Moses and the chosen people of Israel; how they appeared in the moment of Jesus’ birth, the so-called ”wise men”. They are present yet not visible to us; they help us and do not ask anything but our openness to the Spirit of God. Let us get away from egoism, as then, through our communion we may strengthen each other. We have been shown that neither the humanity of Earth, nor the low universe, will manage to get out of this situation where the galaxies move apart without the help of the angels and the faithful brothers to God. At the end of the book this issue will not just be mentioned, but there will be an explicit call on the Church, on those who represent the Church and the other religions to open up to God.

We bless you, that you may be people of good will who cannot be easily corrupted. Every kind of corruption has causes disintegration; it hurts and produces diseases of various types. We bless you with the power of the Holy Spirit so that the gift of the Holy Spirit may act in you more and more; that your souls may have a sincere attitude before God; that through practice and prayer and conversion the space in your heart may open up ever more to the action of God through the instruments that He has foreseen. We bless you along with the seven great Archangels as today the novena to the seven great Archangels begins. We bless you together with the Mystical Body of Christ as well as the faithful brothers and sister to God,  that you may trust them and be open for the instruments that God is using to help you and  to help the humanity of the Earth and the universe. I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit.