Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – A Special Agreement

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


We have spoken about the faithful brothers, those who remained faithful to God from the beginning; they have been given the task to help us after original sin so that we may go forward. It is also their task to help the brothers and sisters of the low universe who have remained rebellious. Today we want to speak about the hybridization of man in the low universe which was started by Lucifer in the low universe through the population of the planet Rael. You may have heard about the “Realians”, who are, in fact, a sect created through mediumistic contacts with the Realians. Let us thus listen to how it all began as that is very important to understand Lucifer’s initiative to make man in his image and thus destroy him in spirit and at the same time in the laboratory.

From the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” on page 75:

A special agreement

So it happened that Lucifer went to meet the people of Rael. How? Through the priests of that people. The religion of Rael is a mixture of devotions and sacrifices to several gods headed by one more powerful god than the others and who is venerated as god of the universe and lord over death and life. It is good to know that the demons have always concealed behind the appearance and names of pagan gods. Men who were often unaware of this deception invoked their gods asking for their help; in this manner the demons kept control over humanity. They did not fail to appear to the priests and sorcerers of the various religions who were true mediums and who guided in this way entire peoples.

That is still happening today since the humanity of the Earth is still far away from God. Lucifer and his fellows take advantage of that, today as in the past, to deceive as many humans as possible. Many of your leaders are heavily influenced by the forces of evil while others have even consecrated themselves to Lucifer. So the fate of Earth lies in the hands of the dark forces who dominate your planet. Just look around: most of your humanity lives and dies without knowing why while marching compact towards the abyss. Fortunately, God is watching over you; even today, He does not fail to send saints and prophets, even if you almost never welcome them. He continuously sends you help through the angels and the faithful brothers of the universe who act even if you do not see them; you do not see them because you are blinded by your arrogance and ignorance of the things of God. You are a stubborn and rebellious humanity; you wind up like snakes and are always ready to bite the helping hand. Open your eyes and repent before it is too late!

The infernal forces led by Lucifer, began to attract the Raelians in their nets. At first they manifested themselves with the names of their gods and through extraordinary signs and visions in order to intimidate and subjugate them. Lucifer himself appeared several times under the identity of the supreme god of Rael. These men really believed that they were facing their gods who spoke to them to express their will and to ensure Rael’s prosperity and well-being. Lucifer and his demons flattered them and promised them a prosperous and happy future as well as the security they were yearning for. They seduced the people of Rael until they obtained their complete willingness to do what they were asked. At this point, they began to reveal their true identity: Lucifer appeared to them and introduced himself as the sole ruler of the universe, the only one worthy of worship, to which all nations would one day submit. He said that he had faced and defeated the gods worshiped by Rael and that he would soon destroy all other gods of the universe. He made them believe that all the sufferings and trials came from the action of the God worshiped by Alpha Centauri who opposed him; He needed to be defeated at all costs to save the life of the universe. So Lucifer deceived the people by presenting them the true and only God as an enemy and himself as a saviour.

Finally he promised that he would protect the people of Rael from any danger in exchange for their obedience and their full cooperation to extend his rule throughout the universe.

Frightened, confused and indecisive as ever, the Raelians were divided between them. Some wanted to immediately submit to the new lord, others refused and sensed deception that would lead them to be slaves. This gave rise to a conflict that lasted for a long time. Lucifer did not tolerate the indecision of Rael and struck that people with many disasters in order to bend their will.

Driven by their fear and weakness, the inhabitants of Rael finally submitted to the wishes of Lucifer by entering into an agreement with him: they undertook to supply material aid by providing space ships, doctors and scientists. In return, however, they did not want to be directly involved in acts of war and their planet should live undisturbed. That was not enough for Lucifer: he wanted Rael to provide also a strong and prepared army as he could not recruit on other weaker planets. However, since the Raelians did not want to fight for him, he demanded that scientists began immediately with genetic experiments, which they were not new to, in order to create other races able to fight. Rael had no choice and agreed. With the pact between Lucifer and Rael a new and terrible phase of human history began, which resulted in the creation of hybrid races in the laboratory who were capable of ruthless actions and which all humankind would have to face.

God gave man the freedom to choose. The inhabitants of Rael let themselves be guided by their fear and the desire for a comfortable and secure life. They did not ask many questions about who the true God was. Had they done so, they would have received the light of God and the help of the faithful brothers. The Raelians, however, were not interested at all in the true God; they did not care much of their own gods either. Lucifer had shown his power and his cruelty and they were fearful. So, they passed from their gods to Lucifer without asking the meaning of all this, cold and insensitive to any kind of divinity because their true and only God was their selfishness. In order to safeguard the well-being they did not seek the truth and chose the compromise. To save themselves they exposed thousands of their peers in the entire universe to serious danger and compromised the path of humanity. Fool men who lost their dignity to save their little world.

Once again God had to intervene in order to repair the immense harm caused by the people of Real and their indifference towards Him and His laws of life. And once again it was up to the angels and the faithful humanities to act according to God’s orders. When you do not have the courage to live in the truth; when you choose falsehood and think of your advantage before anything and anyone else, know that, sooner or later, you will cause harm to your neighbour and force others to carry on their shoulders the burden of  your foolishness. Perhaps today you do not care to know this, however, one day you will care: when you pass from this eartly life to afterlife and the burden you have unloaded on others returns to your shoulders. Relieve yourselves now and relieve others by choosing God and His truth; I assure you it will be better for you.

This time we have thought to introduce you to the issue of the formation of other races in the universe. You may have heard about the reptilians, the human crossings with insects and birds, the greys and the biological robots. All this is at stake and Satan wants to take advantage from this to hit man; as you know, no one on Earth is able to stop genetic studies and genetic experiments any more. There is great danger that humanity will be destroyed first and foremost in the spirit and then also physically. Lucifer thinks that if he cannot conquer and submit the humanity of Earth and the universe, he will destroy it. We do not intend to scare you by telling you these things but to help you understand what further steps need to be taken because all things are moving towards the epilogue, towards the choice: God or Santan. There will not remain anyone in between. In this passage it is said that the Raelians were ambitious but undecided and that their inability to choose between God and Lucifer caused Lucifer to creep in.

By telling you these stories we want to call on you to wake up as Christians. We do not ask anything you do not already know: convert, pray, offer yourselves so that God may act in your hearts and prevent evil. We do not need to investigate what is happening in the universe or to explain how space ships move, etc. Those are just signs for us, testimonials for our conversion. If we remain cold and indifferent, we will end up like the Raelians and become an easy prey for Lucifer, since one day no one will be allowed to remain indifferent: some will enter the new creation; others will fall into the cosmic void with Lucifer who chose to go that way. Again, it is very important that you awaken and follow what we tell you since we want to take you to the epilogue of this book, where the Church is explicitly called to respond and, consequently, we are all called to respond. The next time we will talk about what it means to respond.

I bless you tonight; the Holy Spirit may awaken the image of the true God within you so that you do not worship false gods. Behind every false image, when our ambition and our egoism dominate, there is a false god; behind every false desire there is someone trying to deceive and seduce us; behind every incorrect behaviour there is evil and when God’s love is absent in us, selfish love creeps in. I bless you; be washed by Christ’s Blood and healed by His glorious wounds; the Holy Spirit may come to you to guide and protect you from evil. Wake up and bring life to others because you are responsible for them; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.