Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The powerful of the Earth and the new world order


By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The last time we spoke about how the Church was born at Pentecost. It was a very short summary of her history. Two important points were emphasize: the holiness of the Church in single individuals and the weakening of the communion. In particular the failed mission of the Church in the low universe was underlined, which has created a void. The Church is weakened and, at the same time, Lucifer has puffed up those who have consecrated themselves to him. In this reading we will learn about what has entered the humanity of the Earth and how it acts in this time.

From the book, “The Universes and its Inhabitants”, on page 217:

The powerful of the Earth and the new world order

Power has always been exercised in an autocratic way on Earth. A tribe, a cast, a dynasty or a party rose above the others and ruled over all. The leading principal on Earth is always the same: the stronger rules and the others obey. It is of no importance how the power was achieved; even in democratic systems the one who receives the most votes is elected and governs. Even in democracies the leaders form powerful groups who pursue goals and interests that have often little in common with those of the peoples. It has always been like that: your progenitors adulated the reptilians; your ancestors flattered once this once that ruling tyrant considering them saviours. Thus, the Earth has witnessed perverse and bloody regimes. In your history it occurred that a single man, or a few, held the power over entire nations in their hands. This too is a consequence of original sin and of the wicked alliance made by your progenitors with Lucifer.

After original sin the humanity of the Earth lost the ability to discern between good and evil. For this reason Jesus Christ the Saviour came: through Him the sinful humanity achieved again the ability and the freedom to choose and decide free from the yoke of the devil. Those who accept Jesus Christ, love Him and give themselves over to Him break all bonds with sin. Jesus gives them the strength to get away from the influence of evil. It reads in the Bible, “The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.  No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God“ (1 John 3:8-9).

Why then does humanity continue to be under the influence of evil being ruled by corrupt men behind whom the spirit of Lucifer blows? Because the major part of humanity failed to understand anything of Jesus Christ; it has not accepted Him nor loved Him at all, much less it would give itself to Him. I will tell once again: God will not save you without your collaboration. He has created you as intelligent and free individuals but your progenitors renounced their freedom to submit to evil. God has freed you through Jesus Christ, giving you back the freedom and dignity you had lost; yet, once again you have renounced your freedom. You have refused Jesus Christ and returned to the ancient chains.

And you, the powerful of the world, prefer Lucifer to Jesus Christ. Blinded by his false promises you trample on everything and everyone, inebriated as you are by the scent of money and power. Your mouth is full of  falsehood and your hands full of blood. Lucifer laughs at you and dominates you. In vain, you, the powerful of the world, have the illusion that you are the masters of the world: you are slaves, and if you do not convert, you will die as slaves.

If you consider what has occurred on Earth until today and is explained in your books, you will notice that the leading thread of history is one and the same: blood. The history of the Earth is written with the blood of wars, murders, fratricidal struggles, torture and violence of all kinds. The Earth has the taste of blood. That is well-known in the universe, and many of the humanities are afraid of getting close to you. This is the consequence of making bad use of your freedom and of the hardness of those governing you. The rulers of this world have left behind a long trail of blood. It seems that thousands of years of experience have not taught you anything, and you keep on repeating the same mistakes; the era and the people may have changed but the power on Earth is always exercised in the same manner and according to the same principle: the strong crush the weak; the rich oppress the poor.

The humanity of the Earth works to serve a few people whose face they often do not know since they act in the darkness, as worthy children of Lucifer, the prince of the darkness. The real powerful of the Earth, present and past, skilfully hide. They create all kinds of systems: political, economical, social and even religious that are so complex that, for the majority of you, it is impossible to trace back those individuals who hold the strings of the whole game. In more recent times of your history many new secret organisations of all kinds have arisen and established themselves, which both serve Lucifer and are used by Lucifer. One example for all: the masonry that is much talked about on Earth. However, there are many more, yet, of different importance: very influential secret organisations exist to which the real powerful of the Earth belong, those who act in the shadow. The power of those organisations, which are satanic sects to all effects, lies mostly in the esoteric power Lucifer gives to his followers who consecrate themselves to him.

All the operating systems on Earth directly or indirectly pursue the goals of the most powerful secret organisations. People think they are governed by politicians who show their face whereas they are governed by others who never appear. Those are fearsome individuals, thirsty of power and ready to do anything; they continuously renew their pact with the devil, and in exchange they rule undisturbed on your planet. They got hold of all the richness of the planet Earth snatching it away from the rest of humanity.

Much is said today on Earth about the New World Order. It is not a recent invention but goes back to very ancient times, to the pact between Lucifer and the reptilians that we have already spoken about. It is nothing else than Lucifer’s usual plan: to totally enslave the Earth through an order established by him and in which his followers rule. Once he will have consolidated his power Lucifer wants to extend it to the rest of the low universe and then everywhere going as far as overthrowing God’s throne. Nothing new: in every era Lucifer has tried to realize on Earth his world order.

Nowadays, however, the arrogance of Lucifer and his followers encounters fewer obstacles on Earth than in the past because the consciences of the people are more than ever asleep and the faith in God is increasingly marginal. Indifference and atheism are ruling, fed by the selfishness that knows no limits on your planet. Add to this the thirst for power of your leaders that has increased hand in hand with corruption along the centuries. Not all your leaders are corrupt; there have been even holy people among the leaders and kings of the Earth because God has always aroused great souls in every area of your existence. Even today there are some; unfortunately, they are increasingly marginalized, little understood and considered weak. All this favours the plan of Lucifer and his followers who spread confusion and false information on Earth aiming at distracting the masses from their actions and intentions.

Among you there are some open and sensitive people who sense the existence of occult powers and who speak openly about the New World Order trying to awaken the awareness of the masses. Many of them do not believe in God and therefore they are unable to understand the reality thoroughly; they are often confused, mocked and misguided. From a human perspective it is impossible to stop Lucifer’s plans because there is a lack of faith in the God One and Triune, and because the humanity of the Earth has entered a labyrinth of ideas and systems that are controlled by Lucifer. Only God can save you from the situation you are in.

Fortunately, God watches over you as He has always done from the moment He created you. God too has a plan for the humanity of the whole universe: He will gather His children through Jesus Christ in whom everything will be recapitulated. All those who are united to Christ will be saved from evil and will enter the new creation. What is the new creation? It is the Kingdom of God that Jesus Christ has inaugurated with His coming and that He will establish at the end of times; only the laws of God will be valid in it and neither Lucifer nor those who belong to him will enter.

The new creation, that is, the Kingdom of God, and the New World Order which is the kingdom of Lucifer face each other and are in front of you. You may choose even now on which side you want to be. God will not impose anyone to be part of His Kingdom; on the contrary, Lucifer forces you to submit to his world order even without your knowledge. God created you free and He respects your freedom. However, you must know that God will triumph because He is the Lord of the universe. Lucifer and those who adore him and await his kingdom will end up as foretold by Jesus: “But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Mt 8:12)

Now we have an overview of the action of Lucifer on Earth and we will see in the next meeting the action of Lucifer in the low universe. The Spirit of the Trinitarian God reminds us, “The new creation, that is, the Kingdom of God, and the New World Order which is the kingdom of Lucifer, face each other and are in front of you. You may choose even now on which side you want to be.” This is the choice that every one of us has to make today. To stand on one side does not mean we are passive. What can we do? It is said in the text, “Those who accept Jesus Christ, love Him and give themselves over to Him break all bonds with sin. Jesus gives them the strength to get away from the influence of evil.”

Therefore, we receive the strengths and the grace we need. As we see evil acting powerfully on Earth, the Lord will give us even greater graces. It has been said that these secret organisations, satanic to all effects, act particularly through the esoteric power Lucifer gives his followers who consecrate themselves to him. What does this esoteric power mean? It means that the persons who give themselves over to the evil spirit are then dominated by him. We Christians have to give ourselves to Jesus Christ to be dominated in a positive manner by the almighty power of God in the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God has been given to us and God wants to revive that spirit within us as He did with the people of Israel in exile. Thus, we are called to enter in a living relationship with God through prayer so that it may awaken within us a longing for God and the love of God; Christ may give us the lost graces back, and, at the same time, He may give us the graces for this time so that we may triumph together with Him.

I bless you in this time in which we are preparing for the Feast of Christ the King that we will celebrate on the last Sunday of this month; Christ may reign in you who experience His power and His strengths; may you give a honest response, not only individually but also as a people; may you come together to strengthen each other offering your life to Jesus; may He govern you and may the Church be renewed and strengthened. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.