Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The Confederation of the Light

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The last time we spoke about the powerful of the Earth and the New World Order. Today we will speak about the Confederation of the Light, the interplanetary Confederation. It is important to highlight that there are disguised Reptilians among the powerful of the planet of the Dragons and on Earth. For a long period of time they had the power in their hands on Earth, and many corrupt and ambitious people of the Earth joined them; however, it is important to mention that a battle took place in the low universe, a gory war, between the Reptilians on one side and the Greys and the other Hybrids on the other side. The Reptilians prevailed because they were protected by Lucifer, but the Greys did not disappear. They are present in the universe and on Earth, too. As you can see, different elements are part of the mixture of humans on Earth, and we will reflect on what we have to do.

We will read the passage on page 224:

The Confederation of the Light

The humanity of the Earth has never been able to explore the universe in depth, not even the low universe in which it is located. Even thousands of years of studies and research extended the knowledge of the universe only a little and allowed only limited movements, such as sending people and satellites into space. The knowledge of your humanity about the universe is minimal especially if compared with that of the faithful humanities. Nevertheless, men and women of the Earth consider themselves as very intelligent, the only thinking beings in the universe. Their haughtiness is equal to their ignorance because they are far away from God, the source of all intelligence, and this prevents them from knowing the reality created by God. Furthermore, God Himself does not allow the humantiy of the Earth to spread its errors into the universe.

From the beginning Lucifer knew that the humanity of the Earth was unable to travel in the universe; on the other hand, on Earth he had his best allies. Therefore, in order to realize his plan to conquer the universe he had to  put the allies of the Earth in contact with other rebellious humanities to God in the low universe in order to create a strong coalition which would carry out his wishes. The Reptilians were no longer enough for him; he needed other forces, other humans, who were ready to be corrupted by him.

Lucifer began his work by applying the usual method: he made use of the most powerful mediums of different planets who established contact between the powerful of the Earth and those of other planets of the low universe through telepathy and other medianic skills.

Despite all attempts of God to lead the humanity of the Earth to the path of truth, love and justice, it was always in search of others paths. It had refused the faithful brothers and sisters who had come in peace to help; yet, it was ready to welcome others who came with evil intentions promising power. God allowed all this because the men and women of the Earth had every chance to choose the good. They had received the gift of the coming of Jesus Christ, the Highest Goodness. Just by welcoming Him the fate of the Earth would have changed; however, it did not happen. the humanity of the Earth once again chose to rebel against God and sought the help of other rebels.

A people, as well as the whole humanity, choose through their leaders. The more a humanity is corrupt the more corrupt are its leaders. The more a humanity is corrupt the more it is ready to be corrupted. Thus, the humans of the Earth, all busy satisfying their selfishness, let themselves be deceived by their leaders who are even more selfish than them. They criticise the leaders and often hate them but after all they accept them because on your planet power is perceived as associated with cunningness, deceit and violence; aspects that are present in your spiritual heritage. You criticise the cunning, but you actually admire them; you fear the deceivers, but you let them work; you say you hate violence, but you love dictators. You are sick with egoism and thus cannot get rid of the egoists. Your leaders are the most egoistic among the egoists of the universe; however, they have been there for centuries and continue to lead you where they want. God lets it happen but not forever. One day He will intervene to save His children. When the time is up, there will be no time anymore; it will end for all even for those who think they are almighty.

The contacts between the Earth and some other planets of the low universe began a long time ago, intensified during the last century until the present day on which the Earth is visited far and wide. A few centuries were needed to advance from the first telepathic contacts to physical ones since the humanities of the low universe do not have the abilities and the means of the humanities of the high and the middle universe; thus, it was necessary to wait for the science to develop step by step both on Earth and elsewhere. Meanwhile information was being exchanged through the mediums who provided precious help to the powerful of the Earth who were closest to Lucifer. During Nazism, for example, such information was applied, yet, not only for war purposes: many of the persuasion techniques and the mental control applied by the regime had been suggested to the Nazis by the allies of space.

This might surprise you. It might sound like a fairy-tale to you. It is not. Unfortunately many of you smile at certain statements because they do not know the action of evil exactly as they do not know the action of God. Along the history telepathy and the medianic powers, that is, the skill of the mediums, have been incredibly improved by those who belong to Lucifer. Thanks to the help of the devil and the tenacity of his followers the medianic skills have been perfected to such a degree to form a communication network far more powerful than that of the internet. The whole world is enveloped by a medianic network of information travelling freely without encountering obstacles. Lucifer has put in place all his power and intelligence, which derives from his past as angel of light; his medianic network is developing more and more in the low universe. God will intervene to break this network; He has the power to do it and will do it.

Following a first phase of telepathic and medianic contacts the first physical meetings took place. The representatives of the highest political and military echelons of the Earth, among them many Reptilians, met with the delegates of some humanities mainly coming from Sirius, Andromeda and Orion. Thus, beginning from the middle of the last century the Earth and other rebellious planets began to work together more and more closely which led to the birth of the “Confederation of the Light”; Earth, Sirius, Orion and Andromeda joined it and after some time other humanities joined in as well.

Lucifer had finally a super power under his command which took on the name of “Confederation of the Light”. The word light refers to Lucifer who is considered to be the source of light by his followers and as he considers himself to be. The powerful of the Earth and the planets who joined this satanic project stipulated a pact in the name of the respective humanities but without their knowledge. The Confederation has been active so far and continues to be; the powerful of the Earth and of the other member planets are supported by Lucifer in order to achieve the absolute power over the whole low universe. The Confederation acts on the planets that have joined it through an elite of rulers who were chosen and prepared in a specific manner. The Earth, for example, is governed by an elite of powerful individuals who are selected from the members of the most powerful secret organisations. They are accepted into the Confederation through a terrible initiation ceremony followed by a specific training. After that, they receive the medianic powers required for their task by the demons. They act in the shadows and are in close contact with the other members of the Confederation from whom they receive the necessary directives to guide the governs of the Earth so that they might achieve the goals of the Confederation itself.

Poor men and women of the Earth who talk about freedom and are ready to die for it! You are slaves and you do not even know. Merciless individuals work in the dark and hold you in their fist. Like puppeteers in the dark they are pulling the strings moving all of you like puppets. Why do you refuse to wake up? Why do you not reach out to God’s hand who wants to rescue you? Only the true God, the Most Holy Trinity, is capable of breaking the strings of this tragic game; yet, you have other things in your mind. Day after day you let others direct your existence imposing their ideas on you, their falsehood and meanness. Those who rule over you in the dark are consecrated to Lucifer; they are full of vices and perversity they pour out upon you. And you will end up copying their vices and perversity by following their ideas, fashion, language, music and art that they deliver by presenting them as marvels and a source of freedom. Poor deluded fools! If God did not watch over you, you would have died a long time ago. Wake up, finally! Seek Jesus Christ your Saviour; no one else will save you.

Lucifer favoured in every way the Confederation e promoted the collaboration among the humanities of the low universe even though he did not care at all about the collaboration among the humans. The devil promotes division if he can and rarely unites; if he does, it is only out of self-interest. In this case, the Confederation represents for Lucifer the beginning of the creation of that interplanetary force that he wanted and that he thinks will enable him to oppose God and the faithful brothers one day. 

At the base of the Confederation lies a pact that was put forward by Lucifer: the humanities of other planets which were scientifically more advanced would have helped the Earth in the construction of arms; in exchange the Earth would have offered logistic bases, research material and, first and foremost, powerful mediums to receive important information from the demons. In fact, no one has as powerful mediums as the ones on Earth, whose humanity adores and serves Lucifer because of the alliance the progenitors stipulated with him. Lucifer promised richness and power to all those who would have collaborated in his plans; mainly, to his trusted allies of the Earth he promised prestigious positions in case they would defeat God and the children of God. With the birth of the Confederation another painful chapter of the history of the Earth began.

In no way it is possible to dissuade the rebellious humanities from their purpose to oppose the Kingdom of God. Rebellion goes hand in hand with obstinacy; the more you rise up against God, the more stubbornly you seek yourselves and your selfishness. Rebellion and stubbornness are essential elements of the life in the low universe: people have no other interest than themselves. Whoever promises you the fulfilment of your needs and desires is well-accepted. Lucifer has cunningly used the selfishness of the rebellious humanities, and his presence hovers around everywhere in the low universe. The Earth is no less, despite the coming of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Christians who know, or should know, the true God. On Earth Jesus is not recognised except by a few; the majority of the people are either indifferent to Jesus Christ or hate Him. Those among you who hate Jesus Christ are not only a few, nor are they weak. Lucifer puffs them up with power and charismas because through them he hopes to wipe out Christianity which is the greatest obstacle to his plans.

The powerful of the Earth conspire in the shadows without the knowledge of your humanity to prepare the kingdom of Lucifer through whom they are certain to dominate the entire universe one day. However, I assure you that those who trust in Lucifer have no certainties and cultivate illusions. Every promise of the devil is as false as he is; those who trust in evil for their security are designed to remain with empty hands; the rebellious man has not understood yet the deception of evil and continues to fall into the trap of the enemy. This is the tragedy of sin.

The text of the book that we have just read is very serious, actually, dramatic. It invites us to stand honestly before God and give our response to God that we want to collaborate with Jesus Christ and through Him with the Trinitarian power. I do not intend to add anything else than the words that we have heard in our last meeting, “God is light and all His work is light. Darkness cannot resist before God and must reveal itself. The day will come when Lucifer will have to humble himself before God and reveal all his actions since the beginning. God will triumph and all His children will triumph together with Him. The powerful of the Earth shall be aware of this!”

Yet, every one of us has a question in his mind: how can we collaborate and how can we work against this situation in which the powerful dominate through money, arms, systems, secret organizations and a medianic network? The only answer is that we shall become children of the light. God promised us to break that network; we cannot do it on our own. Further on in the book it is emphasized with clarity that we need the extraordinary instruments that God has prepared for this time as well as the sublime instruments who are Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph. Yet, those powerful do whatever possible to deny those instruments, to cover up the truth about the universe because they fear the light that comes through those who are particularly united to God. So, I call on you to be united with Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph; with the Central Nucleus and the angels, that is, the pure spirits who contemplate the face of God; and with the faithful brothers and sisters to God who, in a certain sense, live in the anti-chamber of the new creation.

I bless you; may the Trinitarian Spirit awaken your souls; may He give you the light, force and courage to live for God and to bear witness to God; may He transform you in men and women of light so that the light of God may unveil all that comes from Satan; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.