Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The Confederation of the Light II

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The last time we learned about the Confederation of the Light. We have mentioned that an interplanetary war took place between the hybrids, in particular between the Reptilians and the Greys, in which Lucifer empowered the Reptilians. Several wars between the planets have taken place in the universe; however, the humans of one planet do not kill each other as it happens on Earth. Today we will continue to speak about this subject to deepen it. Then, we will conclude the considerations on the subject of the interplanetary wars and look at how the Earth is involved with representatives of the Confederation of the Light.

We will continue our reading on page 229:

The Confederation of the Light

After the first meetings between the members of the Confederation, which had the main purpose of getting to know one another, a real teamwork began that led to different scientific discoveries and that became increasingly closer. Despite the apparent collaboration an attitude of distrust towards each other remained, which is typical for those who pursue evil goals and do not trust others knowing very well that they are the same as them. In spite of that, the collaboration continued and gave results that were considered as good. The “good” results were: increasingly more sophisticated arms, genetic experiments aiming at selection of the race, various studies to promote climatic variations and the intensive exploitation of natural resources.

Among the “research material” were also human beings. From the beginning, in fact, Lucifer and those who belong to him entertained the idea of creating a human race according to their wishes. Planning to dominate one day the entire universe, they wanted the humanity to consist of slaves. A small part of the humanity would have ruled and the rest would have served them without questions or complaints. Along the history of the low universe countless attempts were made to create a humanity of slaves, and countless were the victims of all kinds of experiments. Thousand and thousands of human beings were removed and taken to secret laboratories to be studied. Men and women disappeared from many planets of the universe, mainly from the Earth whose humanity seemed particularly suitable to be dominated.

This long chain of abductions still continues today. Most of the abducted never return to their homes; others forget their experiences, again others remember and bravely bear witness, but they are not believed, so that in addition to the suffering they are also mocked. Needless to say that the powerful of the Earth, the real ones, deny the possibility of such abductions and let the victims appear as mentally unstable.

Have you ever wondered where all the persons who disappear daily form their homes end up? A great part of these persons end up in secret laboratories to be used in experiments. Think about this and start praying so that the Lord may have mercy for your humanity who does no question anything, who allows a few unscrupulous individuals to dominate them and who will not stop in front of anything to achieve power and accumulate money. You want to do without God but without Him you are unable to do or understand anything. Your powerful, the lords of the darkness, possess you and you let them do, attracted by their flattering, enchanted by their promises. You are like children who believe they are given sparkling gems whereas they have only pieces of broken glass in their hands. Only one way of salvation is left: Jesus Christ. Every other way ends up in the abyss.

Scientists of the Earth and other planet have worked side by side for years in the secrecy of impenetrable military bases making numerous discoveries. This hidden activity whose existence is always denied is the secret the leaders will by no means admit; however, one day everything will come to light in its entire dramatic dimension.

However, some useful discoveries have come out of these experiments and for this reason God allowed them to happen despite knowing that the low universe was moving into a blind alley.

God allows even the most rebellious among the humans to grow. So, even though the intentions of the men of Earth were not the most noble, God allowed their intelligence to discover useful things. Intelligence comes from God, it is a gift. Even Lucifer’s intelligence comes from God who created him as a powerful angel full of light. His rebellion against God spoiled the gift of intelligence and Lucifer regressed: he kept only a small part of the original intelligence as angel of light; nothing compared to the intelligence of St. Michael or another Archangel who has remained faithful to God. The same happened to man: the rebellion against God caused his intelligence to regress. This is the reason why both man and the devil make use of cunningness and deceit to supply for the lack of intelligence. This has led to making bad use of the intelligence itself causing the devastating consequences you can see with your own eyes: deceit and corruption of all kinds that make life on Earth difficult. Thus, intelligence does not lead to real progress but only to some good results. In fact, progress is not characterized by a few discoveries that lead to new inventions but by the elevation of the human life under all aspects. Real progress is the evolution of the complete human being both physically and spiritually. This is why on Earth we can notice a painful contradiction: scientific discoveries do not lead to a real improvement of man as such; progress has not put injustice and an inequality right, nor has it made man a better human being. Men and women continue to behave in the same way as their ancestors did: they kill, steal and are corrupt even though now they travel by plane, take medication, etc. Their heart has not changed, which is the sign that the progress is not real progress, because the intelligence that is more and more detached from the one of the Creator is not true intelligence.

God allowed you to improve your material existence even though you did it almost always to ensure well-fare and profit for yourselves. He expects you to convert and return to be as intelligent as you were before original sin. Jesus came to Earth also to support your real development, which always consists in returning to God, the source of all intelligence and prosperity.

After the first enthusiasm, disagreements began inside the Confederation. The problem was always the usual: Who was the biggest? Who was the commander? Lucifer seemed to favour the earthly men who had more esoteric power and could communicate better with the spirits of evil. That did not suit the other ones who considered to be scientifically more advanced; without them the Earth would never have reached certain results. Lucifer solved the problem in his own way by hitting both parts with several disasters and putting them back in line threatening he would not to give power to anyone. However, the difficulties were not finished because a far more serious problem showed up on the scene of this tragic comedy.

There are some very important points in this text that we need to reflect on: “From the beginning, in fact, Lucifer and those who belong to him entertained the idea of creating a human race according to their wishes.” This is the fundamental issue: the creation of slaves through genetic experiments and by dragging the people into the selfishness of the spirit of this world. Once they find themselves in the spirit of this world, the egoism, they are easy prey for Lucifer who squashes and removes the space in the soul that should be the space of the Holy Spirit. In this manner, man loses the Spirit of God keeping only a spark of it. As humanity is emptied of the Spirit of God, it becomes increasingly weaker. Human beings reach perfection, their identity, their own true perfection, only in God since they are created in the image and likeness of God and achieve the full life only by collaborating with God. Do not forget this!

Why is the truth about the presence of other humans of the low universe on Earth not revealed? Why is this truth not expressed? Because this truth is the deep darkness that lies within humankind. The truth is not said because the powerful of the Earth who serve Satan fear the truth and tremble at the thought that the faithful brothers and sisters of God will come one day because that will be the end of the work of the dark men. Man is not only genetically modified by genetic experiments but also by misinformation, the alteration of the conscience, the interpretations of God and religion: it is a battle against the revelation of God.

Let us look for a moment at a particular point in this reading: rebellious humans limit themselves, they limit their intelligence. The civilization that is built outside of the laws of God is bound to collapse; science and false knowledge will collapse, all that does not come from God; the face of God will manifest itself through the face of the glorious Lord. That will be the judgment of the world. This text finishes by saying that those who belong to Lucifer cannot bear each other and do not trust one another. In the end his kingdom will fall apart. Yet, are we believers going to keep watching passively instead of collaborating with Jesus Christ who came to save humanity and take man and humanity into the new creation?  We are called to wake up, pray, stand straight and grow so that the face of God and the face of Mary may be revealed through us. Christians, reveal yourselves, reveal the face of Christ, the face of Mary in your whole being and in your whole existence!

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit descend upon all those who decide to belong completely to Jesus Christ through Mary Most Holy; may the Holy Spirit strengthen you; may He give you intelligence, wisdom and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit so that you may live in God and be rooted in God; so that you may comprehend the time you are living in and the signs in order to give your response to God and to reply to those who seek God; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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