Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The Illuminati

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The last time we presented you the Confederation of the Light which is the interplanetary force that serves Lucifer with the purpose of conquering the low universe and then proceed to subjugate the whole universe and thus create Lucifer’s kingdom. Furthermore, we have learned that there is a great force on Earth which belongs to Lucifer. Today you will hear about the representatives of this force who are the Illuminati. It is important that you know them so that the Christian faith may wake up within you. Listen.

The passage is on page 236:

The Illuminati

The members of the Confederation of the Light are not many and do not appear as such. On every planet they act in the shadows and are bound to utter secrecy; they communicate from planet to planet mainly using telepathy and the medianic skills. Despite the secrecy, however, their presence has been sensed, although not with certainty, by the humanities of the confederate planets.

Even on Earth people now speak openly about both occult powers governing your planet and an elite of powerful who live in the shadows holding under control all other powers and the whole humanity. They are known as the Illuminati and they really exist; among them there are several Reptilians. Also in this case their name refers to Lucifer, the dispenser of the light of knowledge who makes them exactly “Illuminati” (the enlightened). They are consecrated to Lucifer to serve him totally; in exchange they receive medianic powers, richness and privileges of all sorts plus the knowledge of many secrets. From this knowledge derives their power, an occult and esoteric power, through which they dominate the whole planet undisturbed. No one dares to counter them because they are cruel, dangerous and dispose of every means to eliminate anyone who is a hindrance to them.

Their existence is either ignored or denied by most of you since almost no one on Earth believes in the existence of Lucifer. This lack of awareness provides the best protection for the Illuminati, who, in fact, strongly fear the awakening of the consciences.

The Illuminati are at the top of the pyramid of power given that Lucifer and the Confederation of the Light impose on each confederate planet a pyramidal hierarchy that cannot be overlooked. Even in hell Lucifer has imposed a pyramidal hierarchy. Whoever serves Lucifer knows that he has to respect that hierarchy under penalty of death. To reach the top of the pyramid of power years of faithful service are required and as one goes up the initiation rituals become increasingly more cruel.

At the top of the pyramid are thus the Illuminati who have consecrated themselves totally to Lucifer and who have completely given up the faith in Jesus Christ; they have promised to hate the One and Triune God and to be ready to persecute the children of God until they are completely wiped out. Below the top are the main government associations, the secret associations, first and foremost the freemasonry; then the governments of the nations, the pinnacles of the economic and banking power, the mass media and the major press and information organs as well as the multinational companies which operate in all sectors. Finally, at the base of the pyramid are the single individuals and the associations who collaborate in the plans of the Illunitati pushed by personal ambitions, careerism, etc. They are attracted by various promises, and they work hard even without knowing in what a net they have fallen, because they do not know the existence of the pyramid of power, busy as they are with satisfying their own ambitions. They do not ask any questions and are easily corrupted.

The Earth is thus dominated by an occult power that is at the top of the pyramid and without the knowledge of the majority of the people who believe to be ruled by their presidents, parliaments, monarchs, etc.; whereas those are only the executers of the decisions of others. The Illuminati are behind every decision regarding the Earth; behind them there is the Confederation of the Light and behind the Confederation are Lucifer and his demons.

The Illunimati have their operational bases in the richest and most powerful nations, mostly in the United States and in Europe, even though they are in secret locations protected from indiscreet looks. However, their headquarters is in Rome which they consider the heart of the power for two reasons. The first is that no other organization so close to the model of the New World Order as the ancient Roman Empire has ever existed in history; the Illuminati are inspired by the Roman Empire; they adore even their gods. The second is that Rome is the centre of Christianity, the seat of the Church and the Papacy, the place where the apostles Peter and Paul gave their blood for Christ. Therefore, by choosing the city of Rome as their ideal headquarters, the Illuminati wanted to assert the sovereignty of Lucifer right in the heart of Christianity.

The Illuminati of today are the continuation of ancient dynasties and groups of power whose roots go back thousands of years to the beginning of your history of which we have spoken about before. They belong to generations of Reptilians and cruel and corrupt men, the offspring of the serpent, who have continued the blood lines along the history connecting all the ancient civilizations to each other: from Babylon to Egypt, from ancient Rome to the kingdoms of Europe as far as America and other continents. The same casts that have held the power for millennia have given life to the Illuminati who represent the elite of all casts and have been inspired and guided at all times by Lucifer and the demons to whom they have always devoted themselves and from whom they have always received honours, richness and power.

You should not think that Lucifer loves the Illuminati as he is unable to love; love is something totally foreign to his structure. Lucifer has simply seduced them to take advantage of them; the Illuminati have let themselves be used thinking, in turn, to take advantage of Lucifer. Lucifer and his friends hate each other and use each other; every one wants to deceive the other and all of them are aware of it. Nevertheless, they march together compactly having the common goal of creating a kingdom of darkness in which they can satisfy their perverse wishes, united by hatred towards God and the children of God. A good team! That good team has always decided about the fate of the peoples of the Earth without encountering any opponents.

They are united but they hate each other and do not trust one another; they are meant to fall apart, to be destroyed from inside. They have created pyramidal hierarchies, but why? The reason is that they are insecure within themselves; they count on Lucifer and his followers and are thus seduced by them.  We are asked to be self-confident and God wants to give us that confidence, whereas they have to remain secret. Nothing will remain secret tomorrow; Lucifer who declares to be the light will lose all his light, he will wander in the void, in the cosmic nothingness, along with all those who belong to him.

What shall we Christians do? We are called to have absolute confidence, but we can achieve it only through our conversion to faith. God does not want us to depend from Him; God wants us to be His children in communion with Him. This is the fundamental difference. We are called to be the light of the world, and this light – if we are light – will drive out the darkness.

When Jesus sent out the apostles He said, according to St. Mathew, “‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age’” (Mt 28:16-20). St. Mark adds that Christ is always present in the midst of His testimonies, that Christ gives signs and miracles and that we have to convert to recognize this force. How? We must stop interpreting Christ in our own way and according to our logic, our modern democracies, our convenience and our interests. Jesus is to be welcomed in the way He is presented by the apostles and in the way the apostles welcomed and testified Him after the resurrection; we are invited to do these steps. The Christianity of the future cannot be a religion among many other religions; it is the people of God, the children of God, who are full of light and who enlighten the whole universe. They are the promises of Jesus.

I bless you; may you have the courage to do move forward, to ask for the light of God and be immersed in the light; may you begin to live in a different way, watching everything that the infernal spirit imprints in the spirit of the world. I bless you; may you receive the spirit of Jesus Christ that ensures you that you are the people of Christ and true Christians. In this manner you will be able to deal with the trials of this time; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.